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White jade thumb ring with characters from different generationsby Jegan
Old Buddha candle holderby Jtw1313
Japanese Scroll painting"Japanese Koi"Mid 20 Centuryby Alan2310
Bull Paintingby Midnight1208
Unexpected findby Rosie0323
Asian Lady Wall Maskby Junkman60
Lady with a roseby dixinla…
Plate with Chinese symbolsby katheri…
my favorite figurineby sourgrapes
Kutani sake cups of 7 Lucky Gods and bronze Geishaby toracat
Unknown origin wood carved figurinesby dixinla…
Korean war era itemby koreanmatt
Oriental bowl 6070 fby robin56
Primitive ? Asian redware lidded bowl triangle signed character mark by mustangs4us
Chinese? Vaseby robin56
Fairly clean Early Nippon Imperial Vase, very bright colorsby davekelejian
Japanese metal vaseby billypi…
Vintage Japanese Sankyo music boxby Vintage…
Pottery trinket box - ovalby Kiddche…
A RECENT FINDby Mudwoman
12" Oriental ceramicVaseby Perransue
A Buddha Statueby Truman
Estate sale find. by Srecz
Vintage Nippon by Collect…
Small cloisonné vaseby Jjsunny
Greenish Brown Ceramic Flaskby Midnight1208
Japanese vaseby Dadstreasures
Japanese Boxby ho2cult…
Asian Jade Carving ??"Crow & Crane"Early 20 Centuryby Alan2310
Head-Statue Bust ?by michaelr.g.1
asian statue-woodenby sourgrapes
Inlaid metal japanese vase circa 1930ishby alanhowie
Japanese stoneware?by Dadstreasures
Asian elephants (a pair of)by Angie02
Beautiful large Asian bottle vaseby Vintage…
Another combination of mismatched ho2cult…
Ming Blanc de Chine Kwanyin!by ho2cult…
Chinese Blue Bowl with gold painted designby SuzyA49
 Jian hare’s fur teabowl by Behrinm…
Asian original painting signed on paperby Pat_Fun
Asian tiny pair signed porcelain blue white jugsby Pat_Fun
Indian Wood Carving?by queenzod
Asian rice chestby mabelle
Chinese porcelainby Truman
History Please !by woodie101
ASIAN VASEby antique…
Mystery trivetby SparksGinny
Antique wall panelby SparksGinny
Japanese Porcelain Inkwellby vivians…
Snuff bottle Cloisonné by Mrstyndall
Can someone help me describe this oriental piece of art made  folded fabric figures with paper shoes and real hair. by dilaw
woven Chinese ceramic lidded potby nealgeyer
Two sided Chinese Lacqueur panelby guss
Asian Cloisonne Enamel Censer, early 1900by Alan2310
Mouldy food bowl/vase????by Ceci
Family Mysteryby stringbean
Help with vintage Chinese silk rugby Gaspumpjeff
Japanese???by Ceci
Japanese Vase??by Ceci
Very old potby Ceci
Signed potby Ceci
Happy little Ceci
Large Green Ginger Jarby ho2cult…
Asian Bronze Censer or other Vesselby luvintage
colorful lidded basket... can someone id this?by lutk78
chinese art deco rugby guss
satsuma vase ?,who made it and scavengeking
Is this what I think it is?by avilajd
Old Japanese/Chinese plateby vondrys
Little Jade bangleby Ceci
White jadeby Ceci
Jade buddhaby Ceci
clay vase with dragonsby RAW
JADE PIGby maryleavitt
Haven't a clueby Junie35
Oriental Lotus Shape Xianfeng Bowl, circa 1851-61by Masterp…
Can anyone give me any information about these?by Genna2016
Chinese Nesting tablesby guss
Antique chinese carved wood statueby Situational…
Small Japanese Vase - Kutani?by ho2cult…
Old Asian Bookends by mssue64
Very Large, Blue Footed Bowl - Awaji!by ho2cult…
Chinese or Korean? Standing Figure With Sword, Tall Hatby margiecuth
Ming Dynasty Bowls by billypi…
Japanese Artby bethanne1130
Brass Dragon Vaseby Siciliantau…
Chinese New Year, Year of Monkey!   Carved stone of some kind in cloth covered wood box with ivory claspby toracat
Satsuma saucer?by katheri…
Huge Satsuma Eggby CherDen
Japanese screen panel artworkby Jtw1313
Asian Chinese Japanese Painting Gold Paperby candiceewert
Late Yuan or Early Ming Dynasty Jarby vivians…
Chinese Vaseby SusieB
The dragon swordby confusedpai…
Info on these plates please by Sidde1234
Can anyone read Chinese? by Sidde1234
High relief Asian Potteryby Midnight1208
Chinese bamboo book in Rosewood presentation boxby ldcbcr
Chinese Blind or Forbidden Stitch on Silkby wexval
Spectacular Black & White Chinese Export Brass Walled Enamel Cloisonne Ginger Jar PAIRby Celiene
Blue and White Minature Porcelain vaseby Midnight1208
Chinese Figurines by BrookePender
Asian Tureen by LovelyPat
bronze figurinesby betrimon
Pair of Chinese cloisonne vasesby LuluX
Asian rice storage binby mabelle
Tibetan gau box?by guss
Antique Eggshell Porcelain Beaded Tea Cupby izzysat…
Detailed Carved Fish Snuff Bottleby BRussel
Asian paintings by billypi…
JADE PILLOWSby antique…
Very cool old vase thats been turned into a lamp, 3D Birds HELP ME!by davekelejian
Asian Vase by Sean1968
CHINESE  GIFTby antique…
chinese scrollsby mick
Please help brass ewer age origin name???by pfulton
Small Red Pot by Iras
Old Chinese Porcelain Spoonby ho2cult…
Antique Chinese Bronze Censerby leonablazek
someone tell me what era this is fromby niclavi68
Any information on this cup appreciatedby katheri…
Antique or Vintage  Chinese or Korean Chestby margiecuth
Mystery Hutchby Debbie97439
Japanese 12" Satsuma Export Ware Vase / Late Meiji-Early Showa Period  /Circa 1890-1920'sby mikelv85
Nice little Chinese pewter tea SusieB
Shou lao figurine carved woodby Zephead
Chinese ginger jarby AuntMolly
