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  1. I heve a starforce 6000 ???? flying V great axe cant find anotheronr anywhewre ? mystery still their for me
  2. I think the website solves some mystery
  3. notice the insulation on the wire, its pre 70's I think
  4. your missing # is 8
  5. try reading this it offers a total history on PAF pat applied for p-90 humbuckers, these were used on a veriety of steel guitars,les pauls, magne...
  6. I think they predate 70's ? heres a person maybe you should ask,,,,try TINICUM GUITAR BARN google it there's a number for the shop ask Carl if he knows, they may be verry old n rare, good to know on w...
  7. all org. parts are present, somone took it apart, n just gave up, well thats where I come in !
  8. been do'n reasearch, found out better try out the orig. pikups, the tremalo will be up graded,,,probly one of those old strat set ups, new tuner machines of course, new pots,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,? leave'n th...
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more guitar pics gibson guitar? Fender Stratocaster 1963, Sunburst Fender Stratocaster 1963, Jimi Hendrix Owned... FENDER 1949-1951 PROTOTYPE TELECASTER


posted 6 years ago