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Vintage Art Textured Glass Candleholder or wine glass - Art Glassin Art Glass
Man leaning on post sculpture - Figurinesin Figurines
Oriental 3 Snuff Bottle Silver Encased Bracelet - Asianin Asian
Oriental White Vase with Art Scene in Black and White - Potteryin Pottery
5"Salt Glazed Stoneware Jug - Potteryin Pottery
White with blue designs Crackle Pot - Potteryin Pottery
Pottery Bowl - Potteryin Pottery
13"Majolica Planter - Potteryin Pottery
Chair - Furniturein Furniture
Interesting glass vase - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. You know watchsearcher I had those thoughts as well, so your input is beautiful. It makes it more than an admired object. I think he is beautiful and thank you for your thoughtful comment.
  2. Valentino thank you for that tip. I just saw your comment, for some reason it went to the spam. Again thank you.
  3. Thank you Valentino. If you come across more info or see something like this let me. I am stuck in finding anything on Google on this. I have thought of appraisal but not sure if it would be of much v...
  4. This is what I found out on my Saki bottle from the Japanese ID Facebook site: This Tamajiman sake is the brand name of the Ishikawa Brewery in Tokyo (in western Tokyo, Fussa City along the Tamagawa R...
  5. Thank you Gillian. You know I kept looking after I posted and concluded as well that it may be a Saki bottle, so now looking for this type.
  6. Wow thanks Mary, you definately saw what I did not. Glad you liked it.
  7. That is lovely
  8. Thanks and Happy New Year to you.
  9. Thanks. Same to you Newfld and thanks for the love. Hopefully someone can get me started on a trail. Enjoy.
  10. Sorry, just got back to forum. Thank you for that info. I actually contacted his daughter who is carrying on his legacy and she confirmed it is not one of his works so I am yet searching. Thank you so...
  11. I believe this to be some parts to a Brazalian Penca Banglandan Piece. Thanks for all the loves.
  12. Hi, this is beautiful. It is similar to Karl Paldo Czech Bohemian glass as for as the pattern and colors, check that area.
  13. Hi. This is lovely, saw one similar at https://picclick.com/Vintage-Antique-Chinese-Nude-Topless-Woman-Ceramic-Porcelain-391899454217.html
  14. Thanks for the loves
  15. It is Tasca-Nove Italia. Thanks
  16. HI. I saw one similar-http://www.onlinegalleries.com/art-and-antiques/detail/unusual-antique-miniature-japanese-cloisonne-vase/335736
  17. Oh yes, yard sale in Texas. Thank you for the like. I am just trying to put some history to it. I try about once or twice a year but then I found this site which is such a great source and tool to sha...
  18. Thanks for the loves.
  19. Thanks for the loves.
  20. I have one of these. mine is black with a brown speckle on the bottom. I too have been clueless. Thought it was Murano but it does'nt fit their design. Love yours.
  21. This is so beautiful and lovely. I would love this. I thought it was the famous glass works. Love it.
  22. Thank you so much.It is good to know the history of these items. I love art and I know so many are not recognized, yet I will be glad to show it off on my shelf, again thank you. Mystery solved.
  23. This piece is beautiful. I have been looking for a special religious piece for a while now. I hope I can find one like this. I really love it.
  24. Yes indeed, this is a special find. Love it.
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posted 12 years ago