Jardiniereby melaniej
Husbands neat thrift store findby sarahoff
A huge Clamshell with a dragon in ho2cult…
Vintage Hand Painted Plate From Japan With Raised Design- Imari?by margiecuth
Antique or Vintage Japanese Decorated Brass Sake Containerby margiecuth
Japanese miniature helmets WWII sake cupsby Behrinm…
Peacock Vase Chinese/Japanese?? with unidentifiable backstampby pettosmama
Large stoneware Shino Glaze bowl. Wood fired. Artist's name?by HigherL…
Okimono of the Meiji period. Artist's name? by HigherL…
Meiji era? Chinese plateby robin56
Chinese Boys w/Firecrackers Silk Embroidery On Silk - Type of Needlework?by Celiene
Oriental black lacquer  mini screen mother of pearl peacocks? by robin56
Oriental Horsemanby JodyLee
Cast Iron Panda Bear Vaseby JodyLee
Asian Collectables, Made in Japan,(red letter)by Velvet
Vase - bamboo designby Iras
Possible Satsuma Vase?by SusieB
On a VERY old vase mark but what is it? Thx!by MavisT
Strange Hand Painted Japanese Porcelain Bowl by Msriss86
Beautiful asian vaseby robin56
Wood and Ivory inlaid picture in frame  by Udodebch
India brass mortar and pestleby robin56
India brass paperweightby robin56
Unknown treasureby Souefy
Chinese Export Porcelain Yellow Ware Jar w/Applied & Painted Plum Blossoms & Single Butterflyby Celiene
 Rattan weave vaseby lilman
Chinese embroidered tapestry purchased by my mother in China in the 70s. Silk with animal hair and metal beadsby cuira
Vase from very unique estate auctionby willada
God Shiva on his Bullby melaniej
Chicken Vaseby DeniseA
Cherry/Ruby Red glass vase with glazed under floral motif. White insideby charonhades
Family vase made in Japanby smartmcs
Prunus vase, tall with unusual lid.  What do I have here?by SusieB
Wise man, solid marble. Confucius? 175 pounds made in taiwanby Ambrosia114
Pagoda/shrine??by HDay
brass set wanting to know country they were made by Delwyn
Vintage chinese silk ladies AuntMolly
Maruni "Special" Mother of Pearl Inlay Metal Base Vase *Japan*by Gdhiker
Primitive indian potteryby Clavra
Chinese tea potby AuntMolly
Asian Jar/vase?? with lidby saraj
Geisha Statue 26cm height, teak wood stand and glass case,circa 1880sby jsother
Chinese snuff bottleby katheri…
Wooden asian woman carrying fruitby Sarahsthings
Japanese Vase/oil lamp/Electricby Lynpet
Vintage ginger jarby AuntMolly
Chinese Doctor's Ladyby dr.sideshow
Foo Dog Boy - California Styleby ho2cult…
Japanese theatre dolls by Jtw1313
Asian Geisha Girls Ginger Jarby rpn123321
WWII-era Tea Set, bought in Pusan, Koreaby drekab
18th century cup by AuntMolly
Oriental Silk Tapestry  Oriental Figures With Real Hair (Animal Hair) Beardsby vintage…
Your advice Vaughan44
Antique Chinese bowl  by AuntMolly
18th century cupby AuntMolly
Large Porcelain Buddhaby ho2cult…
Op shop find with no markings, but very oldby leedee
Vintage Japanese Woodblock Print by lambertkh
Signed Asian Water Color Chinese/Japaneseby mssue64
Three Vintage Japanese Paintingsby LuluX
Jade Statue with Box by Bobanndog
Antique Brass Oil Lampby vitruvio
Chinese Figurine w/ Wood Baseby TrudiCa…
my favorite india personal ash trayby kenneth…
My grandmother's Japanese ladyby Mamakat2467
Back to hunting the second hand melaniej
Unknown pieceby millerca
Laquered and Gilded Wooden Stands from Japan or China?by ho2cult…
Chinese Glass Display Boxby ho2cult…
Beautiful Sake Cupby ho2cult…
Hakata doll original eating rice by Mbranham23
Vintage Ancient Hand Carved Hindu Temple Art Type Two Head in Single Wood Slab Pole Sculpture Figureby Cl-ant
Japenseby Cristy
Craqueleur Ribbed Bowlby ho2cult…
Ishinomaki Kokeshi by Soulpor…
Woodblock Print of... In a Temple Tanni
Japanese Statue of old man carrying two buckets of water 1930s-early40s by harley9883
Hand Carved Buddha? Smoking Pipeby CindyR
Green stone hand carved Vietmanese Buddha got from father early 1970by Youcooking
Japanese byobu by Tanni
A Christmas Collect…
Japanese Satsuma Vase - 19th Century? - Post IIby BHock45
Japanese Satsuma Vase - 19th Century? - Post Iby BHock45
Unknown Chinese? Hillbil…
Bronze painted Japanese/Chinese bust by Jtw1313
Pichwai of Lord Krishna by melaniej
Snuff bottlesby Elizabeth5
Snuff bottlesby Elizabeth5
Snuff bottlesby Elizabeth5
Unknown Mark on Bottom of This Oriental Vase by candiceewert
Awesome RARE Japanese Meiji-era KUTANI Dove - Markedby Stillwa…
LiuliGongFang - Ruyi of Contentment An Auspicious and Content Cloudby Nicefice
Original Chinese Art Scroll Book ... Antique?by LayManO…
Japanese/Chinese vasesby Jentay71
this is one of my glas cabinet itemsby aura
Antique Chinese silver and enamel dragon clasp ???by Westside66
Antique Japanese Ivory Monkey Face Buttons ???by Westside66
Trying to find out who the creator is - this item is signed in Japaneseby AB95117
Puppet/Marionette by Witchedwick
Can't identify mark on these Asian Statuesby eatonsa
Large Japanese [?] Bowlby ho2cult…
Tek Sing Rice Bowlby elanski
Thailand Siam Glazed Pottery 2 Green Vasesby the.kin…
Asian China Chinese Blue & White Bowl with Markby the.kin…
Vintage Antique Tibetan Sacred Amulet Brass and Coral Locket Pendant Necklaceby Cl-ant
Vintage Ancient Mughal Broken Silver Relic Taweez Locket Pendantby Cl-ant
