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choctaw, ok.

I have some of almost everything. Didn't start that way, just changed interests. That's a very old photo BTW. :)


  1. I read upside down that it says "Federal Reserve Note". Its not backed by gold of silver. Only the ones that say silver certificate, are backed by precious metal.
  2. Looks like an oyster shell.
  3. She has wonderful legs. People are not so touchy about their bodies as we Americans are. Its just lovely.
  4. Aren't there any marks at to blade next to the handle? I like it.
  5. Is it possible it could be used to open the bungs on a metal barrel?
  6. Look for a B H someplace on the lamp. It could be a Bradley Hubbard.
  7. Sawbucks are actually ten dollar bills. That would be $150.00 not $15.00.
  8. I would like to go to where you shop. :)
  9. Kind of looks like Frankoma pottery, but I think most all of the pottery was marked Frankoma on the bottom. You could contact with that mold # 3139
  10. A Buck knife was called a Buck because of the maker.
  11. Looks very similar to an old Coleman pump up lantern to me as well.
  12. I have 2 of those. One is made from steel, and another made of aluminum. They are for doing a hot patch on inner tubes on your tires. It always cost more to have it done at the gas station for this t...
  13. Might be radioactive with that Japanese melt down. A lot of things have washed up to the west coast from there.
  14. The year can be looked up by the metal plate riveted to the base.
  15. Have you tried looking at Anchor Hocking designs?
  16. I'm glad I was born after they quit that practice.
  17. Looks kind of like an Allen Hopkins rifle. I have one in 16 gauge that is a wall hanger. 1886 as close as I can tell.
  18. I have several of these by different makers. I have some rebar I poke into the ground in the garden, and just put these on top. Had people ask me why, and I just say Just Because. :)
  19. I like it. To me it looks aflame.
  20. Yes it is a head vase. I think from the 1950's. Some were very elegant with eye lashes, jewelry necklace, and earrings. Those are the most expensive. That plain one is also a keeper.
  21. Maybe a tooth from a dead animal would fit. I found a tooth at the west coast once that looked like a canine of a dog. Probably a walrus, or something else.
  22. Very nice.
  23. I printed Taylor, but meant Lodge. Sorry, this old mind isn't what it used to be.
  24. If the inside is pretty smooth, its probably vintage Griswold, Wagner ware, maybe even Taylor, but Taylor was heavier Its a keeper for sure.
  25. At this time I can tell you, it is older than 1960. Probably much older. The ring on the bottom was supposed to fit the top of the old stoves when you would remove the different sized lids.
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