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Candler, NC

My name is Ashley Moses. I have a wonderful son and husband, they are my life! I collect elephants and currently have over 200 in my collection and growing!! I have My name is Ashley Moses. I have a wonderful son and husband, they are my life! I collect elephants and currently have over 200 in my collection and growing!! I have vintages toys, vintage wind up toys, brass and pewter figures, glass figurines, miniatures, Bone carved figurines, Pins, books, wooden carved figures big and small, as well as a variety of everything! Anything elephant I want :) (Read more)


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Vintage Snuff Bottle - Animalsin Animals
Colorful floral patchwork porcelain elephant - Animalsin Animals
Blue Vintage floral print patchwork Porcelain elephant - Animalsin Animals
Blue elephant bank - Animalsin Animals
I love New York Elephant Bank - Animalsin Animals
Cute brown ceramic figure - Animalsin Animals
Metal elephant figure - Animalsin Animals
White elephant family - Animalsin Animals
Vintage elephant bell - Animalsin Animals
Elephant Candle - Animalsin Animals


  1. Thank you! :) I feel in love the moment I saw it and had to have it! The worst part was waiting for it to be delivered!!
  2. That is great! Gotta love a budding collector :) It is always fun to see something you have in a different light or in this case a different paint job!
  3. Thank you! It is well detailed :)
  4. Hahahah! That is a good idea :)
  5. Yes there is the back is big and hollow the picture on here is the top it is a wall hanger and you can put something on the space on top of it
  6. Isn't he though! When I saw him at the antique shop I couldn't help but linger by the case then the worker asked if I needed help and it turned into a purchase.......
  7. Yes!!! Even with a broken trunk i couldnt say no to that face!
  8. Thank you!!! :D
  9. Thank you!!
  10. I simply must find it then! Sounds like a fabulous read! :) Who couldn't use a little french.
  11. Okay I missed a mark on it, it says 1969 dreamland creation inc. very cool!
  12. Thank you!!! :D I love how they all match each other but are all their own little colorful elephant!
  13. Thank you I love elephants that can make for good smile!
  14. Thank you!!!
  15. Oh I know! They are so cute I can't help but smile when I see them! :) Thank you!
  16. Hahaha Yeah I guess thta was a ton of posts pretty fast!! Thank you :)
  17. Hahaha! I never eat McDonalds any more but I had to have a little piece of their history since it was elephants!
  18. That is the main reason I had to have it! The designs on it are gorgeous!
  19. Hahahah! It does seem like it :)
  20. Thank you :D
  21. Thank you! She was a beautiful elephant and thank you for the idea of the year span :)
  22. What an amazing piece! Thank you I love my elephant collection! :)
  23. So beautiful!!!! Love it! :D
  24. Thank you!!!!
  25. Thank you for the information! I love this photo and I was dying to know the year :)
  26. I have seen a few of your lone elephant before but I dont know anything about them beautiful piece though!!!!!
  27. Yeah I saw the ebay ones and how well they thought of them ;) Maybe one day though then again you can be amaz.ed what you can find at thrift shops and yard sales sometimes they have no clue what they ...
  28. What an amazing find!!! :)
  29. Oh wow!!!! What a great find! I love elephants especially Dumbo :D
  30. Oh my goodness thank you for the link!!! LOVE IT! Now I have to find one of those somehow ;) I know I have a theme but I try to branch out now and then and pick some out of the theme items :D
  31. Those are amazing!!!! Love the glow and I collect elephant so way cool!
  32. Thank you guys for appreciating my collection makes me way happy to see other people enjoy them too!
  33. To be fair I have gotten so many more since then I need to take current pictures this is a little over half my collection!
  34. Thank you! :D
  35. Thank you! I love my collection but it is ever growing!
  36. Great find!!!!! Awesome piece :) I have a few circus poster reproductions but I would love to find more originals
  37. The elephant is absolutely gorgeous!!!! Love the look and theme of it :)
  38. Absolutely in love with that elephant!!! Very nice find!
  39. I want ones of these I found one in an antique shop but didn't buy it before someone else did it was an original too! So now I am waiting to find another real one to buy but the repro ones are pretty ...
  40. I have one too and I cannot figure it out for the life of me! It is pretty light and its texture is different.
  41. That is amazing! I collect elephants and have over 200 but I have never seen one like that!!!!
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