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  1. Most have something written on the bottom this does not!
  2. Thank you so much!
  3. I did not see your post until today! Thank you so much! The picture is identical to the one you posted. I can also not make out the last word no matter how I try, Funny my Dad went to school in Ne...
  4. Vynil33rpm Shocking right? No one has any ideas?
  5. kwqd thank you!
  6. No ideas?
  7. Thank you!
  8. apostata - I sometimes question my googling skills. I have made mistakes in the past giving away things that were valuable. I am going to keep the plate but like to know more about it
  9. Thank you! I couldnt get into justanswer when I was researching! Thank you for your anwer. That makes sense because what I googled under Alice looked different.
  10. fhrjr2, thank you I have so many larger ones without names!!
  11. Gillian - thank you! Mr. Micawber and Fat Boy
  12. fhrjr2 I am trying to figure out who they are! The newer ones have names
  13. Dav2noi I think that it is the large size and that it’s a Ford roadster? Is that correct
  14. Genius is something I am not :)
  15. Thank you so much for the interesting explanation. These are questions which I wish I had asked my mother about but did not. My grandmother was a poor immigrant and not flashy in any way shape or for...
  16. Thanks! I remember from growing up who she was but just checking. The woman who died made beautiful clothes for these dolls and I do not know who would want them :(
  17. Thanks so much! That is what I thought (my mom has some authentic ones) I want to donate or give away but would like to have an idea before I do
  18. Thank you, I am trying to figure out her life story
  19. thank you! They did, I was appalled! Someone lovingly donated it to Housing works in NYC and it was not even unwrapped. We try to highlight stores and cahrities that do this! I now have a lovely s...
  20. Thanks all, I am so afraid to use them just incase they are valuable :)
  21. love John Barleycorn
  22. My mom was a collector and I have this one!
  23. Does anyone have a clue?
  24. Gillian - thanks so much. I looked but I guess I didnt do a good enough job. It is one of my favorites
  25. Thank you!
  26. Thank you - there is no number on the bezel. I would love to get a new band for it! It is engraved on the back so I am trying to figure out who the original owner in my aunts family was. I think it ...
  27. I love this, thanks for posting! I have about 50 from my childhood!
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Sherman rhinestone brooch in Art Deco style Vintage copper ashtray or pin tray with bear design Hudson Bay Blanket ???? Wool Blanket 4-Point Hudson's Bay Company Blanket Christmas Trifari Philippe swirl brooch Saji Fancy China Made in Japan oversized teacup Marx Disneykins Peter Pan With Box 1961


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