antique Indochine scholar kyratango
More Japanese Art Pottery Cup & Saucerby Nanny
Beautiful Enamel Teapot With Floral Designby Rhondalstet…
didnt realise she had aa partnerby xintol
Chinese Majolica Fountain? Fish Bowl?by ho2cult…
Antique Chinese Carved Natural Red Coral Bead 14k Necklace by Moonsto…
2 pairs of chinese vase - unknown periodby Louis-Charles
Chinese Dragon Bowlby ho2cult…
interesting papered wooden boxby ho2cult…
Do You know this signature?by Moonlit…
I have just started collecting. Can anyone tell me about this Caton
Asian Painting on Silk by LovelyPat
Mystery Japanese vaseby CeeBoomer
Brass Locking Device - Japanese or Chineseby Valka
Majolica maybeby season
Chinese Cabinet from Singaporeby carolines
Anyone know anything about this Nanantiques
Mongolian bow and arrow in a 75x38 inch frameby djscience
Asian statue ? religious? Bronze?by antiquecity…
unknown jar - helpby antiquecity…
Lacquer bowlsby alliececile
Large carved pottery vaseby alliececile
Chinese...Japanese???by alliececile
Umbrella standby alliececile
Chinese Blanc de Chine vaseby alliececile
Ancient Chinese Lampsby Buffy14
A WaterColor Ink Block Samurai by LovelyPat
japanese eggshell porcelaine cups and saucersby getthat…
Teak wood welcoming womanby suey1922
old Chinese coinby saranj
Shibayama  rouge kyratango
My beautiful Kutani vaseby racer4f…
mysterie plate by aura
4 Glazed tea cupsby lkjhasdf7
Story of Persepolis (Iran) antique hammered copper urnby aehudsons
Chinese stone carved Buddha by aehudsons
Beautiful Oriental Vaseby TreasureHun…
Japanese cup of some sortby katheri…
Covered Peach Boxby ho2cult…
Yixing Look-Alike?by ho2cult…
japanese fans signed ?? are they vintage or Modern by limeyshak
Hello I would like to know the pattern of this handmade Chinese setby thinginmind
Tea time from time gone Collect…
Believed to be Ink Pot ?by orlando…
Oriental wooden hand engraved heat fan by ry23illiams
asian cups with lady's face in bottomby robin56
Early 20th century Shiwan Ware Guanyin with Urnby ho2cult…
Tall Bonsai Pot with Calligraphyby ho2cult…
Nice teapot from Japanby Jmiles135
2 kokeshi dolls on WOOD BASE and REAL TREE branch paper leavesby barktunes
 Signed Sitting Hotei Happy Buddha Statue bone/ resin  ???by limeyshak
Jade Japanese statue…. 12” highby Sepdave
Large Asian (Chinese) Teapotby DecoVoo
chinese calligrapher's water potby getthat…
Awaji Bowlby ho2cult…
Japanese SATSUMA Saucer, unknown, MFG, Or Year/Style it isby mikeigo…
Antique Chinese Barrettes Silver Enamel Hair Ornamentby Peaseje…
Japanese Peacock Vaseby Caperkid
Snuff Bottle 2by Caperkid
Daikokuten wood statue rare three headedby Manofsteel85
oriental shallow dishby surfdub66
Oriental vase?by miller8044
Hand Carved Dragon Chess Boardby kwik2get
My interesting find but what's it made of?by Kuznlori
Chinese brass vase by Chavarin
Kutani Kinkozan porcelain vaseby Sandee3434
Anyone know what this is?by Queenlimpsa…
Heavy 6" Spinach Green Stone Foo Dog / Unknown Maker and Ageby mikelv85
Hindu temple hand madeby Noodledoo
Antique Chinese Cloisonne Vase - Impressed mark CHINAby rucklcz…
Marble Buddha sitting on lionby PATRICKB
Wood peacock alliececile
yellow peking glass vase and red painted window vaseby jenconvery
Antique Meji Period / Kutani Crane Teapotby JoyceC.
Asian woodblock print / watercolorby lindakp…
Chairman Mao Poem cups and saucersby moji
Unusual vintage Chinese pewter (tin) sculptureby uki99
Gold Bracelet With Swastika And Large Rhinestone by stwilli…
chinese lotus shoesby getthat…
Goodwill tea set find - #asian #porcelain #imprinted #imported very #detailed #beautiful Japanese #teasetby liventr…
New York Gallery Society 1950s/60s Gold Leaf Repro Painting (not print) of 17th century Japanese kano momoyama namban "Portugesby liventr…
Chinese teapot from the Silk Roadby RichardV.Sh…
Chinese Pottery Bowlby Vintageole
Tripod censerby Boshevski
Vase bronze loisonné enamelby Boshevski
Missouriby Janiecleo
Indonesian wicker basket with wooden frog Vintage…
NYGS 1950s repro of 17th century japanese kano momoyama on gold leafby chazclaw
Asian tall floor caseby Evelynon
Lotus Vase with S on Bottomby kristinmath…
Foo Dogs, Ceramic, marks?by East2West
8" Japanese Meiji Art Pottery Vase with Silver (Plate) Basket Weave Overlay /Circa 1900-1912 (20 ?)by mikelv85
Kutani Japan Vase    Help!  Any info needed!by Julzee
Asian Toile Lamp?by GLSIllinois
Japanese shallow bowl trees by billypi…
Asian Paintingsby Ellue
brass walking stickby lovesvintag…
Mystery Chinese/Japanese metal vase set/pairby Cody_Sierra
19" Japanese Woman made of Ivoryby Rcarter344
Tibetan Boy- Goray Douglasby chimo13
Oriental Mosaic?by LuluX
Japanese Vaseby Ceejayholt
Large Asian vase by Ariana
Lovely made in japan teapot setby robin56
Satsuma Garden Seatby melaniej
My Chinese Manby tazza
1955 rare Japanese juggler and clown mechanical toyby Sandyco…
19" tall Asian lady made of Ivory carrying a bowl with a large fishby Rcarter344
Japanese?whatby curiousabout3
Oriental Bronze Floor Vaseby mysterious2
Unusual Cloisonne on Brass Dish - India?by ho2cult…
anyone have any ideasby matt33990
Lacquered Document box with Deer Motifby Earthtrace
What can this be?by Chinagirl123
