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Hi, my name is Andrew. I am the first in my family to be a unique antique collector. Most are pieces that my family have had for years but some I have found in the sHi, my name is Andrew. I am the first in my family to be a unique antique collector. Most are pieces that my family have had for years but some I have found in the strangest places. If you wish to contact me, (Read more)


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Ceramic Duck with Egg Salt and Pepper Shakers - Kitchenin Kitchen
Old Baby photo - Photographsin Photographs
Cabinet Card Photo - Photographsin Photographs
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  1. Sorry guys. This item identification is no longer needed. Thanks for all your help!
  2. Now that's funny lol.
  3. Country yes, manufacturer, not so much lol.
  4. Any information that I might be able to provide?
  5. Can you see now?
  6. Bottom right of the baby.
  7. Thanks for the measurements, Scott. Have a ton of other photos I can seperate now. So what would this one be called?
  8. I swear my google is sabotaging me. I put in exactly what you had in your search and only one picture came up from "picclick." Thank you TallCakes. I see what you mean by reproduction, the glass isn't...
  9. Can you send a link to where you're finding them? So far, I have only found one even remotely close.
  10. Update: Actually, this spoon came from the Santa's Village in Skyforest, California.
  11. Thank you, Manikin. I apologize for being too sensitive. Once I get some sleep, I'll be fine. No sleep for two nights make me crabby and moody.
  12. No, rucklczglass, you're fine. Just lack of sleep on my end, I would wager. I did know it was a goose though, don't know why eagle got typed.
  13. I was so tired when I posted this, I don't even remember typing eagle. I know it is a goose, please stop poking fun.
  14. I have seen and felt bisque dolls. This does not feel like that
  15. Thank you Efesgirl for your help!
  16. TallCakes right on the money. Thank you!
  17. Ok Racer. I just added a picture of the bottom
  18. OTK? What does that stand for?
  19. Thanks for clearing that up. I didn't want to offend anyone
  20. Thanks TallCakes. I'll remember that. You da man...I think. or woman
  21. Those are exactly them except for the underneath part not having any writing on them. Thank you! Slag glass, hm? Have to look that up I guess now lol.
  22. aghcollect, on top of your game as always
  23. Wow! Thanks!
  24. Thank you Elaine
  25. Could it be a Sayco?
  26. All I can find is a C enclosed in a circle.
  27. This looks like Anchor Hocking pink depression glass
  28. racer4four, here is a picture of the base
  29. It did have a lid at one time. That is, I believe, a Robinson Ransbottom Crock.
  30. These are silverplate. I have seen the matching oyster forks but the spoon will be more collectible than the tongs, I believe.
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Large Hand blown glass bird Coca-Cola Cardboard Carriers