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Love at first sight - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
Unusal Waltham PW from Overseas - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches
Artisan made 14kt Diamond & Emerald Ring - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Scarce 10oz Engelhard Tall E, P series - Goldin Gold
A Shousan stone figure - Asianin Asian
Mystical Chinese Pixiu Jade Carving - Asianin Asian
Nice Seiko Mod pilot & diver watch - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
Large Jadeite Jade Monkey and Peaches Carving - Asianin Asian
Period Silver & Jadeite jade  Necklace  - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Hamilton 992 Special,Grail Watch - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches


  1. There is one other important thing about this watch that no one has noticed. This watch is pendant wind and pendant set. Some members of NAWCC says all wind indicators are lever set. I am having wat...
  2. I certainly appreciate your love for this timepiece. Happy to say no franken ,all original.
  3. Once again I feel the love,thanks everyone. I forgot I love this PW for the silver case made by ALD (Aaron Lufkin Dennison) a member of the early Waltham Watch Co. Wonderful history!!!
  4. Thanks everyone who showed love to this gine timepiece, very much appreciated.
  5. I thank everyone for the love and appreciation, beautiful forum and people.
  6. Nice watch it should be an daily wearer when fixed. I am a big Bulova dive watch guy to and I will post a few soon. Put me down for LOVE IT.
  7. Thanks for showing love to this vintage peice of American history.
  8. Thanks for viewing and your love
  9. I thank everyone for the love appreciation.
  10. Hi ho2cultcha Just looked up shousan stone and I can't tell the difference between shosan and jade. However I do have a piece that is shousan stone. I will post that shortly.
  11. Thanks for the love firstly, and a new search for shou stone. Thx Ho2cultcha and Kwqd
  12. I appreciate the love shown to this well formed hybrid timepiece.
  13. The way things are now it will be a while to let anyone see these items. I thank you again for your interest and information. When I do get an appraisal I will be sure to inform you and the communit...
  14. Thanks for the information I will do more research on them
  15. Thank everyone for the love,I guess I'll keep buying these items,they are neat.
  16. Thanks for the luv,always looking only buying what I like.
  17. Thank you all for the love and appreciation of this timepiece. Old timepieces has history,beauty, & technology which is tresured today.
  18. Sleeping baby said thanks for the love,its time to go back to sleep,night night.
  19. Thanks for showing your love of this item,very much appreciated.
  20. Hi Broochman,it is a gas driving these British machines. Maybe not the fastest on the road but oh so much fun. Cheers
  21. I appreciate the love for these item unfortunately what once was abundant is now an Easter egg hunt, getting harder find.
  22. Ok ho2cultcha I will show the base.
  23. Thanks for looking and the love,I have to do something with them,any suggestions?
  24. Add character.
  25. I thank all the lovers out there,we need more of it.
  26. Hello Blunderbuss Do you know what it is?
  27. I do appreciate the love given about this brooch. My wife said she'll look other treasures now.
  28. After much eye stain and 30 power loupe I can find no other noticeable identification.
  29. Hello Efesgirl, the only mark I can make out is 925 sterling silver mark. My eyes are not what they use to be, there could be something else there.
  30. Thanks for the information beyemvey and the love for all, this vase very tall and the light from day just made me get it.
  31. I have not seen many of these religaury item made with jeweled emblishment,but I understand that Nuns of some orders use to make these vessels more elaborate by adding precious or semi precious stones...
  32. Thanks for the love RACER4FOUR,I usually sell off some item I acquire but this artifact should be respected for its content and religious standing.
  33. Much appreciation Kyratango,every piece of information is needed to get some resolution.
  34. Thank you AdeleC for your input and the love shown from everyone. It drives me crazy when there's no straight answer.
  35. Thanks for veiwing,my wife now is out looking for more vintage furniture,I guess I have to work more overtime.
  36. I suggest you get an furniture appraiser to look at your item,make sure to tell them it's not for sale to get honest appraisal.
  37. I think my wife paid $400
  38. Thanks to every one viewing this clock,your love very appreciated.
  39. I can take a hint,the WINNER,ok I'll get it for the right price (hope they din't see this).
  40. Well blunderbuss2 what say you or the rest of the clocks admirers should I buy or should I go ? I guess the price matters huh.
  41. I think it's on Guam (?)
  42. Many thanks crazycharacter,it was on the tip of my tongue (Not !!!).
  43. I do thank everyone who has shown love to this posting but I need help in identifying the case maker. I had the reference book on cases but can't find it now. Does anyone have knowledge on this subj...
  44. Thanks very much for looking at and appreciating this treasures from the past. Simply mind blowing the craftsmanship and beauty of American timepieces history.
  45. Thanks for the love it very much appreciated.
  46. Thanks for your viewing and the love,I'm running into watches every day.
  47. Thanks for the love from everyone,it will be worn very soon!
  48. I appreciate all the love received form everyone.
  49. Thank you Gillian,it is wonderful.
  50. Very nice ,grew up on Marvel,Stan Lee,and Jack Kirby. Maximus Rex!
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Large Japanese Porcelain Hibachi -  Tachibana-yaki OVER THE TOP 18KT ANGEL SKIN CORAL RING