Any info please by Kamorris2
Early Chinese 20.5” chargerby mlg999
antique Chinese ink and watercolor scroll paintingby lindakp…
Unknown Chinese? Bronze Burner/Censerby yeoldecolle…
Chinese Small bone china "mirrored" pair of pictorial vases by Behrinm…
3-d victorian Very Detailed  hand painted made in Japan wall plateby Stacey522
Japanese or chinese vaseby Rose253
Hand Painted Asian Dresserby gwoolums
Chawan? by ho2cult…
Little bowl imitating micromosaic?by ho2cult…
a pretty little cup w/ a gold repair - imitation kintsugi?by ho2cult…
Hokusai Katsushika Original "100 Views of MT. Fuji"by BRussel
Black Marble Vaseby SAB
Lacqer tray and glasses with fish designby Simwig
Beautiful Hand Painted Floral Asian Plateby AuntieM
Japanese tea setby drwhofan50
Ivory statueby Ticker13
Cloisonne Vase from Japan with Hidden Image of a Birdby ho2cult…
How to identify oriental signatures? Don't even know where to startby Hamish
Japanese plate , circa 1950'sby Horg1285
Box orientalby were
Chinese Ginger Jar with Raised Decorationby ho2cult…
Japanese or Chinese Vaseby ho2cult…
Beautiful Bowl from Urban Ore todayby ho2cult…
oriental boxby starduster1…
Chinese basket. by JPBLamps
Asian Candle Holderby ParsecSam
Kokeshi variations 2by racer4f…
Kokeshi variations 1by racer4f…
Looking for information on these items by Shara
Antique Wooden Hand Carved Chess Setby CindyNewYork
I love bamboo!by ho2cult…
Chinese New Year Celebration Footed Bowlby hotjunk
Stone Carved Chinese Foo Dogby elforbo…
My favourite Japanese plate?by Clareco…
Chinese Bowl???by crazicanuck
Grandmother's Japanese Vase - Moriage?by somenchanted
New findby Jimglong
Buddhist Statue?..need help with Lizr25
Is it an antique or a modern copyby Jimbo49
Oriental vaseby Kaza
What is this? Little urn?by Rach2202
Authentic Japenese Kimonoby acevonjames
Ivory statueby ValerieWest
Chinese Antique Hand-Carved wood filigree figure sculptureby xartspace
STATUES ? BUDDA ? HINDU?by tileman…
What an unusual Findby herbgrower
Amber?by The6thC…
Vintage Clay Shaolin Monk figurine painted with acrylic Karls.c…
1800's Gongby Bcsuperstars
Handpainted Old Japanese Or Chinese Signed Vaseby mssue64
Beautiful Antique Japanese Wall Hanging Mother Of Pearl Woman/Birds/Clouds Signedby mssue64
Imari? Need Help mgagner
Vintage silver Gilt Chinese Bracelet/Bangleby Peaseje…
Need Help Identifiyingby mgagner
Antique Porcelain Hotei(Buddha) Statue 17 1/2" Tall with 7 Childrenby mssue64
Qiangdong Teapot ?by the.kin…
Qianjiang ware vaseby getthat…
Horse and foal, Japanby racer4f…
Pottery zodiac animals from Japanby racer4f…
Pair of samurai figurinesby Pinenut
Buddha maybe by swallace
Old Good Luck Fishby KallyK
Antique Chinese Potteryby sherube
Porcelain Bonsai pot with plaster and metal flowersby tigerch…
Cinnabar Ring /Circa 20th Centuryby mikelv85
Vintage Chinese ginger jar by AuntMolly
My best find at an estate sale Is it Jade or?by widget
antique desk identificationby larrysanmaria
Art Nouveau Style 12 " Nippon Vase /Circa 1890by mikelv85
Vintage Fertility Buddha Karls.c…
Antique Large White Chinese Figure/Statue Wise Man Signedby mssue64
Vintage Asian Painting Market Place/Chinese/Japanese Need ID Nameby mssue64
Silver cloisonne red crowned craneby themuse
Chinese basketsby JPBLamps
Bronze Asian Statue/Figureby RobsRustics
Pearl Panda with baby  Picture by LovelyPat
Oriental shaker MeliG
see through porcelain bowlby billypi…
19th Century (?) Chinese White Jade Okimonoby Stillwa…
HUUUUUGE Chinese Vase - Handpaintedby Stillwa…
Nippon 6" Handled Urn-Vase /Hand Painted Floral and Gilded Moriage Decor /Circa Pre-1890by mikelv85
Dragon incense burner. Jade? Chinaby Untildawn
Asian Chinese dish fish ying yangby Untildawn
Bronze / Iron Foo Lion Dog Vintage Purchased in 1967by FooDog
35-41 Ten Yaunby Mr.P211
Looks old but what is this?by PickerPal
Asian Decorative 16" Plateby riczacdex
Oriental Potby dotevans
Whistling Bird Sake Bottle ?by riczacdex
A Pair of Chinese Vasesby ho2cult…
Japanese Porcelain Ware - Decorated in Hong Kongby ho2cult…
Oriental Dolphins Statue - Japanese? Chinese?by Efesgirl
Chinese Plique a Jour vaseby…
uknowm vesselby busybee
Vintage /antique wooden Buddha by AuntMolly
Japanese Satsuma vaseby…
 ASIAN Vase ?? Flambe Glaze Vase Red Oxblood 18 Century ??by Alex395
Asian Flower Scene with Red Chop Mark,  Signed and Dated.  Any Guesses?by sunnynature22
Beautiful bud vase. Asian marks. Not sure of the makerby Untildawn
made in China mark with H2by Craftydevil
Japanese Black Lacquer and Gilt Ceramic Vase /12.5 " Marked "Made In Japan"/ Circa 20th Centuryby mikelv85
Chinese bowlby AuntMolly
Wong Lee Chinese reproduction cherub vase centrepieceby tigerch…
Asian artby yesterd…
Asian(?) ginger jar/urnby yesterd…
Chinese Scroll Painting, 3/3, Unknown God Of War,Very Old, late 1800,early 1900by Alan2310
Boy in tub figurineby PjsCollection
Chinese vase or ginger boxby chard451
Help with Imari Porcelain ashtray age and Garrymcc
Awesome JAPANESE Studio Art Pottery Chargerby Stillwa…
Two goldfish ornamentsby tigerch…
Unique Teapotby toots345
Antique Hand Painted Nippon Vase?by OddsAnd…
Antique Chinese/Japanese Framed Drawing?by OddsAnd…
Antique "Japan" Dish?  by OddsAnd…
