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Please help with this. Any info needed please - Fine Artin Fine Art
Please help - Potteryin Pottery
is this a good find people or not lol - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
please help me with this find - Potteryin Pottery
come across this beautiful painting - Fine Artin Fine Art
please help - Fine Artin Fine Art
please help with info - Dollsin Dolls


  1. Still need help folks please with this
  2. Cat d400 I drove one of them for 3 years. Nice
  3. Hi pal I've tried again to take a photo of it but my phone is rubbish. What you thinking mate
  4. Still not found anything out about this fella
  5. Please help. What is this lol
  6. Please help. It's signed E.B LAURIE 63 to the bottom right
  7. Teddygirl mine is about 20inchs aswell lol i mean the bear, there is no tags or anything on him and thats making it harder for me to find anything and i dont know anybody who i can take him to to hav...
  8. Teddygirl thanks for the info x as iam struggling to find anything
  9. Manikin what would you think is the best way for me to try and get a date to this thing x have you any idea
  10. It didn't smoke just smelt like i had set my own hair on fire
  11. Lol you 2 my wife went crazy because of smell
  12. you been brill x really appreciate it
  13. thanks for help once again flower
  14. jewels i think you could be right there x? be nice if it is i could do with somebody looking at this do you agree x
  15. Is he a well known artist jewels x
  16. Manikin does this help x lol I've just done a little burn test? Oh no I've stunk the room out it smells horrible lol it did not catch fire as such the flame kept going out but when it did finally burn...
  17. See what you mean? With all the things I've read up on i would say it is mohair x but knowing my luck I've not got a good find lol
  18. i know its hard just be looking at pics manikin but the bottom of the paws and hands lol are the same as whats aroud his nose if you look at the 2nd picture from the left
  19. Hi manikin i would say there made from the same material as the fur but not quite as hard if that makes any sence to you.
  20. thankyou sean68 and the same to you
  21. any info on artist please
  22. Thanks jewels x
  23. Jewels Thankyou for taking the time to help me! How do i get intouch with this person as iam all new to the site lol
  24. Thanks jewels your a good en lol ps you just like to see me bear lol
  25. Please can anybody help as iam not having much luck
  26. Hi jewels they look like plastic to me x
  27. Thanks jewels x i hope someone can help me find abit about it? I would like to know how old he is must be 1940s i reckon x
  28. Does anybody know if he is mohair
  29. if this helps he as what feels like a metal ring under his fur that holds his head to his body and same with arms and feet, thanks
  30. please please help me find out about this bears history
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is this a good find people or not lol please help come across this beautiful painting


Caterpillar Truck. please help with info


posted 6 years ago