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  1. THIS IS NOT PERMANENT.... although we're getting closer to trying the framing under glass idea. After much research I found a temporary solution for using her IPAD as a medium to help inspire my da...
  2. I spent all of my youth dreaming of airplanes until I made it a career. Hoping to retire soon so that I can get back to dreaming of beautiful low and slow planes like this.
  3. Hard to believe this was someone's practice piece.... Stunning.... it absolutely jumps off the board
  4. Absolutely amazing.... I love art.
  5. Fantastic... I love seeing all my old posters. I think I lost my virginity to this one.
  6. I love this website... Great job kyratango.
  7. The shirt actually throws the best shade ... :)
  8. I wish I knew... Looks kinda Art Deco ish... really cool though.
  9. Verrrrry Cool.
  10. Would look great filled with old Vinyl records.
  11. This exactly what I needed to get motivated for fall hunting season
  12. Thanks Spirit Bear, 10 minutes after I got this thing home I knew that I couldn't put oil on it... It really is an amazing portrait. I was bummed though because I loved the idea of giving a little li...
  13. The Green tarnished area where the enamel has chipped away makes it appear to be copper. I'd say it's a cool enamel on copper panel.
  14. Come on... I know there are some art buffs out there that can help identify this.
  15. Absolutely beautiful....
  16. I wish I knew... Cool chair though!
  17. Imagine being next in line to land.... and running low on fuel.
  18. It's hard to believe that during a time of war... these usually just got pushed into the sea. That wreck would be worth hugs sums of money today.
  19. I'm with Manikin... I want to see pictures
  20. Kyratango.... you may be French but your doggie is most deffinitely German. Just like mine!
  21. 30 Euros would seem like a steal for solid wood furniture, but without more detailed photo's or info about the maker they would be hard to identify. Try removing the fabric on the bottom of the cus...
  22. It really is nice to collect something that doesn't take up a huge area in the house. I've got about 50 sitting in a drawer. This is the first one that get a special spot on the book case. Someday ...
  23. These things are amazing pieces of ART. Get that selector fixed, put on a little Pink Floyd and enjoy.
  24. Check out the DIY show called Barnwood Builders. They talk all about these axes and you can see first hand what they were used for and how they built America 120 years ago.
  25. That's my now 7 year old beautiful GSP "German Shorthair Pointer" and the inspiration for the lamp. :)
  26. Yeah... I'll keep her, and the record cabinet too!
  27. Art in motion. I call it 5D... because we can add sound and smell to the list. Just add wings and it would be perfect.
  28. I love these old chairs....
  29. Looks Like a Sikes and from the looks of it... probable late 60's. Put up another picture of the recline mechanism under the seat bottom and one of the back of the seat bottom. Might be a metal placar...
  30. Dry clean your Crow... Aviation patches get a love. :)
  31. just resurrecting a classic post... cool stuff.
  32. This is more than lovely...It's FRICKIN DOPE! Can you imagine a whole house full of matching knobs and locks like this with functioning keys.... ALTHOUGH I've heard that Back in the day... the master ...
  33. That bike is so kick ass... it would knock out Tyson.
  34. what is the manufacturers name on the back? It looks like "Simpley Models Inc."??? and a location somewere in NY.
  35. What the heck is Autumn.... Phoenix didn't get that memo
  36. The beauty of finding relics like this are usually where you find the helmets you'll also find the firearms that the soldier dropped close by, as he was running out of the area.
  37. This would be a 1960's vintage Schwinn Traveler, and as I'm sure you know, made for a princess. (hence the low bar) It's missing the chain guard and the AMAZINGLY cool light on the handle bars. B...
  38. Well.... whom ever painted yours painted mine for sure. (sea birds) Please let me know if you ever hear from Mrs. Daner.... or get some new information about it.
  39. I'd definitely think this is a beautiful art, but it pains me to see such delicious red meat going to waste.
  40. Did you poison my wife's brain too.... what is with this girl power crap. :) Her opinion is valued as is yours and everyones, which is why I asked for the input. Thanks... and enjoy
  41. Now were talkin!!!! I'm not going to lie, the paint Is old and definitely kinda cool, but I think the boys are getting it right! Give me WOOD! Keep the opinions coming.
  42. Hmmmm oak??? I wish I knew more about wood. Nice project. Please share again when you're done!
  43. Nice metal work....
  44. Nice... load some pictures of yours. I'm really trying hard to figure out why some of her work is signed and some not... maybe it will help us date them.
  45. I would say so... Congrats on a owning a solid piece of history.
  46. verrrrry jealous. May I ask how much you paid for it back then? This should be funny.
  47. Still looking for help identifying this....
  48. Shoot... I love it too.
  49. Seriously...
  50. No need to describe it... just tell me how much you want for it. :)
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Vintage Photo Curtis Helldiver on Carrier Deck unknown dinning chairs HELP  1942 yeoman patch 1948 Neptune Meter Co. L1 Gas Pump (Tribute to Argentina)


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