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Pikeville, North carolina

i'm, kinda new to collecting old radios, I do some repairs, and cleanups. basically i love old tube radios.


  1. You are correct about the H prefix as a 723 and 724, as well as the 725, which were all manufactured in 1951 and 1952. This style radio was also produced in 1956 with a U prefix. Also in 1956 there is...
  2. That mst be one crazy great kitchen! I envy you. I would love to find everything for that kitchen! I still have the radio if your interested in completing you kitchen.
  3. Hey Tony! Thanks a million you solved that one for me. I owe you one. My resources do not list a schematic for that radio either, If you have info on that it would be awesome. Thanks again. Rick
  4. here is the webpage about the ge cabinettes. Although it seems plausible, I don't see any info on my radio.
  5. I'm being told this radio was offered as an accessory to a modern kitchen system offered by GE in the late 50s or early 60s. They were called cabinettes and the profile of the under cabinet storage un...
  6. someone named james commented on this radio, and gave some info on it. would you please contact me again with that info.
  7. Well, its definately a do it at home radio tube tester. It would test several different types of tubes and let you know if the were any good or not. They work ok in a pinch, but they don't do the in d...
  8. It could either be the Windsor, p-600 or the Luxtone, which were more than likely still the same radio. manufactured about 40 years ago. hope that was helpful.
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Art Deco General Television Tube Radio 5A5 from 1946  1954 Plastic Emerson Tube Radio Model 744b My ZENITH model G725


A.R.C 2500 automobile record player. Zenith Wave Magnet M505 1946 Tradio 25 Cent Coin Operated 1 Hour Hotel Radio Telefunken Opus Royal Hi-Fi Vintage Motorola Transistor Radio Philco Tube Tester Model 066? Vintage Zenith Bakelite Radio