Unique Chinese bronze bowl by Obsydein
Lucky laughing buddha stone carvingby forever8
My okeydokey
Asian Jar by Pat_Fun
Chinese (?) Hand Carved Ox Bone/Horn Diskby Agram.m
Very finely woven basket vase w/ an opaque glass ho2cult…
Canton Enamel Bowls or Ashtrays - signed 'China'by ho2cult…
Japanese lead lady with fanby Flobalob
Small bronze house with lid has a signatureby Pat_Fun
Not sure what I have, could use Leaster
Favorite piece, but what is it?by Leaster
Japanese vasesby DavidC
Help Asian vase by Cavender
Chinese Scroll Painting, 2/3, GUAN YU, God Of War,Very Old, late 1800,early 1900by Alan2310
Hiroshi YOSHIDA - Japanese Wookblock- Series Setonaikaiby Stillwa…
Chinese Scroll Painting, 1/3, GUAN YU, God Of War,Very Old, late 1800,early 1900by Alan2310
Chinese Water Colours "Market Scene"1950-60by Alan2310
have no idea what this isby bowfinger
Boy &Girl,Wall Pocket,Occupied Japan,1945-50by Alan2310
Asian turquoise dragon vaseby Jackie1979
Japanese ? Lidded bowl by alison64
large vaseby were
Small Chinese cabinetby hokky
I-Fay Hong Kong - Pair of vasesby ho2cult…
Another Ginger Jar? Zheitang Chinaby ho2cult…
Brass or gold leaf mirrorby Pjd
bronze vase with lizard eyeing up a flyby LilacBonzai
Keep or Ecka
can anyone tell me where this might be??? Facts: from ww2, silk...thats all the info i haveby kararenee969
Chinese Umbrella vase, Possible decor"Famille Noire" 20 Centuryby Alan2310
Japanese Scroll Painting,Early 20 Centuryby Alan2310
Asian Metal Pot by billypi…
More info Please! Pair or Antique Lamps made of Chinese Vasesby gmats23
Oriental figurineby Sharon.otoole
Japanese brass vase with mosaic inlayby Sandiepepper
chinese bowl??by timp
.?Carver ID if possible on base of Quan Yen  statue pre-1900by Dknman123
Japanese tea setby reneereeg
The Burghley Porcelains Crane in flight Arita Ware Dishby tigerch…
Painting on Ceramic Tilesby ReyneeS
Asian Carved Screenby ReyneeS
Unmarked chinese blue and white bowlby Georgethese…
Japanese mixed metal Meiji period vase !?by Tony-Andrews
Vintage Chinese ginger vase by AuntMolly
 Anglo Indian Sadeli Boxby raver808
Have NO idea where or what these are....but I love them!by glhendricks
Chinese Buddha teapotby chard451
Asian wood figures - Sudhana/Shancai Tongziby furia
Old Asian pewter tea caddyby Abby
japanese imari bowl with lidby Quicksell76
Asian Jewelry Boxby freiheit
Satsuma Hand painted Vases miniatureby ginger59
My Thirftstore Treasureby ReyneeS
Gold Turtleby Strong
Auction find!!by Inquiri…
Unknown ingot - probably silverby DCNW1983
Church Brass Incense Burner 19th Century by SophieL…
natural burma jade A tet set teapot art craftby eversta…
andrea by sadek bowlby robin56
Stunning dishby AuntMolly
Beautiful Chinese Export Wood Lacquer & Brass Trim Box - For Cigarettes?by Efesgirl
Japanase Water colours on silk, late Nineteen Centuryby Alan2310
Asian Wood sculpturesby Looseeluv
Thai Dancer  Dollby Karolina
Chen Chi"Imperial Palace"Royal Daulton, Collectable Plateby Alan2310
Antique Japanese Watercolours on paper, 19 Centuryby Alan2310
Asian Mimi 6 screen black lacquer and mother of pearl by Theresah
Antique Chinese Vase/lampby trishthedis…
Please help me identify my vaseby Foxylady0810
ginger jar into lampby Roger52
Japan China Decorated in Hong Kongby VeroHance
carved wood oriental tableby cayandbaz
Unknown figurinesby DCNW1983
Very odd looking wooden carving with 2 octogan sort of cups at each endby Pawngirl69
satsuma Vase???by chrisack
Vintage oriental coffee table by Toy89supra
Khalsa Kirpan Knifeby l3sl3ym
Old Chinese bronzeby ruehara
Hello! Could you help determine the country of origin and approximate age of the vase please. Thank you in advance!by ecatherine777
Kokeshi Dollsby fendigood
Asian 9" floral pot with Chinese figures. Gold dog on lid by Tunie127
Vintage Large Chinese Gold Rimmed Umbrella Porcelain Stand/Vaseby mssue64
Asian Bird/Flowers, Watercolour on Silk,Mid Alan2310
Floral and Gilt Moriage Nippon Handled Vase/Circa 19th-20th Centuryby mikelv85
Famille Verte "Wucai" Porcelain Ginger Jar / Circa 19th Centuryby mikelv85
Trying to identify this Makers Mark - Japan Stonewareby EvyH
Chinese Court Lady Figurine Potteryby SophieL…
Unknown vaseby Viceman
Opium lampby twinkle556
Mystery objectby MichaelCS
Gold bamboo bracelet with screw lock closureby RAllen
Asian Strange and Ancient jug made of organic material ie Bone, carved with Priests and Male and Female faces  by franceseliz…
Chinese blue vase by Ms-Empire
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Metal vase or AnyIdea
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Asian Vase?by RRA
Porcelain  Hand painted Dolls Circa 1953by Majorjr…
Large Chinese Famille Verte Vase / Hong Kong-Kangxi Nian Zhi Mark /Circa 1960by mikelv85
Ivory tusk vase small brown antiqueby Michelletol…
Chinese Japanese Asian ashtray antique bowlby Michelletol…
Chinese Japanese vase figure antiqueby Michelletol…
Late 19th Century Japanese wedding kimono (Antique textile)by Galwegian
Glass dogwood tree wall plaqueby robin56
Antique Signed Made In Japan 3 Footed Censor/Incense Burnerby ThisOld…
Kutani? Beautiful little dishes from Japan?by ho2cult…
4/4 Pottery Japanese Boat TV Lamp, Circa 1950-60by Alan2310
