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I love so many things, my fave thing of the moment is antique and vintage photo albums WITH the photos still intact and looking up the history behind these people inI love so many things, my fave thing of the moment is antique and vintage photo albums WITH the photos still intact and looking up the history behind these people in the pages. I also love old houses, spanish, mission, craftsman. I love Black Wrought Iron pieces too. Oh too many things to list. I also sell used toys and collectibles. Im a thrift shopper, yard saler, and trash day scavanger if something catches my eye. (Read more)


  1. I have worked with film equipment so sorta resembles a film rewinder but Im sure thats probably not what it is, the colors resemble something more farm oriented
  2. Fascinating Item! Love it
  3. dunno but its gorgeous! Id love to have it!
  4. my fave photo of all!
  5. oops sorry wrong photo, not a fave but fascinating
  6. bumping this up, this is one of my faves
  7. my brother collects these flags, from what I recall these flags were made by the soldiers family and they wore them around their body?
  8. I have one of these too, it belonged to my grandmothers brother, it has his name etched on it and the year 1904
  9. These were like carnival prizes from the Worlds Fair, these type in particular
  10. Hi there, This is Ruby Flash Glass, I have a piece that belonged to my Grandmothers brother with his name and the date etched on it.
  11. whats the last name if I may ask? I am researching a line with a Clement from Ireland. :)
  12. So are you hanging this family up? By the way Im in the process of trying to get my Gmas Old Secretary from the 1800s also, tracked down who my Dad sold it to when my Gma died and they are willing to ...
  13. Wow, never knew this story, thanks for sharing.
  14. I still just love this photo, Id frame it and hang it, what did you do with it?
  15. Make sure you note where this came from and any info you have of the guy you got it from, may want to end up back in the relatives hands one day and I hate to see things like this get lost with no inf...
  16. Very cool! I save old photos and hate when they are lost and floating around away from relatives, nice to see some where they belong :)
  17. Do any of the photos have info or writing on the back/names?
  18. It does look like a Rushton but Im not 100% positive, I have one posted on here too very similar if you havent seen it. :)
  19. I found one of these in REALLY rough condition, yours is in far better, a sold it to an antique dealer who restored it and then sold it, mine was missing one of the pedestals to hold up the mirror and...
  20. My mom has the smaller blue one and still uses it for travel :)
  21. Id love to get the archway but that would be a major project and we think they are probably whats holding some of the house up!
  22. Thanks AR, they depth is 11" so it would fit the size of a Victrola record(which I dont have so I didnt know the size difference) Thanks for the feedback!
  23. If you look in the distance of the photo inside the old house gmas old stove is laying on its side, another relative tried to get it out and fell through the floor, so it was suspended there in the ce...
  24. Thanks for the comments. Im working on getting a Secretary that used to belong to my Gma and sit in the house in the photo, when my gma died my dad drove it to Cali in the 1960s and sold it to some fa...
  25. Thanks Savo, Its real wood, the back and inside of the shelves is stained dark wood, the outer sides and top have been painted dark brown, my first thought is it was in a post office for sorting or in...
  26. Hey there, I just got a piece that is somewhat similar, I wonder if mine was used for sorting too, not real sure. I plan to use mine in my office to for paperwork
  27. This is very cool! Never seen anything like it!
  28. Hey there, I placed a record in and it sticks out beyond the cabinet. Thats what the place I bought it from thought it was for, but its not deep enough for the record to fit in. How do I find out if ...
  29. Oh how cool! id love to sit and read them all! Make sure you keep them all together and dont take the stamps off! :)
  30. Same here! Are there letters in the envelopes?
  31. Thank you Mystic! I found another site with the exact same lamp, Johnnie Walker Scotch Whiskey Lamp. I was lost until you gave me info, thanks so much!
  32. This looked like a lot of fun, thanks for sharing
  33. " locksmith... actually two twin brothers in their 70s/80s who have an old cluttered hardware store called Workingman's headquarters ( wi...
  34. Hey you might want to try another person who posted PO Mail boxes and said they had help to crack the codes on them, maybe they will know something about this, Ill track down the post and give you a l...
  35. Mystic thanks, trying my hand at looking at Alcohol advertising, only came up with Smirnoff having a ringmaster but thats fairly recent. If you get any other info let me know! :) Thanks again for your...
  36. Heres some of the story about the trunk,0,5511303.story
  37. Not to get all morbid but this reminds me of the type of case that was found in an old basement in California this past year that had the remains of babies from long ago for those who caught that stor...
  38. Dave lot the pics and the house, thats my dream one day to have an old house too. I like the built in bookshelf in the last photo!
  39. What a unique fantastic piece! Love it!
  40. Just had to ask, did it have any photos in it? :)
  41. I have one of these too and was told it was to store sewing supplies. If you click on my photos I have one showcasing some old doors but my sewing table like yours is in the photo. I got mine at a use...
  42. Beautiful Piece! And love the personal history behind it
  43. I just got a piece like this myself from my Aunt that belonged to my Grandmothers Brother. Dated just like the one you have. :) Dizzydave is right on with his info about it.
  44. I have a similar radio to this one that is tube and works, mine is a Zenith, I just bought it at an antique store for $59.
  45. Hey there, I have found several of these in the past few years, they do sell on ebay. If its an actual painting its worth a lot more. But even the cardboard copies in frames Ive sold too. Great Stuff!
  46. Very cool piece! Does it work?
  47. I have an old Crosley TV myself, beautiful Cabinet!
  48. Beautiful I love this!
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posted 14 years ago