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insulator or ashtray - Glasswarein Glassware
unknown lighter - Tobaccianain Tobacciana


  1. very nice collection I to have one of them ashtrays which I to thought was an insulator took years then I put it on the internet that's how I found the true name and usage its the same color also
  2. thanks everybody for helping to id this item sure had me fooled
  3. very nice collection especially the ashtray on wich i really believed from the1970 to now that i had an insulator that i found nailed to a pole an didnt believe it was an ashtray since i worked with ...
  4. very good information sure had me fooled as someone nailed it to the post and had wire hanging on it i have not seen one ever and nobody in upstate ny has thats what had us fooled thanks everybody at ...
  5. went to ebay as your link exact one except the center has the lady mine has the flying lady and cannons thanks again now i have an idea what and when it was made and mine is the same design lighter ...
  6. cool thanks a very lot now i am sure when it was made and found someone that has seen one other than just me as you know when you take an item to an antique dealer sometimes they missinform about item...
  7. thank you very much i am learning didnt have a clue i cant seem to find a similar one like this its still a neat item
  8. thanks for the info i will have to research more i thought that matches were but i did a search and the lighter was in the u.s. by 1860s so thats what made me think civil war era and i also have been ...
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