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My Japanese vaseby Master
Large Jardinere from a Berkeley Junkshopby ho2cult…
My Chinese soap stone ash trayby Master
My Chinese carved Hwan boyby Master
My Chinese our Japanese maskby Master
Japanese Tea Set by herblady
My Chinese soap stone turtle with babys by Master
Bule White Small Tea Cup by JPauls007
Two Aian old antiques cups by JPauls007
Pink Swirl Glass Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Rare Series Vintage Japanese Shibata Japan Signed Print Porcelain Vaseby JPauls007
19th Century Rosewood - Chinese Folding Screen/Room Dividerby antonyhatch…
Imari Blue and white Celadon molded bowlby grendel67
Bonsai trees, enamel animals, carved animalsby Glassgaga
Japanese Enameled Earthenware Vaseby RalphH
Black Overlay Eagle on Rock Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
26" tall, wooden statue, Chinese or Japanese? once colored, single piece of woodby KansasRebel
Another Imari Plateby ho2cult…
My cloisonne ginger jarby Master
My enamel pill potby Master
My cloisonne jar ?by Master
Scalloped Imari Plateby ho2cult…
Celadon Vaseby ho2cult…
Antique native-islander,weapon-cosh. ?by scavengeking
Thai Benjarong salt and pepper setby racer4f…
My first piece of Chinese soap stoneby Master
Chinese Laughing Buddhaby jayeff
My jade and hard stone treeby Master
Cloisonne Christmas Bell ( with tag )by antique…
Antique Chinese Metal and Carved Wood Nesting Bowlsby Southerner1…
My Chinese soap stone statuesby Master
Chinese soapstone Vase 7 animals by grendel67
Japanese Banko Quail Teapotby grendel67
Chinese inside painted snuff bottleby grendel67
Authentic Satsuma egg?by Emitchell0422
a thrift findby charlieseaess
Large Bencharong Covered Urnby ho2cult…
Antique Vintage Chinese Famille Rose Rice Bowl by JPauls007
My cloisonne trinket boxby Master
My cloisonne pin dishesby Master
My cloisonne bellby Master
My cloisonne owlby Master
My cloisonne boxby Master
My cloisonne canisterby Master
My enamel catby Master
My cloisonne monkey'sby Master
Inside painted Chinese snuff bottleby hograt
Organic Lacquer Cinnabar Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
White jade vases, old or not?by antiquefrea…
Help identifying thisby iurules1
Part 4 Japanese Shakudo Necklaceby Peaseje…
Part 3 Japanese Shakudo Panelby Peaseje…
Part 2 Japanese Shakudo Panelsby Peaseje…
vase with lidby c4shin
Black Lacquer "Garden Stool" Tables/Bird and Floral Designs/Labeled"Jinlong Furniture Factory" Beijing China/Circa 20th Centuryby mikelv85
My cloisonne vaseby Master
My enamel bowlby Master
My salt and pepper potby Master
My pair of cloisonne vasesby Master
Dragon or Snake Ashtrayby Pattyokc44
My Chinese mud manby Master
Part 1 Japanese Shakudo Panelsby Peaseje…
My silk ironby Master
My enamel bowlby Master
LArge ginger jar pink and purple rosesby Sammyj2007
Possible hair barrette. Completely sealed inside glass case. by Mleemejia
Rare Japanese Macau Bowl by JPauls007
Asian/Korean Vintage painting mounted on Board unknown style or Eraby mikeigo…
Rare Decorative Dish From 1567-1572 (Da Great Qian-Long) Mint Condition by JPauls007
Vintage Stone Statue by Dallibone
Red Hair Crystal Rutilated Quartz Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Another Green and White Jade Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
What is thisby fleafin…
My 1940 war time childby Master
My bobbing head boyby Master
My cloisonne vaseby Master
Green and White Jadeite Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Antique Chinese bronze vaseby Scotishrose
Antique carved wood Chinese disc with dragonby Scotishrose
My small cloisonne vaseby Master
My cloisonne vases by Master
My cloisonne stamp boxby Master
My cloisonne bonsi treeby Master
My cloisonne bonsi treeby Master
My private an old antique bronze gold statueby Mickael
Japanese signed wood Netsuke monkey, found by a dumpsterby Lizz206
Painted wood Immortal Sao,  found next to dumpsterby Lizz206
