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Copper print plate  Made by William Eastwood. Date unknown - Officein Office


  1. Kirby1911 - I should have said some people looked like a cupid, shouldn't have I? Glad we agree on the date it was made. It could have been a chatelaine for a dentist
  2. oh.. a slight misunderstanding. I wasn't asking whether the diamonds are big, but whether the tables of them are larger than modern cut ones.
  3. thats good ! mystery solved.
  4. have you any more photos?
  5. it is really unusual. is it hallmarked with a date?
  6. very nice
  7. if it is, i think it may be worth a lot
  8. is it metal ?
  9. take the backs off very carefully, or get a watch maker to. On the back should be a date, scratched in, and a gold mark, if it is gold. If they work, the value is higher. best place to look for the va...
  10. look on ebay archive for past sales, then take an average. Remember it depends on condition, and whether the case is gold or not
  11. its beautiful? Is it expensive? have you ever worn it?
  12. love it. Hate to be picky, but back then, grown people looked like that central face. The cupid one. Any idea of it's age? I would say late 1880's, but would like to know if the auctioneer had any idea
  13. Doesn't the cupid represent Ireland? Very nice. I have only seen it once before.
  14. I think it was made in a craft workshop. The pin is a craft pin, the 'resin' looks like filmo - this is a sort of clay that is from art stalls, and the stone looks like a polished one from a car boot....
  15. It looks like a girdle ornament, sewn on to the dresses. Hope you don't mind me saying, but film stars had pieces made especially for the set. and it could be one of those. It is so clean looking - no...
  16. oh it is so beautiful. Have you ever tried finding it's maker? Does your mother have any idea who made it?
  17. Do you ever wear them out?
  18. It is so pretty. Was it made as a copy, as it is part of a collection? If so, it will be later than the 1920's. It may be 1970's. If not, have you been in touch with any of the big auction houses? ...
  19. it is very pretty. I like the gold ones . creole?
  20. Is it old? Is the address the building he was cleaning out?
  21. Hello. I would be interested in the date of these items. Does English Carnival glass date from the 1930's?
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Unusual Victorian Arts & Crafts Silver Chatelaine Rare Green Man Art Nouveau Edwardian Silver Purse Antique Silver over Gold Tiara changed into necklace set with rose cut diamonds Cherub chatelaine pin Gold and Diamond Wedding Band Tiffany Sterling Silver Vase


A passion for antique Georgian to Victorian era seed pearls! Dutch Silver Antique Peasant Set (Parure) old pencil-case advertisement EUROPEAN CARNIVAL GLASS