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I collect Standard Oil (Indiana) items


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Galvanized Automobile Travel Cooler? - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
Gilbarcos and a Wayne - Petrolianain Petroliana
55 gallon Alemite (Stewart Warner) oil barrel - Petrolianain Petroliana
Porcelain Standard Oil signs - Signsin Signs
1903 Cast Iron Bridge Sign - Signsin Signs
WNAX Grease Can - Petrolianain Petroliana
WNAX Gas Can - Petrolianain Petroliana
Oak Conoco Clock - Petrolianain Petroliana
Early Auto Club Mascot - Classic Carsin Classic Cars
WNAX Station in Geddes,SD - Petrolianain Petroliana


  1. I do have one but yours is WAY nicer :).
  2. I believe aghcollect nailed it, looks like a 40s/50s BuddyL Junior Excavator.
  3. Thanks for the love tom61375, SEAN68, and blunderbuss2.
  4. Thanks for the love gargoylecollector,EJW-54, and kingshawn! It is half full of shop towels already :).
  5. Thanks again for the love and comments and yes antiquerose, I don't like traveling unless I'm going to get something old :).
  6. Thanks for the love jjsr, vanskyrock24, blunderbuss2, EJW-54, and officialfuel!
  7. Nope, out west of you in S.D., 30 miles west of Laura Ingalls :). I have been to Muncie back in the 80s with my father and a vintage sprint car though, then on to Ashtabula from there. We toured with...
  8. Wonderful!!!!
  9. Thanks for the love aghcollect and officialfuel!
  10. Thanks again everyone, they cleaned up great.
  11. Thanks again for all the love, and yes rocker-sd!, collecting is a sickness for which there is no cure!
  12. Thanks Trey, they are single-sided and are bare steel on the back with no rust as they never made it outside.
  13. Thanks for the additional love everyone, rearranging the garage to hang em as we speak.
  14. I have a black and white photo of my grandfather standing under this sign in 1932 right after they completed installing the pumps at a new station in Sioux City, Iowa. Hope that helps you out and I be...
  15. Thanks for the love speedwaypicker!!!
  16. Thanks officialfuel! You have some great items also!
  17. Thanks for the comment PhilDavidAlexanderMorris and thanks for the love!
  18. Thanks for the love toenail2 and chevy59!
  19. Thanks everyone!
  20. Great thanks for taking the time to help me out AzTom! Also thanks for the love vetraio50, Manikin, race4four, officialfuel, ttomtucker, gargoylecollector, and mackay1st!
  21. Thanks for the love aghcollect,blunderbuss2 and nutsabotas6!
  22. Thanks for the love kingshawn and packrat-place!!!
  23. Thanks for the love blunderbuss2,tom61375,kingshawn,valentino97,gargoylecollector,officialfuel,and Roycroftbooksfromme1!
  24. Thanks for the love Roycroftbooksfromme1!
  25. Thanks for the love Shaun68!
  26. One of the best graphics there is on a rocker!! imo
  27. Thanks for the love leighannrn, gargoylecollector,officialfuel, and blunderbuss2!
  28. Thank you both, that was the concensus from others also. I appreciate your time,Prairie.
  29. Thanks for the love pickrknows and shawnicus.
  30. Thanks PhilDavidAlexanderMorris. Yes I am aware these were an accessory but the cap itself I believe was car specific. Just trying to date the piece by what radiator off of what car would require a ca...
  31. Thanks for the love ttomtucker,gargoylecollector,aghcollect, and blunderbuss2. First one of the originals I have seen.
  32. Thanks for the info rocker-sd! I know some about the company but there is always room for more! Great history indeed. Thanks for the love collectors!
  33. Thanks Gargoylecollector!
  34. Thanks PDAMorris and Blunderbuss!
  35. Thanks for the love and comment PhilDavidAlexanderMorris!
  36. I have noticed that :), I have never had the water shut off yet because of something I couldn't pass up.....yet!
  37. This is a great item you have there. My father worked on many up here in the north years and years ago.Standard Oil discontinued these in the northern states because they would freeze up and the water...
  38. Thank you all for the help!What a great site!
  39. Thanks for the love gargoyle!
  40. Thanks for the love trunkman and officialfuel!
  41. Thanks Manikin,Blunderbuss, and EJW-54!
  42. Thanks official!
  43. Thanks for the love trunkman and officialfuel!
  44. Hey thanks Gargoylecollector! That one is close to mine as I have seen
  45. Thanks to everyone, back on-line after a new computer
  46. Thanks Az Tom, I feel like I am getting warmer to solving the questions I have about my base,thanks a bunch!
  47. Thanks gargoyle! Yah this has stumped everybody I show it to, and yes it is lighter than the typical lollipop base. Some mysteries are meant to stay mysteries I guess :). Thanks for the info
  48. Sign does have a reflective finish where the blue/black areas are on the sign. Glistens when i turned a set of headlights on it. Thanks Gargoylecollector! I would have never known that.
  49. I will see if it does have some sort of a reflective surface tonight and let ya know,thanks for the warm welcome!
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