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My elderly Mother has quite a large number of collectibles we are preparing to put up for sale. Hoping CW can assist in identifying some details about some of the iMy elderly Mother has quite a large number of collectibles we are preparing to put up for sale. Hoping CW can assist in identifying some details about some of the items. (Read more)


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Set of 6 Brock & Co. silver spoons - Silverin Silver
Vintage etched glass tray with center cover - Glasswarein Glassware
Antique mustache cup. - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Clear bowl with 6 matching serving bowls. - Glasswarein Glassware
Chrysanthemum Bowl - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Goofy little elephant cup. - Kitchenin Kitchen
Green depression glass serving tray. - Glasswarein Glassware
Fostoria Cheese and Cracker Set, Vernon etch pattern - Glasswarein Glassware
Yellow hobnail glass whatchamacallit. - Glasswarein Glassware
Nippon plates. - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…


  1. terrys. You are absolutely correct! I revisited the marks and found the spoons were produced by Whiting Manufacturing of Attleboro, Mass. Whiting was founded in 1866 and was regarded as one of the ...
  2. Thanks, guess I need a close up of the motif. I've not been able to locate another with the center cover, I did find a similar tray with a different cut. It's definitely Paden City, the edging was t...
  3. Thanks TallCakes. So you think that the cut/etching may have been done by someone other than Paden City? Was that commonly done?
  4. Thank you for the info.
  5. Interesting article, thanks. As far as the saucer not matching, I don't have the cup here but I'm pretty sure the green in the saucer is faded in on the backside of the cup. Or, maybe it wasn't inte...
  6. Thanks. Was the mark used by a variety of manufacturers?
  7. Added the mark Efesgirl, such as it is.
  8. Well, it looks to be Japanese Lusterware, any markings?
  9. Yep, top hat toothpick holder, have a similar piece in knob glass that I just recently discovered what it was. https://www.etsy.com/listing/128814242/fenton-daisy-button-milk-glass-toothpick?ga_or...
  10. Well, Efesgirl's link to one like it seems to be the answer, it is likely a planter, there's a zillion of them out there. I couldn't imagine a "planter" this small but it seems to be the case.
  11. Unfortunately since it only said "Germany" with the numbers 12 & 13 on the cup and saucer I didn't take a pic, I should have. I'll do so at my earliest convenience...:)
  12. Yeah, I went looking, I guess there really AREN'T that many as ornate as this one.
  13. Thanks, think it would be a bit awkward to drink from.
  14. Thanks Rick...:)
  15. Hi Gillian. Given the time period I was thinking more like a cheese ball or something soft that you could dig into with a cracker. I don't know, just guessing, see what TallCakes has to say.
  16. Thank you, I'm learning so much! From some reading I was under the apparently false impression that to be considered as "Elegant Glass" a piece had to have etching or some other detail.
  17. Thanks for the info.
  18. Thanks, I just had to fix it...:)
  19. Once again, thank you TallCakes, you've been most helpful!
  20. racer4four. I asked Replacements to do a search for this pattern and they came up empty. Would that basically confirm your opinion that this bowl is indeed a one off piece?
  21. Thank you.
  22. Boy do I feel dumb...:)
  23. Wow, great info, thank you so much!
  24. Thank you Mary and Celiene.
  25. Well, we learn something every day...:)
  26. Just curious, what Native American marking looks exactly like a swastika?
  27. Thank you Mary. I'd been reading about moriage and was wondering if the raised detail on these plates could accurately be referred to as moriage.
  28. Thank you...:)
  29. Thank you. Do you know that separately or going by what the seller says on etsy?
  30. Thanks for the correction racer.
  31. racer4four. After doing some reading on Hutschenreuther I'm not finding the mark on this bowl listed among all the various marks for Hutschenreuther. Can you share a source or tell me how you came t...
  32. Thank you so much for the info! Any idea what the number represents? Would the initials be of the person who painted it?
  33. Thank you racer, yeah it's pretty neat to think of the couple sipping from them 80 years ago. Yes OlofZ, the trim is probably plate and no I can't find a mark even using a magnifying glass, wish I co...
  34. Thanks Zilla, I'll look for an email link.
  35. Well, it seems that Noritake invented "Lusterware" which is that iridescence that this piece has on the inside. But then other Japanese companies produced Lusterware as well. I can find no markings...
  36. Thank you Martika, it does look like the same shape, it's a start!
  37. Now I have a headache from looking at chinese reign marks. Plus it just occurred to me there's know way to know which way to read the mark, what's the top, what's the bottom.
  38. Thank you both so much!
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Victor Durand Lamp, Opal, Hard-ribbed, with Rose lining, ca. 1928 Early Randy Strong Mirror/Cobalt Vase Beswick Largest Jug, Over 11 1/2 Inch Jug, Cobalt Blue, Painted & Gilt. High Gloss Iridescent Sterling Overlay Bohemian Glass John Walsh Walsh Iris Vaseline Opalescent Floriform Vase QUEZAL VASE Pair of Candelabra, Vestal Virgins, Empire Period 1810 My japanese Monarch TM-20 Loetz Luna Optisch Steuben Crystal Apple Art Garland Stove Poster JOSEF HOSPODKA vase, Chribska glassworks, Czech, 1960s -1970s A little twist from Kurata Glass Art Glass Basket -- Foil Label ( Made in Romania ) Chinese Rice Bowl Art Nouveau Kralik Rose Bowl.....Swags and Tassels