A well made pictureby GoodwillGat…
Small Asian Bowl. Any and all info would be great. Thank You!by nipsyco
Vintage Cow bone Carving with Wooden lidby Anil
Bronze vase: possibly Japanese late 19th century by superke…
 Old Engraved Copper Plate - maybe persian (does anyone know more?)by ohabash
does anyone know what these are? by brumboi10
A sunday pickby fleafin…
My cloisonne bonsi treeby Master
My cloisonne bonsi treeby Master
My cloisonne  bonsi tree by Master
Bronze vase or ??by terbraak
Eggshell cup & saucerby Rusty2tone
Chinese cornelian Agate vase with metal ornamentation by Janika3180
Cloisonne Kwan Yin Buddha Statue Inkstand Jade Carnelian Pen Holdersby rubysheart
Japanese IMari bowl by Rusty2tone
Painting of image on a mirrorby peter16
Rice Bowl - Japanese?by ho2cult…
Japanese Early Satsuma Hand Painted Earthenware Vase - Artist Signedby RalphH
Cinnabar Snuff Bottle by Caperkid
Chinese Wucai porcelain covered bowls with copper rims for Siam's marquet ?by Porcela…
Apple green crackle glaze vase late 18th C to early 19th Cby Porcela…
3 "antique" bottles and a "thank you" noteby fleafin…
Small Famille Rose Plate - no, VERY small!by ho2cult…
Mystery Plate - What can we know?by ho2cult…
Two MCM Fujita Kutani Rice Bowlsby ho2cult…
Burmese Good Luck Charm for a Married Couple?by ho2cult…
Famille Rose 'Practice' Pieceby ho2cult…
Shabby Chic Chinese Censerby ho2cult…
My cloisonne vaseby Master
Gold colored Cast Iron Thailand Figure/ Statueby baldboy77
Gold Color Statue of King Rama V of Thailandby baldboy77
My pair of cloisonne vasesby Master
My cloisonne vaseby Master
My cloisonne vaseby Master
My cloisonne canisterby Master
Asian bronze vaseby Porcela…
Liau Dynasty vase?by Porcela…
Lacquer and porcelain Chinese Shared Porcela…
Apple green crackle glaze yen yen vasesby Porcela…
Chinese Storage wine Jarby Porcela…
Cloisonne Dishby jeneric
Antique stone bowl with lidby fleafin…
Pretty blue and white flower bowlby amjm2117
Bowl blue and white porcelainby amjm2117
Chinese Laquer Lunchbox - Tiffinby ho2cult…
Antique Chinese Junk Model by DeniceW
Carved Resin Chinese Figurinesby DeniceW
Antique Chinese Mud People scene Amazing detail by DeniceW
OLD Mini chinese vase hand painted gold +signedby Tnccard…
My cloisonne eggby Master
My canister ?by Master
My cloisonne vaseby Master
My mother's Necklace and hair pins from early 1900sby anulafernando
Japanese Sake Cupby jayeff
Asian Porcelain jayeff
Japanese [?] Pottery Bowl / Ashtray which looks just like Pewterby ho2cult…
Famille Rose Daoguang Porcelain Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
My cloisonne vase by Master
Chinese Ink Wellby The_Prize_V…
Mason's stoneware 1860 ? Amari Pickaboo
My Cloisonne things - just loooove themby Helle
Small tea pot by Itagirl…
Asian Ceramic Dishby jayeff
Anybody know about these?by eyhello
Celedon Blue and White vase with monk early 19th centuryby grendel67
SATSUMA VASEby antique…
Japanese Relish Dish 1925 by shareur…
Lovely Vaseby melaniej
My cloisonne bowlby Master
My cloisonne bowl 1by Master
My pair of cloisonne vasesby Master
Japanese Imari Rice Bowlby ho2cult…
Japanese Rice Bowl?by ho2cult…
Chinese porcelain in a Japanese Laquer Box from Gumps?by ho2cult…
Cloisonne Vaseby jeneric
Old swordby papa
Orange Noritake serving plateby lgreeves
Noritake serving plateby lgreeves
Jade statue???by Shotimej
Nippon Vase with man figure handlesby lgreeves
Ivory statue???by Shotimej
DARUMA - Father of Zen Buddhismby grendel67
Giesha with catby grendel67
Old floor lamp by Kennethsr521
My opium pipe enamel bowlby Master
My enamel eggby Master
My trinket box ?by Master
My Chinese menby Master
Small 6 1/2 " Chinese Blue white Vase Very Nice Details and Markedby Alex395
My favorite Asian vase by Cromiss
My cloisonne vaseby Master
Satsuma Travelerby ho2cult…
Ducks, Dragonfly, and Lotus Blue Overlay Clear Glass Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Mottled Pink and White Glass Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