Chinese Celadon Porcelain by melaniej
Can anyone assist in identifying the makers mark pleaseby Spodelo…
Vase with dragon pictureby JaxB
Asian pair of vasesby JaxB
Imari Japanese plates - help received thanks to Mike!by racer4f…
 Chinese Wall Pocket with rat climbing  a branchby sueron
Chinese Rabbit Bottleby ho2cult…
Was told this is a 1000 faces vaseby hugababy
Vintage Asian Carved Trayby LadyG
Vintage Chinese Or Japanese Large Vaseby mssue64
Chinese Desert Plates decorated in the Thousand Butterfly motifby SIEO74
This little guy brings me sanctuary.... Peace and Love is my modelby cini5210
foo dog or dragon? by cini5210
I love her!  She is a party girl... Asian not sure if she's porceline or not.. she is so coolby cini5210
Japanese Statueby cini5210
My lovely chinese vase in porcelain and brassby oana_ddr
Japanese Watercolours Circa 1950-60by Alan2310
Cup and I think a lucky bamboo hanksjames
Thrift Shop Find: Mystery Seated Japanese Woman With Red Craneby Efesgirl
Chinese warrior or nobility, very oldby Johnmyers
Early 20th century Tongzhi Bowlby ho2cult…
19th Century [?] Tonghzi Bowl?by ho2cult…
Two Little Ginger Jars - really beautiful!by ho2cult…
Probably nothing, FirstBuzz
Japanese pitcherby jans
Chinese pendantby Peaseje…
Asian Printsby Goodoody
Chinese Wood, Brass, and Jadite Jewelry Music Box/Marked Shanghai China/Circa Mid-20th Centuryby mikelv85
Stunning napkin ringsby AuntMolly
Antique Vaseby Karma1196
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Tibetan conch MeliG
Sake set of 6 came from Fort Valley Virginiaby Cathygilber…
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Maneki Neko by furia
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Found Ivory Snuff Bottle With Dragon on Front and Chinese Writing on Backby Seeker51
Japanese or Chinese Vase ??,20 Centuryby Alan2310
Japanese Vase- Yard sale findby prettydandy
Great Grandfather's Gift to Great Grandmaby Freericks
Small buddhist furia
Large Japanese Porcelain Hibachi -  Tachibana-yaki by ho2cult…
Vintage Asian Heavy beaded Necklace,Jadite,Marble?by mssue64
Japanese cut out figureby furia
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Four Asian Seals (Chops)by LuluX
Simple, Honest, Beautifulby LuluX
Flowered plates in boxes with Chinese symbolsby Busygizzy
Buddha by Buddha-lover
Vintage Silver Serving Spoon Cake Cutter With Ship Made In Japan by RAIZINBOYZ
music cabinet that tells a storyby jdjanet
Chinese Vaseby DuaneBale
Vase purchased recentlyby DuaneBale
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bark scrollsby suebrown
My grandmothers tea setby suebrown
Chinese vase phoenix and dragon with gold leafby hatha
MOLDED RESIN vintage "netzuke" !by kyratango
Ivory kyratango
Ivory kyratango
Beautiful vases passed down to me but I have no idea of their Sarah121
Identity help pleaseby Sarah121
Little Japanese Tea Setby LuluX
awaji vaseby jabba1967
Recent Estate  find mid 18th century Chinese Western Export wareby grendel67
asian statue (chinese or japanese?)by shaygirl
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I believe these are carved wooden Mandarin musiciansby MsBatman
Orange Foo Dogs Pairby imjusta…
Budhaaaaaaby Marthas…
Metal Asian vase pairby Ladysurg
Chinese Year of the Rat, Year of the Ram??by Hoipolloi
Chinese, pretty lidded potby surfdub66
Chinese/Japanese Jade Necklaceby mssue64
Twin vases by Maryvh
Very very very old what??????by Karma1196
Ivory or soapstone Buddha ?by Sequoia1
Japanese "Whatsitusedfor" Porcelain Pieceby LuluX
japanese vaseby kristen921
Gilt laquer wooden buddhaby MrMobius
Vintage Floral Urn by sparra
Japanese urnby Beginner13
Antique Chinese Figures Statuesby mssue64
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Japanese Pilot's Flight Calculator (E6B)by DennisfromH…
Celadon Glazed Hexagonal Ginger Jar From Hong Kongby pattysclutter
Immortals Ginger Jar Blue and Whiteby East2West
Double Happiness Ginger Jarby East2West
Japanese Imari Ginger Jar - ? by Efesgirl
Decorative vaseby TheDownie
Decorative chaliceby TheDownie
Small vaseby TheDownie
Brass bowl with red decorationsby TheDownie
Clay vase with flower designby TheDownie
Overlaid brass with red finishby TheDownie
Porcelain vaseby TheDownie
Small Asian cup or bowl by IClubEm
Asian bowlby IClubEm
Looks like asian artby Damato
Antique Pewter Chinese Box,Dragon Design Chinese Writingby mssue64
Time for Tea and Gossip - Geisha Girlsby PinupMom
Eggs in a display caseby Ericocon
Buddhaby rbinker
Can anyone identify what I have?by joysorich
Asian Hand Painted Cranes on Gold Backgroundby LuluX
Chinese Black Lacquer Panels Mother of Pearlby LuluX
Japanese (?) 4 panel wall/ screen by LuluX
Very pretty vase I can't identify the maker!by Pattisnow
Foo Dog Censer?by LMSmith01
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Two statues belonged to Momby alliececile
Two buddhasby alliececile
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Asian Vaseby alliececile
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Oriental Music/ Jewellery Trinket Box by LuluX
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PINOYKESHI w/ Passport from the Philippinesby Heiz
