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  1. I keep coming back to this one... its one of the most beautiful trunks I've seen. How did you manage to come by it? Find it at an estate sale or something?
  2. I have no clue, but first thing that popped into my mind was an old-school shipping crate. It was obviously not built to be air/water tight, and not for personal items where you could have clothes wi...
  3. Great job! I personally like the rustic/authentic look with trunks, but that refinished ash wood is beautiful. That would be a great trunk to have in a living/dining room as a decoration piece.
  4. Thanks, TFF... I'll hunt around for a locksmith in the area and see if any would be interested in looking at it. I would like a key for every truck in my growing collection if I could, it just makes ...
  5. I'm considering removing the broken lock that is there and replacing it with something more accurate for the trunk's age. Have any clue what type of lock would naturally be with this trunk?
  6. Anyone know of a good forum for trunk conversations? I'm interested in learning more from others, so looking for some good reading.
  7. Added a few extra images. Sorry, using camera phone, so not the best. I was hoping it was pre 1900, but sounds like its not. Thanks for the background, Trunkman, really appreciate it.
  8. Thanks, that's what I was thinking too when I bought it. I'll take a few close up pictures later and post them to help with identification if anyone is able to. I did notice there appears to be so...
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