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Intresting Monkey vase. - Asianin Asian
my enamel flask - Bottlesin Bottles
Terracota figures - Figurinesin Figurines
Porcelai plaque - Potteryin Pottery
Terracotta figure  - Figurinesin Figurines
Bronze Figurges - Figurinesin Figurines
Terracotta sculpture (french) - Potteryin Pottery
Madona and child rest on flight to Egpyt 
new Rembrandt 
self  potrait  


  1. Many thanks ,Watchsearcher Thanks for the info about ajusting images. Thanks Apostata for your comments Very tricky understanding Asian signature (If you are not Asian) The sell sold it to me as ...
  2. Hello you are correct ,Koko was the maker. Not sure why images are on their side.maybe this could be corrected by moderators.
  3. Hello realize very old post,Your vase is definitely made by Inoue Ryosai,his signature is on the tile (lozenge) . It is a very nice quality example,I would say quite valuable if no damage. he was kn...
  4. the turning on your chair is called bobbin turning, It looks to me by the marks halfway down the back legs that it may have had arms (carver chair) check the seat frame to see if there are any signs o...
  5. it is an unusual weight in that the pattern does not fill the whole weight .look underneath and if it is not ground flat and has a dip in the centre and you can see where the glass rod(pontil mark)ha...
  6. your rocker is made of english quarter cut oak by S Bent&Bros as stated by char38 will find a lot of info on the net.they started in 1867 closed in 2001.period chair was made would be 1890-...
  7. If is not Mary and Jesus .Who is the bloke in the background between the lady and the baby supposed to be?
  8. Thank you Phildavid for your comments and your correction about from and to Egypt.Do you have any images from this Egyptomania book ?since my painting does not have a pyramid do you still think it com...
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Emil Janel- Poker players 1934 Found two 1920's framed engravings by  L. Dupont copyright Alfred Bell