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I collect art deco era glass and ceramic ware and carnival glass. Also, little planters by Shawnee and McCoy.


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  1. Rarity I think is the first factor in valuation. And then the manufacturer, condition, and age. But I have never found out much about my set.
  2. I talked to my mother about this one because she gave it to me to begin with. It belonged to my grandmother's second husband who practiced medicine in Chicago in the 1920's. We would be willing to s...
  3. Look up information about Westmoreland glass. They were very big producers of white milk glass.
  4. These days, when you shop for opals you will hardly ever find this blue shade. The older ones have it but they aren't mining them that way very often any more.
  5. Thank you. In my day, we used to get Reddy Kilowatt comics from the electric company, but I never saved any of them.
  6. Thanks for your comment. I also have my grandparents' TV panther lamp, which looks very art deco in style to me, even though I know those come from the 1950's.
  7. I love this set and it's an heirloom, but thank you for your interest.
  8. That's interesting. I don't know the history or age so I was guessing it was about the same as the other. It has a sort of cornucopia shaped motif running around the edge that may be hard to discern...
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Eisenberg Sterling Set ??~40's-50's Need help Identifying Pink Oval Bowl Unknown Russian  Iridescent Glasses weller silverstone jardinière The Three Flamingos!! Bottles and jug from the i-lasi series, Timo Sarpaneva (1950s, Iittala) Don't know what I have. Gold sticker partially reads hand cut crystal then looks like letters Art Deco Style Picture Frame


Stereo View Prints "Jetty to the sunset" Nice, france.  Signed J. Maniezzi