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I think you're either born with the drive to collect or you aren't. I fall into the first category, much to the dismay of those who must live with me. My main paI think you're either born with the drive to collect or you aren't. I fall into the first category, much to the dismay of those who must live with me. My main passions for collecting include: Dog figurines, Vintage Pocket Watches, Vintage Handbags, Vintage Jewelry (Costume) Cigarette Cases I'm also addicted to tech. My husband owns/operates a computer and cell phone repair shop, so thankfully, he understands my addiction to Android, etc. Am also a clothes fanatic. And .... ok.... maybe there's a TINY grain of truth to the accusation of me being a beauty product ho. (I'm guilty.) :) XO (Read more)


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  1. Forgot I posted this! You all are awesome! Thank you for solving the mystery. :)
  2. Thanks for the insight..... It's been driving me crazy and it isn't even mine, lol.
  3. That is really nice! I had a customer who brought one kinda like this into our shop for repairs. Fell in love with em then! Were you gonne use yours? (The shy little photo bomb pup is WAY cute, lol,)
  4. I LOVE it!!! What an awesome idea!
  5. Thanks for your input, all. No plans on licking the watch hands, lol. Glad to have had my fears put to rest so I can take this watch out to use/appreciate it! Just goes to show you that you have to t...
  6. I think it's beautiful! I didn't have much success looking for info on it, but there are other members of this forum that are really knowledgeable on this subject. I'm gonna have to follow the comment...
  7. That's awesome, Sharon! I always watch "Counting Cars", and now I'm gonna make a point of paying attention better so I can see your episode, lol! I was engaged to a guy who had a car like yours. He b...
  8. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me :) OlofZ, good call on the ornament! It sure enough is the Knights of the Pythians! Been reading about them half the day, lol! I managed to find one on ...
  9. Thanks, Vetraio50! That certainly unpuzzles things, lol! Lots of good info, very appreciated. :)
  10. Oh....WOW! I've never seen anything like this before, but I LOVE IT!! That's awesome!
  11. There's something about these old phones I've always loved. I embrace and love new technology, but sometimes I curse the new, thin as paper do-everything phones. The old corded phones with the rotary ...
  12. That's beautiful! Love the colors..///reminds me of the seashore. :)
  13. I love the fire in the opals!
  14. I love this!
  15. Oh my.....the copper combined with the turquoise is unexpected and I would soooo wear this out someplace!
  16. Very nice! Even a piece that doesn't hold a weighty cash value still has a value of another sort. It affords its possessor moments of joy in an otherwise lackluster day! I don't think there's money en...
  17. I have no info, just a huge "holy cr*p that is gorgeous!" Really, WOW! I love it! I never heard of Dragon's Breath before today, and now I'm amped to learn more about it. Truly an awesome piece, whet...
  18. Hi Newtimes! Thank you for the info! I will look the town in France up. I have a friend in Paris, and he may be able to help me with more info. I'll post here if any new revelations are brought out. ;)
  19. Thanks Sean68! I really do love it but I'm kinda afraid to wear it. For me, that's peculiar, because although I have always understood a collector's desire to preserve each piece they own, I also fee...
  20. Thanks for the link and info, davyd! :)
  21. My eyes found this and were immediately drawn-in by how the glass seems lit from within somehow. I read on, and (AHA!) Blacklight! This is a treasure for sure. (I love looking through your galleries....
  22. WOWOWOW! I love Moonstone! These are gorgeous. I had a moonstone ring that was designed by a local jeweler, and it had the most awesome blue flashes in it. After I was married, I learned that moonston...
  23. Oh my......I LOVE them! If only I were a more limber woman, I would kick my own butt right now, because about 20 years ago I managed to find a pair a lot like yours at a local pawn shop. I hemmed and ...
  24. jrfm410: I posted pics of my gold-tone twin Coro! http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/96394-coro-wrist-watch :)
  25. I have the exact same Coro wrist watch. The only difference: mine is gold-tone and not as well-kept as yours (I'm missing some rhinestones and pearls from mine.) The awesome little watch still ticks! ...
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posted 5 years ago