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I am 31, married with one 5 year old son, and VERY new to collecting vintage things.


Globe brand 24k gold plated dixie cup dispenser  
1935 silver certificate  - US Paper Moneyin US Paper Money
Wooden box for silverware  - Silverin Silver
Mixed silver collection  - Kitchenin Kitchen
Green miniature oil lamp - Lampsin Lamps
L & L WMC pedestal ashtray  - Glasswarein Glassware
Ladies of A Cameo Creation  - Fine Artin Fine Art
 round blue hinged trinket box with floral print  
Mystery Perfume Bottle!  - Bottlesin Bottles


  1. Any input is appreciated, by the way.
  2. I just read up on it. Pretty sure it's plastic though.
  3. How would I go about testing that?
  4. They are original prints by "A Cameo Creation" I have no idea their date. They are not worth much, I just got them to have for myself.
  5. WM Rogers Mfg. Co. The IS is International Silver
  6. thanks! i will check it out right now
  7. antiquerose, i like yours. (I do marketing for attorneys and that would be a cool piece to have at the front desk!)
  8. Unfortunately, mine isnt alabaster, but some form of plastic. I am sure it cant be worth much, it was just a cute find. These are closer what I have: http://wanelo.com/p/11102746/vintage-white-trin...
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Anyone help with this please. Marshall-Field & Co. Top Hat Case and Beaver Silk Top Hat Illusions perfume bottle, Italy Moser perfume bottle with matching box Murano caines perfume love potion bottle Perfume Bottles


Brass & Crystals --  SCALES OF JUSTICE Vintage Perfume Bottle Help With Florel France Scent / Perfume Bottle Vintage Perfume Bottle with Stand