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Providence, RI

I collect candlestick and wooden phones from the pre-WWI era. I also collect signs and other telco memorabilia from Providence Telephone Co., Southern Mass. Tel. CoI collect candlestick and wooden phones from the pre-WWI era. I also collect signs and other telco memorabilia from Providence Telephone Co., Southern Mass. Tel. Co. as well as N.E.T.&T Co. (Read more)


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SNET “Hot Weather” post card - Postcardsin Postcards
1897  Penna. Tel. Co. L&LD Public Station sign  - Telephonesin Telephones
NOS 1908 N.E.T.&T. 18” flat sign - Telephonesin Telephones
1910s Rochester Independent Pay Station sign - Telephonesin Telephones
Pair of '08 pattern California TELEPHONE signs - Telephonesin Telephones
'08 Wisconsin Telephone flange with pointing hand - Telephonesin Telephones
New England Telephone & Telegraph Co. marked Waltham 8-Day Car clock - Clocksin Clocks
Telephone "Collector" buttons - Telephonesin Telephones
New Eng Tel. and Tel. Co. die-cut Local and Long Distance Bell - Telephonesin Telephones
Providence Telephone Company Badge - Telephonesin Telephones


  1. Looks like the 1931-1939 pattern, similar to the 1921 version but with no company name around the bell.
  2. Nice sign. I have never seen one before.
  3. I had the sign restored by a professional sign restorer. It looks as good as new. A restored sign will never be as valuable as an all-original one but considering how much these sell for I thought it...
  4. Snazzy!!!
  5. Some signs suffer from haze consisting of mineral deposits that cannot be removed
  6. This is a vehicle watch that was used on telephone trucks. The back of the case should have grooves that lock it into a mount that would sit on the dashboard. I have an example from Waltham that is ...
  7. Supply and demand as well. It is not a sign that comes up for sale very often ( twice in the last month notwithstanding). At least now I can justify having it restored to the wife!
  8. Apparently $1525 is the going rate for near-mint examples!
  9. Hazing is discoloration caused when mineral deposits form in the minute cracks in the porcelain as a result of exposure to the elements. It is impossible to remove. I paid $125 for my NETT version...
  10. Bob Alexander's latest book has them as $500-600 for both versions. The last non-N.E.T.&T. one I know about selling on eBay fetched $1125!!! And it had a few flaws flaws. It's hard to assign market...
  11. How many have you seen with the N.E.T.&T. markings?
  12. Thanks! I have been after one of these for a while-this will have to do until a nicer example comes along.
  13. I don't know where you saw the New England Telephone version go for $375, maybe that was the asking price? I saw the same style NET&T sign sell for $175 in very nice condition. The NET&T ones are c...
  14. Thanks!
  15. I'm not sure about the "24", I know mine does not have it. The small round "hubcap" signs were designated "21" and "22", so maybe the 11-inch flange was "23" (I think both sizes were available at the...
  16. Unfortunately. this sign is a reproduction. The size and the blurry design indicate this fact. Real signs are 18"x18"
  17. These are Japanese binoculars from the 60s-70s. They were made under a variety of names. These are decent quality but not particularly valuable.
  18. Still trying to find one of these for my hometown telco collection
  19. It looks like a real sign of the pattern used from 1921-1939. It is a common pattern but can be tricky to find one in really nice condition. If it has not been touched up, it would be worth around $...
  20. It is a bronze plaque that would have been hung at the entrance of a Nevada Bell central office or headquarters. That logo was used from about 1939-1968
  21. This is a nice example. These came in two sizes, 16x16" and 11x11", and one sided flange or two-sided flat. I have the flat one-sided version.
  22. I need one of these for my NET&T sign collection! Most NET&T signs are common, and these hubcaps are common for other Bell System telcos, but for some reason these are hard to find.
  23. Pretty Cool!
  24. Thanks, it'll do until another one comes along. If there is another one!
  25. That's a beauty. I have the remains of a N.E.T.&T Co. version.
  26. That's a beauty!!!
  27. These Bell System/Western Union signs are scarce and highly sought after sign. The term "Universal Service" dates it to around 1909-1910. It looks to be in pretty good condition. I would think $800...
  28. Probably more like a $100-125 sign in good condition, but still an great deal!
  29. Interesting, probably used by an independent telco, does not look Bell System issued.
  30. Yes, it is a #26 sign that would have been used on a phone booth. Dates from somewhere between 1939 to 1964, probably the 1950s. Worth around $75-125.
  31. Yes, Dennis H. of Seekonk, MA. He does incredible work, mainly old telephones.
  32. I actually missed out on an 1885 version that was in better condition, I think it was #9. I bought this one out of Canada of all places!
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