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pacific northwest, usa

I love anything vintage or antique but my favorites are 30s 40s and 50s , deco art,automotive,petroleum related,furniture,advertising, geeze why dont i just say EVEI love anything vintage or antique but my favorites are 30s 40s and 50s , deco art,automotive,petroleum related,furniture,advertising, geeze why dont i just say EVERTHING..? (Read more)


  1. Great! There are a lot of things to look at in that picture if you take your time...wish it were a little sharper so i could read what that billboard down the street says..
  2. Stunning! As is the picture!
  3. Is that low ridin custom a willys or a Studebaker?
  4. Thanks signaholic! It still get tons of stations. ..I wax it every once and a while
  5. Thank you nicefice!!
  6. Thank you Nicefice!! And caperkid!! ,that's exactly the time period I imagined,mystery solved!
  7. Hi caperkid, the bottom word is Germany....
  8. Very very sweet!
  9. Love it! Thanks for sharing....
  10. I love great craftsmanship, what an awesome job! I hope you take it out once and a while to enjoy it and keep it rideable....thanks for sharing the story!
  11. Very nice! I still have mine and it's exactly the same except mine doesn't say fort it!
  12. very sweet!!
  13. wow wow wow one of those life experiences you never forget....thanks for sharing.
  14. Great story! Thanks for sharing.....
  15. Uranium glass yay!!
  16. Thank you blunderbuss2 and fortapache !!
  17. Thank you aghcollect!!
  18. Thanks Trey! Right now im resisting the urge to plug it in and try it out!
  19. Really neat! I hope your going to play with them!
  20. Nice....!! Makes me want to get busy on my aristrocrat that ive been putting off restoring for 2 years now, you did a great job!
  21. Thank you vintagelamp! I sure hope your going to try that Rochester out with some dark roast!
  22. Thats a keeper for sure! I love it!
  23. Very very nice...i once built a 63 f100 with firebird subframe ,chevy power and an 11 inch narrowed rear end ,with a full roll cage coming out the back of the cab tied in to the rear frame, dont make ...
  24. Very nice! It would be fun to sit front of it having several cups of coffee gazing at it! A piece of art.
  25. Nutsabotas6, why thank you! , i later found out the person i bought it from was born in december of 1955 so i bought the radio from a guy born in 1955 and the radio was made in 1955 and i brought it h...
  26. Trey, thank you sir! I experimented with meguiars automotive deep crystal polish being very carefull to make sure i was not scratching then i followed up with carnauba wax...thanks for your comment!
  27. Thank you fortapache!
  28. Thank you aghcollect !
  29. Thats sweet! Thats one ive never seen , did you get the box?i think your pretty close on the age.
  30. Thank you pops52 ! Hope i can find out the age of this...
  31. Thank you trey, patsea and aghcollect!!
  32. Thank you blunderbuss2 and officialfuel !!
  33. Love it! After seeing yours i just remembered i have the same one in the same color in a vintage camp trailer i have not been inside in too long...thanks for showing!
  34. Awesome! You have a sharp eye, great deal! This sure would look good on the hood of my 55 chevy!
  35. Very cool! Now im mister thirsty...
  36. Thank you! Geodejem Aghcollect
  37. You do nice work mister!
  38. Hi Joe! There are no markings on the bottom...i added a couple more pics, the dogs look to be made from 2 halves and there appears to be an air hole in the back of each one...also in places where the ...
  39. Haha i have this same doll since an mom said i practally removed the finish from the face from sucking on it...before my mom passed she gave me just the head as that was all that was left,...
  40. Thank you again Drfluffy! Now knowing what they are i will change these to mystery solved...i checked ebay and the price of these seems all over the place but i was a bit disappointed in their value,m...
  41. Thanks Drfluffy! Im quite curious if these are nearly 100 years old?
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posted 13 years ago