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i loved porcelain dolls since i was younger and now i can appraise dolls for anyone who needs to know :)


Lovely antique doll  - Dollsin Dolls
Antique doll very old - Dollsin Dolls


  1. these are called ornament figurines they were often produced around the 90s and have a tiny bit of value nowadays if you look at the bottom of what the figurine base is on it will say the brand or wha...
  2. um hello thought i could help this santa or saint nicholas is one of those ornament santas at walmart or other stores and its worth around 40.00 hope this helped
  3. hello i have come to help you with these outstanding porcelain dolls.brass key are great dolls they are high in quality. normally brass key would make disney princess porcelain dolls but for a short t...
  4. Thanks manikin I get her just after Halloween so will do then
  5. Photo has been uploaded can't do anymore since doll is in attic now so I can't take it down many thanks
  6. Will get a photo up asap thanks manikin
  7. i believe her to be a rare doll. this is because they are shipped around all sorts of place which means there is a certain quantity of her making her rare
  8. i believe this is a collectors choice dolls from around the early 90s they were sold around various stores and there was a variety to chose from prices ranged from 10.00 to 20.00 roughly and they were...
  9. she is a beautiful handmade reproduction doll made in taiwan by the looks of it
  10. it looks like a german china head plate doll from the 1910s
  11. manikin is she a rustie or cathay collection doll?
  12. to me it looks like a walda doll face mold but this looks like its handmade does it have markings?
  13. just found out she is limited edition and was sold on ebay for 16.00
  14. oh my gosh i used to have that doll in the red dress she was missing a thumb i thought she was an alberon turns out she wasnt :( i only have 1 alberon called molly shes adorable but yeah i saw the red...
  15. I KNOW THIS DOLL! this is a Gold carrot doll i saw the exact same doll on youtube (i searched rustie dolls) you will find the video with the doll in golden dress i would hang on to these cuz there wor...
  16. very beautiful porcelain doll she looks expensive especially with her display case if i am correct she is a well made doll
  17. oh ok sorry for my bad information,sorry i couldnt help :(
  18. but i dont think the clothes are orignal they look handmade :)
  19. im just saying i think this could be a seymour mann doll since they made a lot of raggady ann and andy doll like manikin said its a 80s-90s mold but i would be carefull with this because it could be a...
  20. this looks to be an either bisque ornament made in japan, era wise i would say 1980s-1990s since tons of these were made they have little value of 4-8 pound if so a collection of these might have more...
  21. well this doll comes with a tag so that should tell yout the name and brand :)
  22. most of them are heritage mint
  23. I have been collecting china dolls for ages and i have 34 and i knew straight some of the companies of your dolls the blue one is a regency of fine arts doll and i think is a special edition but the 2...
  24. This is a lovely set of dolls the one with the pink/white dress is a leonardo collectors porcelain dolls which were a trend in the 1990s and are very fragile
  25. A very nice doll love the cute face :)
  26. I am sad to say these are not antique these are pottery models which are pretty common but your design might be rare but they were made in the 90s and are easy to find at elderly peoples homes and are...
  27. This is a leonardo collectors porcelain doll they were made in the 1990s and are very common to find on ebay or gumtree. Because so many were produced they are worth about 5.00 to 10.00 depending on t...
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Dolls legs don’t bend she doesn’t have any markings from a company. Antique doll very old Collector's Choice Porcelain Doll Name of "Rustie" Doll from 2004 Doll my mother kept for me Stunning Victorian Couple


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