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1900s antique fan tesla? - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Malles trunk 20" rare find - Furniturein Furniture
Store display  - Advertisingin Advertising
Vintage Collage telegraph board - Officein Office
Rare cities service kool motor sign - Petrolianain Petroliana
Testing tube presser - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Antique carved wood man - Folk Artin Folk Art
30s picasso sty art - Fine Artin Fine Art
1800s Japanese sword signed - Asianin Asian
Onknow studio pottery mark - Potteryin Pottery


  1. U hit it right on the head manometer. That what it is thank you
  2. That 100% right Hopi Indian Native American Indian, Polacca Poly chrome Pottery Jar, 520. Description: A HOPI (POLACCA) POLY CHROME JAR c. 1870 clay that about what you have there
  3. Wells fargo did use the small one there are tool. They were made as a tool chest buth the smaller one were made for wells fargo for gold
  4. Thanks is would like to know artist name
  5. The hand gaurd is the same as my from that time the age is there .just want to find some kind of history and hopfully the name of maker that would really help to date it
  6. VINTAGE GE GENERAL ELECTRIC BRASS 4-BLADE DESK FAN, TYPE ARR, FORM N1, 3 SPEED, 10"DIA, 1920 leave it as is its all brass so its worth something because of the brass do a start a bid at $99 and let it...
  7. by Duparquet hospital sanitzer use for towls and use in barber shop to. Thanks for all your help
  8. It dont turn and its has a presser thing on top door is round and it rolls to shut it there is some kind of drip pip in front kind of like a still.maybe it removes fuid from or sanitair cleaner good g...
  9. Its painted on fiber board .it 16 "/20" a friend dated sty top hat beard colors looks like Lincoln
  10. It just gets hot
  11. I match the color and pattern to a mexico rug maker chimayo
  12. Ok we found out crystal trading post j.b.moore navajo rugs 1900 to 1910
  13. There is lazy lines and there is something on one corner that looks like it don,t belong or a mistake
  14. I dont know maybe there genealogist
  15. Yes that map it one of the things i look at first
  16. Having phone troubles but your right
  17. I though so maybe. Mexico indian s really thick like a blanket
  18. What the differnt on the mark this one and grueby pottery look the same but one say pottery and the other say faience are thay date these were used or did thay use both at the same time
  19. Ya your right after doing a little work i found it to be befor the 70s 66 to 69 would be right i dont think it was sold to the public being that i cant find one like it .probley there concert but flag...
  20. Dodge city museum say two of them are for sure the earp just waitting for one more curator to say yes its them ill let you know what happens
  21. Fisher county Texas could be were fisher comes from.these guy are not just. Some guy of the street there some one there look is of a law man you ever talk to a cop thay have a look that only lawmen ha...
  22. There nothing just inbossed name fisher.either it a name of the person or fisher county texas .there law men that for sure but who is the ?
  23. I think it says fisher
  24. Id have to say your wrong the style of close and age of them in this photo is about 1874 i found photos of each brother and it dead on .if its not them then there three brothers that look just like th...
  25. thank you
  26. that both look the same hard to read and there on changes thanks for your help
  27. it is called a dresser trunk it was use by stage or show people all so use on the back of a car it is all so call a space save because you could open it up aginst the wall hope it help it nice
  28. glass cutter
  29. See more


Store display Etching two women Stone carved panther 1930s bambo folding deck loung chair silver plated ten arm holder emile 1889 galle art glass