My enamel box 2by Master
My enamel boxby Master
My cloisonné jarby Master
My second Chinese mud man lady by Master
My Chinese mud man ladyby Master
My carved panelby Master
My Chinese wallet?by Master
Two Little Bowls - Japanese?by ho2cult…
Satsuma Buddha with Moriage? Meiji?by ho2cult…
Thrift store findby sammyg1013
Neodymium Glass Shou Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Made in Japan goblet set?by Lisamar…
My netsukeby Master
Qing Dynasty Koi Fish Planter Bowls ??by Vintage…
 I have never seen anything like this? Any info appriciated. thanks love itby DaveSC
Soapstone Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Playful Lions Agate Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Pietersite Snuff Bottle 2by cshapiro
Pietersite Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Amygdaloidal Basalt Snuff Bottle 3by cshapiro
Rutilated Quartz Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Shou Overlay Glass Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
My Japanese medalsby Master
Balinese Beaded Basketby ho2cult…
Can anyone tell me who, what, and when regarding this amazing piece?!by Dpatterson74
Ganesh Altar Getting Set upby ho2cult…
More Metal Wire Animals from Orissa, Indiaby ho2cult…
My sent bottleby Master
My sent bottle?by Master
My sent bottle?by Master
Need help identifying these plzby Cnmmopars
Antique Coral enameled Silver Dragon bead bangleby Agram.m
japanese vintage porcelain or Chinese? by sarah26
Mid-century bib necklace and cuff bracelet from Indiaby pebble
Covered Jar and Plate - Chineseby ho2cult…
interesting little plateby ho2cult…
Asian ceramic jayeff
Asian Ceramicby jayeff
Asian Ceramic  by jayeff
My Chinese mud men.old menby Master
My ginger jarby Master
My snuff bottleby Master
My majolica mud menby Master
Chinese 24K Gold Foil Web Picture, Thrift Shop Find 2 Euro ($2.16)by Efesgirl
Asian vasesby Sammyj2007
Asian Oil or Kerosene Mini Lanternby RosaLinda
snuff bottle bought in China WW2by shepard2388
Small Japanese Imari Bowlby ho2cult…
Small Imari Plateby ho2cult…
Kutani / Imari Catby ho2cult…
Unique Porcelain Fan Shaped dish  hand Painted Dragon Bird and Dragonby Alex395
My little Asian Vase Can Anyone Tell Me More by francisca
Ringed Overlay Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Antique  Rare Foo Dog Type Incense Stick Burner Green Glazedby Alex395
Chinese Ginger Vase need info Mlaghezza
Emperor's wine cupsby fleafin…
Black and White Jadeite Conjoined Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
baltinese chine kepeng statueby bunnytom1
Embroidered Silk Rondel from Chinaby ho2cult…
More bronzeby curiousholl…
Beautiful bronzeby curiousholl…
Rock Crystal Ye Zhongsan Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Asian / Korean laquered Crane wall artby Yellowrose70
Chinese/ Asian Koi floor screen by Yellowrose70
Striated Agate Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Fantastic  Vase need help on Mark and vase type by Alex395
Large Imari Chargerby ho2cult…
Imari Bowlby ho2cult…
Large Satsuma Vase with a Cobalt Blue Backgroundby ho2cult…
Japanese Porcelain Censer with Foo Dog on Topby ho2cult…
Japanese Mixed Metals Compactby ho2cult…
Beautiful and Old Carved and Painted Chinese Panelby ho2cult…
China figurineby Pamspence
chinese painting by theantiquek…
Japanese Vase Markingsby Eclecticstop1
Carved Wood Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Vintage Asian Porcelain elephant flower pot standby Pennico…
Imari rose bowl or incense holderby Pennico…
Ruby Red Glass Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Fine White Jadeite Pebble Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Three Ganesha Deitiesby Peaseje…
Ganeshaby Peaseje…
Asian Resin Bottle - For What? Thrift Shop Find 2,50 Euro ($2.77)by Efesgirl
Antique Bowl - A little history VNewcomer
Burnt Jade Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Dragon lampby CheekyRed