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2 Vintage Chinese/Japanese  Masksby mssue64
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Japanese painting on silkby Goodoody
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Indo-Persian Talwar Swords by Chrisnp
 1957  Signed Thai Printby mssue64
Sterling Silver Tray - Japanese [or Chinese] from early 1900'sby MainCavalry
Tiny 4 1/2 " Celadon Vase With Lotus Design / Unknown Maker and Ageby mikelv85
silk paintingby alliececile
Vintage Silk Japanese Kimonoby LuluX
Vintage hand painted Chinese  lampby AuntMolly
19th Century Tibetan Silver Gauby Peaseje…
Russian Silver Gilt and Cloisonne Cigarette Caseby Peaseje…
Framed Chinese embroidery LuluX
Porcelain Asian Wall Artby watchnut
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Vintage Oriental Princess oil cork paintingby Klarks
Has an engraved signature but I don't read chinese??by jenbuu0…
Still new to asian jenbuu0…
What is this called by Dave50324
Chinese silver gilt filigree Jadeite necklaceby Peaseje…
Asian Artist Brush Potsby LuluX
Made in Japan saucer. Antique??by jlulu221
Help Again Vintage Chinese/Japanese Vase Handpainted With Raised Figuresby mssue64
Small but very sweet enamelled pair of vaseby Vossy
Kangxi period Blue and White underglazed Fish bowl planterby Thefinder
Raised design fishbowl planterby Lmerchan
Three Celadon glazed hexagonal ginger jars Australian Goldfields 1800'sby LuluX
Japanese "egg shell" porcelain "River scene" cup and saucerby LuluX
3 of 3 handpainted Japanese plateby racer4f…
Hand painted dish Made in Japanby racer4f…
Lovely little Nippon bowlby racer4f…
Japanese Shin-Gunto Sword by Chrisnp
Ganeshby Zowie
Japanese handcrafted tea setby kemmit87
Brass with inlay fernpig
i  found this statue in the street a long time ago in NY dont know what it elby
Chinese man and womanby Joy69
Mystery statueby Tuna
Large silver enamel leaf clipby Contra5
Asian dolls - wood head, cloth garmentsby TinaL
big Wooden Samuraiby eelrd
Japanese Cup and LuluX
Little Floral Vaseby LuluX
Unknown VASEby aerosys
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Mid Century Rooster Seviceby ForestMcMic…
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Indonesian wood double faced LuluX
Please help me: Chinese or Japanese Vintage Sterling Silver Asian Pendant by Agram.m
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Japanese Kyu-Gunto Sword by Chrisnp
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Chinese Cinnabar Snuff Bottle by Amisa013
Money Box- Piggy Bankby ccn234
Identify ETHNICITY of these, 11" high wood couple. Hand decoratedby PostCar…
male female figurines, wood effect but they are some kind of ceramic underneath. my mum loved them, curious to know more? by dc7440
15th Century Indian school erotic scence - in gouacheby jamesba…
Bat and Dragon - Robin's Egg Blue Vaseby Gaijin_go
Meiping Robin's Egg Blue Vaseby Gaijin_go
Asian porcelainby barberica
Asian porcelainby barberica
Asian porcelainby barberica
Asian porcelainby barberica
Asian porcelainby barberica
Asian vaseby barberica
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my favirite little asian pieceby fox52
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late Qing Qianjiang Floor Vase by  Zhu Shao Quan by getthat…
Antique Japanese  Cast Iron Teapot or "Tetsubin".by SandayF…
Celestial Children!by Birdman1950
Chinese Antique Vermeil Enameled Filigree Necklace and Pendant about 1900-1920sby Agram.m
Vintage small potby AuntMolly
satsuma tea bowl vdtien
Japanese potteryby CyndiHamilton
Bronze vases by emanuel
Japanese shrine clockby Pagagee
Rosewood (?) dragon lamp baseby LuluX
Carving of an Asian childby surfdub66
My Favorite Japanese Tea Set of all time!by Asheras…
Large hand painted ginger jar by LuluX
circa 1860 Chinese Tea Box from the S.S. Lord of The Isles! by rusticraven
asian general ulohiby gailwhiten
Heavy carved wood bowlby LuluX
Ceylon Wood Desk Setby LuluX
Egret With Lily Pads 3 Legged Jar / Missing Lid / Circa 19th-20th Centuryby mikelv85
Asian chest setby steviebeee
unknownby steviebeee
Bronze Vitarka Mudr? statue/ornamentby Peteallington
Pair of Japanese Meiji Period Cloisonne Vases by Hayashi Chuzoby kiwipaul
Silver lamp from India in the 50'sby sunni198
Chinese porcelain Grandma's discussing their Hedge Funds and 401K's!!by toracat
Japanese Iron Teapotby ho2cult…
Chinese carved ivory cylindersby monicaxyz
Huge Japanese Porcelain Vase -  "12 x "9by Stillwa…
Believe Japanese tea serby Rralph
"Santini" Italy Composite Resin "Ivorine" Oriental Figurine / Circa 20th Centuryby mikelv85
Six Sided Antique Pewter Tea Caddyby LuluX
Little Metal Snuff Boxby LuluX
My favorite thrift store find....a little teapot!by Asheras…
Carved Mahogany Panelby ho2cult…
Panda Potby ho2cult…
My Asain Beauty Statuette BUT from WHERE?and who made HER?by KARL-SI…
chinese figurineby oddsseeker
Buddhaby Mercy
One the 3 chinese emperors Info gleaningzby Djidji
Painted Bamboo Wall Hanging - Signedby ho2cult…
Red Laquered Plateby ho2cult…
I believe these to be the Mir / Mer Lion of Singapore the offical symbol of Singaporeby GeodeJem
Stick Dragonby LuluX
Japanese Face Maskby LuluX
