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any info appreciated - Furniturein Furniture
need help identifying - Furniturein Furniture
this has been in storage since 1958 - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
funky looking piano 
low slung fireside chair - Furniturein Furniture
anyone help - Art Glassin Art Glass
lovely box - Furniturein Furniture
VOC??????? - Furniturein Furniture
any help.........please,,,,,, what is this??? a sideboard? buffet - Furniturein Furniture
savonarolla,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i think - Furniturein Furniture


  1. ty, i did already, well it was given to me x
  2. thank you, no, nothing :( x
  3. anybody????x
  4. thank you xx
  5. tyvm Mustangtony and nldionne xx
  6. Reproduced in colour by Frost and Reed x
  7. it,s a print, does that make it worthless apart from how pretty it is??x
  8. Hi,found out some more today, apparently it was made in 1880 and the case is Italian Walnut,,,cool eh? x
  9. I think i,ve worked it out, the pics thing x
  10. Ty trunkman,I,m not sure if they are thicker or the stamped out tin, I took more pics including the insise and what sounds like the lion rampant, crown, waves thing, just dont know how to put them her...
  11. I wont,,,,pretty cold here right now and almost one am,i should so be in bed,thanks again for your help,I really appreciate it x
  12. I,m jacqueline and it,s very nice to meet you,,,,,,,apologies for my presumptions! I,m in scotland where are you? x
  13. heres the vase,,,,,,,,,,nothing too special, sadly, but very pretty x
  14. if you can solve this mystery eye4beauty i,ll send you the silly vase,lol x
  15. omg,,,,,you are one smart guy mikko,,,,,,thank you soooooo much , I think your right about the moorish thing,,,,,your fab x
  16. Thanks mikko, I think he,s going to have to be a migician or a genius,,,,,,I got one line back from appraisers saying "most probably european" and an estimated value,,,,,,,wow, nothing more to do, acc...
  17. for real? really desperate to know about the chair x
  18. maybe i could sit a weird vase on it,,,,i,ve got an orrefors on, would that do it,lol x
  19. ty blunderbuss2 x
  20. thanks for trying mikko, i,ll try to be patient x
  21. it,s kinda like it,,or is that just wishful thinking?
  22. i found this one,,,,,,,,,
  23. help,,,,,,,,i dont actually mean to be rude (i,m scottish) but been researching for weeks
  24. help,,,,,,just a wee bit of info and i,ll go research,,plz
  25. nope i refuse,,,,,you all seem so knowledgable on other stuff,,,,,plus i,ve NEVER seen such beautiful things
  26. are there people who are experts in this stuff on here, do you think???
  27. thank you soooo much,,,,,,,,i still wonder if there are reproductions although it seems really old!!!
  28. still need help though x
  29. ty for the love blunderbuss2,,,,,,i wanna send you the voc box now x
  30. thank you blunderbuss,,,,,,,,i just wondered was it real??? how can i tell??
  31. I'm gonna have to give up and pay for an appraiser,lol,,,,,,,,I guess no one on here's any the wiser???
  32. To miKKo Christmas,,thank you soooooooo much, i,ll read as much as i can and post some pictures of interior,,,,,the handles are brass coloured and made by croft and assinder, i dont know if that helps...
  33. ok,,my eyes hurt from reading,,,does anyone else think this could be a harry and lou epstein piece???????? or do i just want it to be??
  34. ty amberrose,,,,,,anyone got any idea on that leg structure??? does it have a name,etc??
  35. ty mr majestik,manikin and mustangtony,,,,,,,,,,still stumped,,,,,!!!!!!!!!
  36. ty mustangtony x
  37. Anyone??????????????? I cant find a thing on the internet,,,,,,,x
  38. c,mon guys,,,,,,,gotta be someone on here who knows a bit about this,,,,,,,,,,pleaseeeeeeeeee x
  39. I,d love to know if this is the real deal or not,,,,,,,not for it,s financial value,,,,,,,more for historic value,,,,,,,,,,,If anyone could help???????
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Found at an Estate Sale Time to Play at the Carnival! Unusual box, not sure what this is ? Antique Writing Desk