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  1. WOW! That door is incredible!
  2. I can tell you that those are "Mallards", a type of duck. They are quite abundant in WI where I am from. (Not just there mind you), My Dad used to go duck hunting alot and he got quite a few. I cannot...
  3. I bought something like this for my Mom a few years ago. Can't remember where...I thought the tube was for lipstick.... ;)
  4. Your welcome ;) That doesn't seem like a bad price...
  5. Man i never find things like that! Love it!!!
  6. i have one too...maybe I better get it out and take another look! :)
  7. What does something like this sell for?
  8. Sorry, I have no idea of value, but I sure would love to have it!!! ;)
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Does anyone know what this is? It has everyone here stumped, but most say it has to do with smoking. Thanks. My $2 summer score A Special Pair of Michal Golan Earrings Lovely round Vic. rose gold pendant Amethyst to Clear Mystery Bottles and Tray Edgar Rice Burroughs Great Grandma's Gorgeous Old Haviland Limoges Einstein and Chitjian at Renningers: Separated at Birth? Hull Vases


posted 14 years ago