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Lebanon, Missouri

Married for almost 27 years with one daughter and a grandson and granddaughter. love antiquing and the hunt.


  1. Looks like pic of a Spanish mission. Maybe California or Mexico?
  2. I guess there isn't anything on the bottom? Is it carved from one piece?
  3. These are beautiful. Be sure to post the cabinet if you ever get it built. Thanks for sharing. I love to recycle things like this.
  4. I would think the picture of the black woman would help you date it. Rubylane.com has one for sale for $275 in green. http://www.rubylane.com/item/663526-FR023/Vintage-Bakers-Delight-Baking-Powder
  5. I believe the "sifter" item is actually what they used in canning to strain out the pulp or seeds or whatever when pouring the juice into the canning jars. Maybe not. The other one, I have no idea. Th...
  6. I found in the Metlox Potteries Iden. & values book by Carl Gibbs Jr., page 196, shows pattern Pescado, spanish for fish, this cookie jar came in solid colors and P 073 Rose was produced in 1988. It a...
  7. Adding that the whole group of these were from old tv shows. note the handle was supposed to represent the antenna.
  8. These came out in the 90's i believe. I bought one for my daughter to carry as a purse(a phase she was going thru). I think the one we got for her was "The Brady Bunch". Great reproduction pieces thou...
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