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14 K White Gold Cultivated Pearl Necklace and Bracelet - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Agate? 24-36 inches Precious Stone Necklase? Vintage? - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Hurracaine Lamps Gone With the Wind Hand Painted? - Lampsin Lamps
Bi color covered candy dish? - Glasswarein Glassware
Milk Glass in Pink? - Glasswarein Glassware
What kind of lamp is this? - Lampsin Lamps
Is this a candy dish? Please help. - Glasswarein Glassware
Any info on these? - Glasswarein Glassware
Amish Wheelbarrow? - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Hobnail Milk Glass lamps? - Lampsin Lamps


  1. I went ahead and clicked on mystery solved. :) Thanks everyone.
  2. Could it be that this is a Westmoreland instead if an Indiana?
  3. Nostalgia for sure :)
  4. the "signature" is like a flower or rose with a leaf. I agree, picture does it no justice. It is actually very pretty. Thanks
  5. mr_electric_ok you might want to post some pictures of you items. Maybe someone might be able to help you identify it. :)
  6. Thank you. I love milk lass in general and this is a very useful bowl. I like to display it with similar pieces like this. :)
  7. Awesome! Thank you so much Paul!
  8. This is a beautiful parlor lamp hurricane lamp. I love the green color, I am sure Your mama must have been very happy to receive this from you. Thank you for sharing. :) ~Katherine
  9. Oh wow, interesting fact about the UL label. I love these type of lamps they are just so charming, my grandma used to have these. I have couple of more lamps I will be posting this morning... f...
  10. Wow, very interesting. Thank you once again Tall Cakes. ~Katherine
  11. Awesome, two layers are very pretty another one will even be more fun :) Thanks. Katherine
  12. Thanks :)
  13. Thank you :) @ JohannB
  14. Nostalgia *sigh* LOL "gossip benches" We have them nowdays... they are called Cell Phones and Facebook :D Thank you all for sharing. ~Katherine I added some additional items to...
  15. Ok thank you TallCakes. I found it similar but not the same color.... just similar. Ebay seems to be all over the place as well... does not indicate if is any valuable etc. I will keep looking Some...
  16. Imperial Glass catalog this is noted as NUCUT #537... is there a pattern Letter?
  17. I have looked all over the net for more info or pictures... and can't find anything :(
  18. Gotcha! Thanks Good-day :)
  19. Thank you very much. Your help today and the things I learned was very fun and helpful. ~Katherine
  20. Interesting, They are fun. I will try and maybe complete a set.
  21. Yeah I personally find it breath taking... then again am not that hard to please when it come to anything glass. I love the texture and color of this piece.
  22. Thanks again all :)
  23. @TallCakes, I added a few new items to my album...hoping you can once again help in identifying some of it, whenever you have time. Thanks @Mikko /Thanks again :)
  24. Yeah aren't they neat? Look at my glass work on my photo album at
  25. This and a few other items I won at an auction in Amish Country, Iowa. I end it up with way too many stuff lol
  26. Tall Cakes sounds like the person to connect with :) Hopefully he sees this as well. Thanks Mikko Katherine
  27. Thank you :D Thank You Thank You
  28. Thank you PSPAWS! and Mikko
  29. Mikko I added a 4th picture hopefully it can be enlarge.
  30. Thank you so Much Mikko! I will definitely look for those.
  31. Oh wow, I am astonished as well. I paid more than that. Oh well, I might just have to keep them and find beautiful lamp shades to go with it. Please look through my album and see if you can reco...
  32. Thank you very much @packrat-place . Your detailed information was very helpful. ~Katherine
  33. Hey thanks walksoftly very helpful indeed!
  34. ohh that is so nice :) I would like to come across one of those myself. Do you have any pictures to share?
  35. By the way.. forgot to add... If this was hand signed by Christian Steinbach the price would be around 270 dollars... sometimes more... depending on how much the buyer is willing to pay ( say at an...
  36. These are handmade in Germany. This one might or might not be hand sign by Christian Steinbach- who passed away in 2007. His daughter now leads the company. ( Hand signed nutcrackers by Christian ...
  37. Gorgeous! Very nice find. I have several lamps similar to this... I will have to take pictures and posted here as well.
  38. They are beautiful. I agree, they would be great for an antique show. Check upcoming events in your area. :)
  39. Try Ebay, search for terms that are similar... or on Google. I wish I can help more... but enjoy the hunt :) They sure are beautiful.
  40. Thank you. It is a beautiful old drill. I am lucky to be able to enjoy it and preserve it.
  41. I was able to find out that this is a GOODELL PRATT NO. 5 1/2B HAND AND BREAST DRILL, Pat. Mar 31, 1896 stamped on the crank handle. Two speeds (3.83 to 1, and 1.33 to 1) changed by turning the shifte...
  42. there is a pattern impression 3 dots/ or small circles like forming a triangle
  43. Good answer Tall cakes so this one I can determinately use and enjoy for mt crafts and stuff without feeling much guilt. ~Katherine
  44. I am still curious about this little basket... how come they aren't as common with the red stain on the edges . I have looked and looked, but perhaps I am just overwhelmed and looking in all the wro...
  45. oohh well ;-) :D
  46. so you are saying, people used to placed matches insides and then strike them on the sides? how need I will try it out hehe ~Katherine
  47. All I keep finding is info on Saw Sharpening sets. on this link
  48. Oh how neat :)
  49. Oh I am absolutely satisfied with what I paid for compared with what other people paid earlier for similar pieces in the 70's and upper. I got the piece because I love western, southwester...rustic......
  50. aww well thank you! How delightful to find someone else who shares the same interest! made me smile :) ~Katherine
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