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  1. slapster.... what you have is the Hot Wheels T-N-T Bird known as the Spoilers series, which were some of the original sets made into a wilder custom models such as yours. I have a couple of Spoilers t...
  2. Andy.. that sounds really cool you have all that. Of course price of it all depends on the condition. If its mint I would say you are looking at a minimum of $100.00 to $125.00 just for the promo, BUT...
  3. Ok I don't want to be the bad guy here but this is a 1967 Ford Falcon or maybe a 1966 Falcon. In 1968 the Falcon gets square taillight and side light markers on the front and rear fenders. They are si...
  4. flindquist: When ever I date Matchbox cars the first thing that I look at is the printing of the word Matchbox. If you looks at the original boxs you have, the printing changes from the early cars to ...
  5. Very nice Promo model and Bill is right it was given away ror sold for usually about $1.00. Another difference with a promo compared to an actual model that have a one piece plastic body with no openi...
  6. I see it has a friction motor, does it have a key or just push?
  7. Its a great piece and looks to be all tin plate. I do find it funny that it is Made in Japan, its British racing green with the Union Jack the flag of the United Kingdom / England and its an Italian F...
  8. Here is where you will find the information you need, or you could just send them to me, they would go good with the rest of my collection.
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1970 Maverick promo by Jo-Han Some of my Matchbox collection 65 mercury parklane Old toy car Black Velvet ... if you please... Two Door Nomad Dodge, or  Chyrsler


"You can get it in any color you want as long as it is BLACK"