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I love neat old stuff.(mostly rural/country/farm type antiques) My Dad, who was born 1922, died in 2003, loved old stuff too. We had a sale of his huge collection ofI love neat old stuff.(mostly rural/country/farm type antiques) My Dad, who was born 1922, died in 2003, loved old stuff too. We had a sale of his huge collection of neat old stuff in 2004. Much of his collection was of things he remembered using or being around as a child. So every time he would bring something home my Mom would just shake her head, but he would always have a story to go with his newly found treasure. As I get older, I now kick myself, for not buying alot more of his collection, as my appreciation of old stuff grows. So my words of advice to any collector is to treasure not only the item but the personal story or history behind each item also. (Read more)


  1. Thanks for showing the Love everyone!
  2. Thanks for the info dav2no1 . It does look very much like that which is shown in your link.
  3. Fun memories..... I was younger when I saved up enough for my Honda 50 mini trail. A cousin had a 70. Lots of Fun!!
  4. Awesome collection !!
  5. Fun memories! I have most of those farm trucks and combine that I covered many acres with. Thanks for posting.
  6. Wow, don't think I love it, but sure makes me curious what it's all about. Very interesting.
  7. ah yes , I can just remember we used to have 2 of those. I was barely big enough to wrap and pull the rope.
  8. Just wondering what these are worth? I have mine with the orange covers along with a lot of my other matchbox. Thinking some might be a bit collectible.
  9. My guess before reading the other comments was that it was a fencing tool used to take the slack out of the wire. My Dad had something similar on his sale and I was almost scolded by my elderly aunt ...
  10. very nice! Do you have the big horses to pull it if you ever wanted to?
  11. Love it. What a great little gift, and great memory created by your dad.
  12. wow that really cleaned up great. Love it. Never know what you will find under the rust and dirt. I had just cleaned up a old cast iron light and found the pat. date of march 16, 1875
  13. Just like the one in my matchbox case, but in much better shape ... I must have visited more construction sites with mine! Thanks for posting and reminding me of those memories.
  14. yes early to mid 60's . Thanks for looking and loving postcardcollector
  15. Love it, learned something new. ... never knew there were oxen shoes like horse shoes. And as you mentioned finding a pair would be impossible out in the field.
  16. Thanks for lookin & lovin ttomtucker
  17. Thanks for the comment on the gun staggerlee. Mine is also a 16 gauge.
  18. Boy does that stool bring back memories! It is just like the one my brothers and I sat on as Dad would give us our hair cuts with the electric clippers! Not saying Dad was a barber by any means ... d...
  19. Can just imagine the conversation as the husband was putting the tree up and the wife telling him that its too tall it's hitting the light and him saying ahh it wil be fine .. lol
  20. great ride! What year is it?
  21. Oops, The right web sight for classic couches is actually
  22. Very neat couch... My son works at the place or a place that builds them. Recent episode of American Restoration had one of their couches on the show, but made it sound like the show people put it to...
  23. very nice light
  24. That looks great! Nice job.
  25. Thanks for the info.
  26. Ahh yes ..remembering the party line, and how heavy those old black phones were.
  27. Same here Lumpy, these signs always make me think, "these slow children better hurry up or they could get hit!" :-) Love it.
  28. Very neat, is there any sign of having a bit or reins?
  29. awesome family history find!
  30. great picture and story to go with it. There were 3 boys and one girl in our family, so the tomboy comment with dolls hit home.
  31. Looks like a fun, "big guys go-cart". And sounds like you could tell alot of great stories from your Jamaican days. Thanks for sharing.
  32. All your hard work paid off. It looks great.
  33. Wouldn't you love to know who used it and what they were sharpening back in the day.
  34. That girl of yours is a real beaut!
  35. I love it. That's an old one!
  36. great collection and display
  37. Thank you all for looking at my weathervane. I appreciate the comment officialfuel, I have quite a bit to go to compare to your great collection.
  38. That is really neat. If you can't find one, make one, great job!
  39. That is an awesome collection, love it!
  40. That is a fantastic collection. I told my wife I found something else I wanted to start collecting more of... I have only a few now.... she just shook her head and said who is going to clean it .. ...
  41. love the red glass. Saw one like that and passed it up because thought it was a bit pricey. Now I wish I had it.
  42. Love the Lightning rod and especially the weather vain with pig! I have one that is twisted metal like that also. I have collected several different colored balls, but no arrows yet. I passed on pu...
  43. It's a beauty! great find
  44. Thanks again fhrjr2, that's interesting
  45. Thanks for the info rocker-sd
  46. Thanks fhrjr2, I thought about that but it seemed large and heavy for one. But sure could be.
  47. I would never have guessed what it was!
  48. very interesting find!
  49. That is a huge horse or a small man. Very neat picture and history of it.
  50. That is a great way to put some of your old stuff to use. I love it.
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