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  1. Beautiful Wysteria style lamp. I can't offer you any info on the maker, but as far as value goes, these lamps are anywhere from $450 up.
  2. Bitchin' clock, do you still own it?
  3. You don't even want to know how much I flipped it for :)
  4. Can't answer your question, but man, what a valuable book to have!
  5. I would have traded too. People, an oil can rocker is usually some type of frame the can sits in.
  6. From the style, I dont believe this is from the 30's. More like 50's to early 60's, especially the brands and prices. Cigarettes in '74-'75 were .50 cents a pack, that would put .35 cents a pack right...
  7. Beautiful work. You have the job I wish I had. Where did you learn the mechanics of these machines? Former repair man?
  8. How cool is this! I love it, the beer sucked, but the commercials were great. One of a kind, I would never let it go.
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