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coca-cola carriers - Coca-Colain Coca-Cola


  1. lol well i am not got to sell them for 100 sry trever looks like a really got coke collector and has a real nice collection and has helped me out more than any one on here but thamks
  2. you are so very welcome .i ran across mine in this 90 year old ladies attic she told me to scrap them but i could not do that lol
  3. i see one has a lik trade mark on the inside but cant tell what it is but kind looks like mine and dont no what t means do you
  4. and you got a very nice collection of coca cola products
  5. ok nvm i got it one more thing in the bottom on the inside does it have the stamp with the c and the upside down t over it
  6. ok on the ones like mine in your pic i see you got 3 6 packs but on one six pack what does it say in the top left corner may i ask
  7. i did not see them but i got offerd 100 bucks for all of them should i take it or hold on to them i got the coca cola company looking it to them right now and i am also going to go to a coca cola muse...
  8. iff you look at 2 of the pics you can see the big stamp in one and the one that dont have the big stamp has the wierd stamp on it
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Late 1930's Carrier


posted 2 months ago