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Beautiful Vintage Wool Rug, Help Me Identify - Rugs and Textilesin Rugs and Textiles
Old Colorful Wool Blanket, 103 inches long - Rugs and Textilesin Rugs and Textiles
Unusual Painted Wood Thing (best I could come up with:) - Sewingin Sewing
Lovely Antique Dresser, Possible Arts and Crafts - Furniturein Furniture
Very Old Religious Illuminated Manuscript, Unknown Orgin - Paperin Paper


  1. Fantastic! Thanks!
  2. ho2cultcha, thanks! I never would have guessed that. It's a spool for yarn.
  3. Vetraio50, good guess but it has holes all the way around the shaft. I thought the same at first.
  4. I got a response from a profession about the piece. Here's what he said!!! "This is probably from a fable called Kalila and Dimna. The two dog-like animals on both sides of the man are jackals. One...
  5. Wow, you are good, scottvez! How did you find something some similar? I think you are spot on. Thank you for your help!!!
  6. I am by many museums, but I am not sure which would be able to help with something like this. I just decided to email a couple of professors of Middle Eastern Studies, Language and Anthropology. I wil...
  7. I had this for a while and I was going to hang it up and I wasn't sure what to do with a double sided piece of art, so I started looking closer at it and realized it might be something really special!
  8. The most unusual animal is the cat like animal with the bird tail. I haven't seen anything like it. It is double sided. One unique thing about it is that it have gold metallic paint, which is some...
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Unique Cast Iron Plant Stand