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Kitchen Cleansers - Kitchenin Kitchen
Ames motorcycle horn - Motorcyclesin Motorcycles
Burley and Bright Tobacco variations - Tobaccianain Tobacciana
The can that started my interest - Advertisingin Advertising
It IS Mickey - Dollsin Dolls
My favorite oil can, with memories - Petrolianain Petroliana
Some people's passion! - Signsin Signs
Very large shortening can & porcelain tobacco sign - Advertisingin Advertising
Some of my collection - Signsin Signs
Hubley No. 404 1934 Ford Three window Coupe - Model Carsin Model Cars


  1. These designs have enduring appeal. The red circle of Lucky Strike is instantly recognizable to those of a certain age. The flat cigarette tin should also be in this photo. I have a couple of them, I ...
  2. I can't say for sure it is from a motorcycle, but about 20 years ago I had another horn in the same configuration and it was a Harley Davidson.
  3. Thank you jameyrd, stonesfan 1, officialfuel, and EJW-54
  4. Thanks Mani and Kerry, it is awesome to have folks like you out there who so readily chime in with their expertise.
  5. Thank you Manikin, my Mickey is a keeper.
  6. I've never looked before, but it does say"Walt Disney PACO The Sun Rubber Co. Barberton O USA and above those lines is the number 48. I'm in the dark here, can you tell me anything about it?...
  7. Boy do I covet that fine Mobilgas sign. It is in beautiful condition, showing use but no serious damage--the very best kind of example in my mind.
  8. Great find Chevy59, the litho is really good.
  9. Yes, the clock works and has four 7 watt light bulbs inside to illuminate it. A good find at a yard sale. Thanks for the interest Mikie. I'll put up one of my favorite oil cans in a while.
  10. Trunkman, You are right about the spelling, I got in a hurry and my fingers stray. Thanks for loving the barrel, it is very special to me.
  11. The Dodge barrel is a vintage promotional bank sitting next to an Ertl 1936 Dodge humpback commercial delivery.
  12. Thanks for you interest. The Dodge barrel was promotional item. A bank to accumulate your savings when you buy a Dodge. It say: "Save six baarels of gay a year with Dodge". I will post a close up p...
  13. Outstanding truck! I especially like all the details. Judging from the verticality of the rear of the cab where the door would be hinged and the angled line below the windshield post, this was fashion...
  14. Dr_Rambow was first and indeed correct that this model is a "Crusader" made by Wyandotte, but not as distinguished from the P-38. So now I need to change title/designation of my photo. The link prov...
  15. Well, thanks to Flanker, the real story behind this model is revealed. I have always been enamored of "orphan" automobiles , like the Kaiser and the Tucker, I even own a Dodges Brothers. Now my Shelt...
  16. Thank you Dr.-Rambow for identifying my P-38 as a Wyandotte Toy. Further on line research indicates a value of between 100 and $200. That's nice, but it is well worth while just having a remnant of...
  17. Dr_Rambow correctly identified this ambulance made by the Arcade Mfg. Co. Thanks
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1920's toy  fire engine 1946 Mobilgas Pump Sign 1940 Louis Marx Superman Rollover Plane Wind-Up Toy With Original Box... Marx Tin-Litho Lazy Day Farms Truck '30s Marx reversible coupe help me id this Kilgore cast iron train, small scale. 
Joustra French tin wind up, complicated mechanism. What is it? Hubley wrecker


Dodge Dealership Neon Sign Marx and Wyandotte Tin