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We collect Anchor Hocking Sandwich Glass but we love to buy, sell, and look at all other depression glass and collectible glassware. Love looking around at auctions,We collect Anchor Hocking Sandwich Glass but we love to buy, sell, and look at all other depression glass and collectible glassware. Love looking around at auctions, flea markets, yard & garage sales, antique shops, and any other place where we might see something fun to catch our eye. Please check out our website! (Read more)


Help needed! - Glasswarein Glassware
Anchor Hocking Sandwich Vase - Glasswarein Glassware
Fired-On Lime Green Bowl - Anchor Hocking Sandwich - Glasswarein Glassware


  1. What an impressive and beautiful display of cake plates, TallCakes! All I can say is...WOW!!! It is wonderful to have a collection of things you love and to have the ability to showcase it in such a...
  2. The maker's mark on these glasses is actually H.A. for Hazel Atlas.
  3. You are very welcome. I'm delighted to help!
  4. The footed candy dish with the pointed finial on the lid is the Wexford pattern by Anchor Hocking. The baking dish is the from Fantasia collection by Princess House.
  5. Federal produced the pattern originally, from 1932 - 1939. Federal then re-issued the pattern in 1976 and marketed it as "Recollection" with the number '76 marked in the pattern. Indiana bought the ...
  6. This is the Early American Prescut pattern by Anchor Hocking. It was manufactured from the 1960's until the 1990's. Your first picture is a 3-toed bowl...or bon bon dish as some may call it. Withou...
  7. Your Anchor Hocking Sandwich Sugar Bowl with the lid is currently valued at $26-30 dollars. Anchor Hocking produced their sandwich pattern until the 60's. Only the cookie jar (in crystal) was re-int...
  8. Thank you for the love, toolate2!
  9. I don't have a lot of information for you but can maybe point you in the right direction. Check out the Libbey Golden Foilage pattern. There's quite a few pieces listed on eBay that match your patter...
  10. Anchor Hocking actually continued to produce the Wexford pattern into the early 2000's. It is a great pattern with a wide variety of pieces available so it shouldn't be a lot of trouble to seek out pi...
  11. Thank you for the love, Purple dog!
  12. Thank you, Purpledog!
  13. Thank you for the loves and like to miKKO, Bellin, and Paul. Sorry so late!
  14. More belated thank-you's due here! Thanks Paul and Packrat! :-)
  15. Your large decanter is the Wexford pattern by Anchor Hocking. First introduced in 1967, some items continued to be produced through the years, even up to the early 2000's. With the plastic stopper o...
  16. This is the Madrid pattern, originally produced by Federal Glass in the 30's. When Federal went bankrupt, these molds were sold to Indiana Glass who began making glass with the molds. Unfortunately,...
  17. As Paul71 pointed out, the pattern is Wexford by Anchor Hocking. Your "vase" it a 2 qt. pitcher and the "trifle" is a footed fruit bowl. The pitcher is currently valued at $35 and the fruit bowl at ...
  18. The first photo is the pattern of "Louisa" by Jeanette. This pattern is also commonly called "Floragold". This is the 5" ruffled fruit bowl.
  19. I like the cream & sugar sets you have. Very pretty! I'll see if I can come up with anything for you.
  20. According to the most current price guide by Mauzy, there is a 16" Torte plate valued at $75.00. Hope this helps!
  21. This looks like it would be part of the Gay Fad line by Anchor Hocking.
  22. Glad to help! :-)
  23. The ashtray is the Early American Prescut Pattern (also referred to as EAPC or Star of David) by Anchor Hocking...I'm guessing it's the 7 3/4" size. I think the metal work is an after-market kind of ...
  24. This is a four-footed candy dish in the Floragold pattern. Sometimes this pattern is also called "Louisa". It was manufactured by Jeannette Glass Company in the 1950s. I have it listed in value at ...
  25. So glad to be of some help!
  26. Nice Find!
  27. This is a snack plate in the Homestead pattern. It was manufactured by Federal Glass. A small cup that was part of the set would sit in the ring on the plate. I believe these were sold as 8-piece se...
  28. Yes, Paul71. It seems that the base is clear glass (crystal, as they call it). It's a pretty neat piece.
  29. See more


Part of my cake stand collection Millersburg Radium Carnival Glass Some of my Depression Glass collection Two handled sugar bowl Can someone help in identifying this vaseline glass plate thanks Vaseline glass Ink-pot ... any Idea ? Clear Decorated Glass Bowl Fired-On Lime Green Bowl - Anchor Hocking Sandwich


Vaseline Glass Sugar Bowl Wild Bouquet Four piece table set Anchor Hocking Sandwich Vase An Essex Creation - Salt, Pepper, Oil and Vineger set Vintage pedestal ashtray, bronze, marble, and crystal. Double-ended jar 3 pinkish bowls