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  1. Those are so pretty!
  2. Nutsabotas6 - It is not about good fortune really. Some unsavory folks took advantage of my parents and ripped them off of a lot of more valuable items and gave them very little in return. I'm just tr...
  3. nutsabotas6 - it is Trifari. I accidentally uploaded the picture with the unmarked stuff. Sorry. It was the only piece in the entire box that was marked out of about 30 pieces. valentino07 - I ha...
  4. Newfld - If you look close you can see the jolly roger flag. I did find this one on ebay but I still cant find the bird.
  5. Thanks!
  6. fhrjr2 - They are listed that high but not selling. The last time one sold was for 21.50 I believe.
  7. fhrjr2 - it is marked Ezra Brooks on the bottom
  8. fhrjr2 - I had no idea that the face fell off! I guess I need to get out more. None of them are really worth anything. Most of these bottles sell under $20 so we have been donating them. Our donation ...
  9. racer4four - I am making my mom a scrapbook of all the stuff of his that we are selling/donating. The problem is he collected EVERYTHING he could get his hands on but it is interesting. I would love t...
  10. Oh my goodness! I looooove that RC cola thermometer sign!!!
  11. Thanks Newfld! This is just a piece of his 400 bottle collect that I have to sort thur, put on ebay or donate. Its a daunting task! I wish I could find room to keep some but live in a small house with...
  12. Thanks Newfld! I absolutely love them! My mom finally let me have them after begging for a long time to take them home.
  13. Still don't know about this piece yet.
  14. jscotto363 - this is not even close to what we have! So many more! lovelypat - I like them all but I am having a hard time breaking up the collection, we have been selling and donating them. My mo...
  15. Cool! My granddad had over 400 different ones. We are documenting his collection and getting rid of them all. I posted a few pictures earlier this week of just a few of his collection on their shelves.
  16. We have about 400 total. My mom has been selling out a few select pieces here and there just to get them out of her house.
  17. Still would like more information.
  18. Still a mystery.
  19. TimeTraveller - The pattern for the Red Bowls is called "Chariot" AnythingObsure - That's cool! I have a single blue band bowl too for that pattern without the shield logo. The plate is a Pacific ...
  20. It goes to a leprechaun .
  21. Yes there is glass over the image.
  22. My brother thinks they might have something to do with movie theater stuff for some reason. Does that make sense?
  23. Well, I have a few different ones. They aren't all the same. This is one that had the nicest picture quality. The card does not come out of the holder. Its almost like its glued to it. I'll try to get...
  24. Thanks for the tip! That definitely looks like a step in the right direction.
  25. I know. We were so drawn to it. Do you know anything about it? I can't find another one online.
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Unknown decanter top.. please help Wooden & Tin Thermometer Signs Rc cola clock need info wayne feed thermometer RC/Coke machine.


Anarchy Tour poster 1976