Japanese  hand painted  vaseby Jc_gates
japanese decorated lamps (2)by llamallumps
Group of seven elephants (Ebony?)by LuluX
Asian Artifact Storage Jar Possibly a Chigusa?by SandayF…
Dragon Pendant From Bevby Grannysmith
asian  serving plate by lundy
Set of Twoby K_forster
Little green boyby LuluX
Kokeshi - all because of Soulportalby racer4f…
My lil treasureby alehman
My gorgeous ladyby LuluX
Old cast Iron Asian Vaseby Redsox81
Chinese bowlby AuntMolly
Chinese spoonby AuntMolly
antique Japanese sake jugby joshnatedad…
Royal Nippon vaseby Jaynerey1
Not sure what symbols on bottom say or meanby jstorpey
Lewisia cotyledon - Cliff Maids in an old bonsai potby ho2cult…
Thai Celadon Bowls or Ashtrays?by ho2cult…
Small  7" Cloisonne Crane / Circa 20th Centuryby mikelv85
A ring i found in my Grand Pa's stuff from i believe WWII Do You Know what it isby rpelrod
"Crane" By Reikio /Pen and Ink On Paper/Veneer Wood Matte and Framed 17.5" x 15.5"/Guenther Galleries Cleveland/ Circa 1900'sby mikelv85
Asian Vaseby VibroMoe
Hindu statue, Man, Woman, Cow and Peacock on marble base 15.2 toracat
Unusual Asian Ewer / Pitcher with LuluX
#2673  Kabuki Kachina's Dragonfy EnamelArt
Chinese plate modern (ish)by albertduffl…
Hamsa Hand Amulet, from Goodwill  Stop The Evil Eye!!by toracat
Rosewood Beautiful Piece by healthygal
Asian Jwelery by Laurak67
Help identifying this statue - please :-)by BritChick2015
Chinese Restaurant Bowls… Ted_Str…
Large Cloisonne Egg **Edit to add picture of bottom**by JerryJeff
European Designs  "Fragonard" Cobalt and Gilt 18"  Vase / Circa 20th Centuryby mikelv85
Antique Japanese Kabuki Doll - can you helpby jacoberger1
Chinnese/Japanise lady and man by Carolpa…
Old Chinese Herbal Medication bottles in orig. packagingby Pencil-neck…
Can anyone help with this statue?by jacoberger1
vintage Indian cloth dollsby katheri…
decorate plate orientalby vintage4sure
Burmese spirit houseby Pagagee
Vintage Heavy clay elephant by AuntMolly
Stunning japanese wall plateby AuntMolly
Beautiful Asian somethings lol (little dishes, not sure what the are)by JoyB
Beautiful little blue porcelain bird! Fairly newer I think. Any idea of age?by JoyB
Japanese Inlaid Abalone Lacquered Panel / 31.25" x 19.25" /XX Centuryby Alan2310
Seeking your help for replacementby Darrahloves…
Cloisonneby Brucewalrond
Anyone know this Asian tea cup & saucer pattern or age? No markingsby JoyB
Asian artby galesun…
what are the meanings of these?by daytripper2…
Japanese Handpainted Tree Plate with artist signatureby fcabrini9
Rooster and hen Cambodian repousse silver kyratango
Funny dog repousse silver Cambodian tiny kyratango
Carved Jade Vase by vonsvintage
Asian vaseby GoodwillGat…
Buddhaby GoodwillGat…
Japanese Shakudo Broochby Peaseje…
Japanese cupby AuntMolly
Japanese enamel plate by AuntMolly
Japanese tea setby EddyCrook
Nippon vaseby Fabulou…
in the family 50+ yearsby Hartofbeck
Vintage japanese bowlby AuntMolly
nippon plate by robin56
my rare made in ocupy Japan Skelton nodderby topwop6…
Vintage Chinese painting by AuntMolly
Three Hand-thrown Saki Cupsby ho2cult…
Blue and white oriental style vaseby Tilly42
Asian Plateby galesun…
old oriental vaseby hourglass10…
Asian tea set -bits and pieces with trademarkby galesun…
Japanese porcelain statueby CHaufe
Pretty Little Japanese (?) Teapotby Luann
What is this? It is very small, just under 3" high & 5 1/2 "diameter. Ceramic and bronze. Japanese dragon & characters. Thanks!by Efesgirl
2 mystery jewelry boxes with hutchby Al0801
Japanese  cracked glass vase  Satsuma  maybe by stormcl…
Chinese Embroideryby gleaningz
Lord Ganesha cosmetic containerby surfdub66
Paul Jacoulet - A Western Master of a Japanese Art Form - Woodblock Printsby welzebub
Tea Setby Mrambish
Satsuma Tea Potby AntiqueApril
Rattan-wrapped Awaji in my little collectionby ho2cult…
Japanese Inlaid Abalone -MOP Lacquered Panel / 8" x 20" /Circa 20th Centuryby mikelv85
Ginger Jar (help)by nancyvf8
Ancient symbols of China, Flaming Pearl  and  A Phoenixby asitha1…
 8 " Japanese  "Shibata" Wisteria Vase / Circa Mid-Late 20th Centuryby mikelv85
Chinese prints?by Radegun…
Chinese prints?by Radegun…
Moms Chinese Vaseby izzysat…
Two Large Yellow Awaji Vasesby ho2cult…
Vintage Chinese/Japanese Jade Real Seed Pearls Necklaceby mssue64
Chinese Marble-topped Tableby ho2cult…
Awaji Vase with Basketryby ho2cult…
Modern Pottery from the Chikusai Kiln, Japanby ho2cult…
Satsuma Lamps with carved metal baseby fcabrini9
Large Antique Basket from Japanby ho2cult…
My mystery Mount Fuji Sake Setby Hoipolloi
1800s indian or Chinese very large  handcarved box very niceby browny123
Anyone know anything about thisby Moosedad
Japanese or Chinese Pottery Figure Inherited 40 Years Agoby Shashoo
Asian enamel gold vaseby Jvrixel
My (Pre WW2 )Japanese Coffee set .by vinniev
korean celadon vaseby Pacificus
Old Heavy Steel Asian Military Chest by Quinnst…
Zen/buddah figureby Quote27
Chinese style  marble top tablesby Lede
Vintage Soviet Silver Gilt Cloisonne Eggby Peaseje…
Wooden statue by Jayteam
oriental bowlby robin56
Beautiful Jade Buddha Gold Bracelet & Question About Gold Testingby stwilli…
Second Chinese Porcelain Statueby gleaningz