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Angel with wings holding a light.  - Lampsin Lamps
Elephanst covered in elephant skin - Animalsin Animals
Antique Easter chocolate molds - Kitchenin Kitchen
Unique sterling silver horse carrage ring - Silverin Silver
Found on a curb Magnavox - Electronicsin Electronics
Real or fake? copper train set - Model Trainsin Model Trains
Family Bible dating back to the mid 1700's Parker heritage - Booksin Books
Antique cast bronze? brass? lamp base - Lampsin Lamps
Antique Pullman  Rail Road lock HUGE - Railroadianain Railroadiana
A pair of Coustou horse tammer's - Fine Artin Fine Art


  1. This can did have a sae weight on it. it's just so rusted you can't read it. It should be on the top of the can pressed into the metal. I can make out the Pennzoil on the top, and I can see the S. It'...
  2. Awesome!! Thank you for the help kyratango. I didn't think it was real elephant skin just by the texture. It looked way too smooth to be elephant. Are the ears leather as well?
  3. Thanks for the love :D
  4. I have never seen one like it. Very nice!
  5. I'm going to be posting some pictures of my grandfather's copper train. Could you give them a look, and tell me your opinion?
  6. Very interesting! Thank you for the information Pajrr. I did look the name up this morning. There are a lot of fakes with the Pullman Silver Palace name locks, lanterns, & spittoons. It's crazy the th...
  7. I could be wrong, but didn't Benjamin Franklin have something to do with the printing?
  8. I'm an ace!
  9. The reasoning on my comment. I did not proof read example. I was told that the printing of the Bible was split in half. I have also been told that they printed Bibles in increments. I just said the s...
  10. It's cool, SEAN68 Not everyone is perfect including me... Thank you for the comment, and compliment.
  11. Thank you Finderskeypurs. What is the Lynn Bowers?
  12. Thank you bladerunner22 and kyratango. You guys are awesome! I have a feeling these will never leave the pot shelf.
  13. Your right Antiquerose. There was a warning sent out in 1988 and I think in 1997 they were made illegal to sell. I have tried to list them on ebay 2 times kicked off both times. Every once and awhile ...
  14. You are right they were cast not hand made. That was my mistake. I have also heard the dancer is a Rainbow Man. Is there a difference in the Kachina Dancer and a Rainbow Man? Thanks for any informa...
  15. They sure are! I have a hard time parting with cast iron. Even if it is a re pop.
  16. I bought it off of a wealthy gentleman that was selling most of his things in the sates to move out of the country. He was a guitar player that loved bob cats. It's still sitting on my shelf. Nice pie...
  17. Very nice!
  18. I figured as much being as there are no other markings .. Thanks Guys ! solved :) Memories are priceless
  19. Here a cool one like it as well
  20. P.S. you don't even want to know what I had to fork out for this set . I know we should not talk about money but it was less than 10.00
  21. I bet ! Thanks for the comment Jonima .. Their neat!
  22. Thank you for the reference but I don't think there the same similar , but different
  23. ok there is a marking there is the # 3 on the underneath side .. I know arcade cars were referred to as numbers there was a #1 taxi #3 taxi so on and of fourth .. but wouldn't this car be stamped wit...
  24. Maybe Arcade , but would it be marked ?
  25. I had no clue it was so old. Only if it could talk
  26. Awesome guys. This has been a mystery for many years. The photo you posted matches it to a T.. even the hole in the handle. I believe this mystery has been solved.. I was also told it went through a f...
  27. There are some Boeuf that look similar .. There not marked , and this is more purple than red .. Very odd to me but a very cool piece non the less.. thank you veetraio50
  28. I found one of these at a barn sale . in mint condition for 35.00 I bought it .. it was a little dirty and didn't run but a great display piece .. beautiful bike :)
  29. thank you AzTom for the welcome .. I have had a passion for antiques since I was about 15 .. I worked my grandfathers auctions since the age 6 ... It's a great hobby and I really love the hunt :) ...
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Antique Pullman  Rail Road lock HUGE 1950's Jaeger-LeCoultre ATMOS Perpetual Motion Clock -Serial #45*** from Geneva, Switzerland Just got it today at an auction... 1913-1929 auto club blue diamond directional signs 1950s coca cola dispenser bank Antique sword