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  1. Has anyone ever seen these before? I need help finding the origin of these pieces.
  2. Can anyone interpret the writing on these? Anything would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Anyone heard of the company that authenticated this?
  4. Thank you, aghcollect. You've helped me solve this mystery.
  5. Thank you all. I'm glad you enjoyed this.
  6. aghcollect, it is the pictures within the frames that illuminate. Interesting, what you said about the butterfly.
  7. Very, very nice piece. I like it a lot. Great find!
  8. Philip Kerr (British novelist) has a novel named, "Berlin Noir" , and in it he mentions this particular trunk with the same maker name"Turner es Glanz" . Here's the link:
  9. CHANDLER, William Henry (1854-1928), USA Signature matches and painting is in his style. That is my opinion, of course. Hope this helps.
  10. TubeAmp, these are not made of plastic. Although, I'm sure there are plastic ones out there.
  11. Thank you, ho2cultcha, for the information.
  12. I received them as a gift from a relative. Sorry, about the delay in answering your question.
  13. Thanks, everyone!
  14. Martin Dillon has a style similar to this. The signature on your painting resembles his somewhat. The style of his "D" matches yours on one of his paintings and the way the double "L" looks on yours m...
  15. Thanks, everybody. This is why I like this site; because it shows me that others see past the sense of the object/piece being just another ordinary item and see the aesthetic in the detail/creation of...
  16. Thank you, racer4four. I'm glad you like them.
  17. Thanks, SEAN68!
  18. Would you happen to have links or pics of some that are not cast so that I can get familiar with this aspect of vases like these.
  19. TubeAmp, you might be right, although, most things I've seen from them have the full name and not just the initials.
  20. Thanks, TubeAmp. I didn't realize that just by changing the word carriage to stagecoach would give me better results. Anything on the initials, though?
  21. Very nice piece.
  22. racer4four, I got into collecting a couple of years ago when my parents coming from the local thrift shop brought back some nice looking items that they got for a cheap price. So, I figured one day I'...
  23. Yes, I agree that this yellow one closely resembles mine.
  24. racer4four, yes, another person on this site referred me to Gotheburg. I usually don't find the entire answers to what I'm looking for there. Fortunately, I came to find out about this site by follo...
  25. fionablack, thank you. I'm glad you like it.
  26. Wow!! This is one beautiful bowl.
  27. Jewels, thank you. I will look her up and see what else I can find on this artist. If you say they depict the four seasons then I must be missing one of them. I would really like to complete the set, ...
  28. Thanks, SEAN68!
  29. Yes, I do see the resemblance in these pics.
  30. PatSea, I never would have guessed it was a ginger jar. Thank you. Now that I search for it under this term I see all the similar style pieces.
  31. TallCakes, Maybe? When I acquired this it used to be used as a flower vase. It had a bit of dirt in it, but I've cleaned it since.
  32. Jewels, I'll run with your lead and see what else I find. Thanks a bunch.
  33. Never disregard what is a treasure to your eyes. Lovely piece.
  34. wonderful painting!
  35. You might be right. I see similar types of glass when I searched in images. Thanks aghcollect.
  36. Jim, you were right. I googled Fuku Edo and I found this link to a piece on Etsy that shows the same mark. This is the link
  37. kyratango, what would I use to scratch the piece. Nail? Piece of metal? A diamond? I mean without damaging it.
  38. Jim, hello again. Yes, I am familiar with the Gotheborg website, but I never find most of the seals or marks of the pieces I own.
  39. The material of this bowl is ceramic.
  40. The figures I have seem to be made out of a red mud or so it seems. The dark brownish color might be due to when they put mud in heat to harden. Maybe?
  41. Thanks, Jim. You are of absolute great help in my research to finding out more about the items in my collection.
  42. Jim, sorry about the quality of the pics. I am using an old camera and the lighting in my house is not good for picture taking. I'll probably re-submit better quality pics of all my items in the futur...
  43. Jim, thanks for your knowledge on this. I would have never guessed anything close to this. I did google "Chinese scroll weights" and now I see the similarity. Again, thanks a bunch.
  44. racer4four, no the ring around the box is sort of like a dark amber or onyx. It is translucent somewhat if you hold it up to the light. The metal part looks like silver and all the other stones are se...
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