Chinese/Japanese? 10" plate,Handpainted with lots of gold trim by Pennico…
brass budda has been passed through  family 2" 6 high lovely pieceby rosieboo101
Yamanaka Japan Lacquerware Tea Caddy Thrift Shop Find 1 Euro ($1.12)by Efesgirl
Tiniest Cloisonne Dragon Censer Ever!by ho2cult…
Canton / Beijing Enamel Trinket Boxby ho2cult…
Interesting Old Bonsai Potby ho2cult…
Mao Zedong Plate?by SpiritB…
My vaseby Master
My roof tile statuesby Master
Chinese Silk Jacket with Forbidden Stitch Embroidery by LovelyPat
Very nice and tiny sake cupby ho2cult…
Another old porcelain spoon - Japanby ho2cult…
4 old porcelain spoons - Chinese - 1950s - with dragons!by ho2cult…
3 generation Asian Shadow box with hand carved bamboo figures by Lissali…
GINGER JARby antique…
Hand Painted Asian Double Handle Vaseby Efesgirl
Stone carved itemby Hawaii
Clay Asian Man Chinese/Japanese?by RosaLinda
help identifyby Vallie
Purple Tourmaline with Fire Snuff Bottle by cshapiro
Little teacupby fleafin…
Two Teacups from Chinaby ho2cult…
Jade from Japan?by Antique…
My brush bowlby Master
Asian jayeff
soup bowl and spoonby cdvintage
My Chinese figures?by Master
Silver double Gourdby loverofold
Japenese Orange and white incense vase kutaniby Pennico…
Japenese Orange and white milk jug and sugar potby Pennico…
Japenese china bell Imari styleby Pennico…
Chinese vaseby Pennico…
Asian Vintage Fish Bowl Planterby Joey5
Antique Indonesian brassby kriput
Chinese or Japanese Imari?by ho2cult…
Indian Copper/Pewter Ware?by ho2cult…
Meiji tobacco pouch with gourd netsukeby chananrubin
Vintage Japanese kimonoby Thequeenofv…
antique hand embroidered chinese jacket by Thequeenofv…
Vintage chinese men robe jacketby Thequeenofv…
Japanese Teacupby ho2cult…
Green Vintage Asian Cabinetby CarlaAbraham
Presumed Indian/Burmese Silver jungle scene pedestal bowlby RICHIER…
An Altar for Ganesh minus the Ganesh!by ho2cult…
asian ceramicsby jayeff
Asian jayeff
Asian jayeff
Asian Ceramicby jayeff
Asian Ceramicby jayeff
Chinese / Japanese jayeff
Plain Black Paper and Nice Bamboo Fanby ho2cult…
Chinese Famille Rose Vase With Foo Dog Handles friend gave to me and just starting to collect these by WARLOARD
ASIAN BOWLby antique…
Enameled Cast Metal Foo Dog or what?by ho2cult…
Asian jayeff
Asian Porcelainby jayeff
Asian Porcelainby jayeff
Asian Vaseby jayeff
Small Asian jayeff
Japanese Rice / Soup jayeff
Japanese Ceramicsby jayeff
Another beautiful set of 2 bought from an estate by AngelMommy916
Bought an estateby AngelMommy916
Carved statue of aura
Qian li Lac Burgaute Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Coral snuff bottleby cshapiro
Buddist Lion with Baby Porcelain Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Agate Tortoise Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Chrysanthemum Coin Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Gold Flecked Blue Glass Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Pink Swirl Glass Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Asian Porcelain Square Bowlby jayeff
Asian Dishby jayeff
Asian tea bowlby jayeff
Asian Tea Bowlby jayeff
Small Asian Porcelain Plateby jayeff
Asian Small Blue Plateby jayeff
Small Asian Vaseby jayeff
Chinese Wooden Dishby stevepree
Chinese/Japanese porcelain small square dishby jayeff
Japanese Arita-Yaki in Kakiemon Style Plateby jayeff
 Asain Small Flat vase Hand Panted gold trim topby Alex395
Upright porcelain cow statuesby lcirak
Make a guess againby fleafin…
Meiji Period Temple toyhoar…
Embroidered Fabric Artby empyrealex
Hand painted ogto1
family heirloomby goingcrazy
Vintage cast iron horse incense burner? Japanby bnjvintage
Red Dragon & Pheonix Chinese Enaneled Porcelain Gold Trimby Alex395
I believe old textile from Tibet?by CrustyC…
Regency Style "Chinoiserie" Arm Chair/Black Lacquer With Gilt Scene And Accents/Unknown Maker and Ageby mikelv85
Huge 16" Blue And White Chinese Charger / Unknown Age And Makerby mikelv85
Late Qing Footed Bowl for 50 cts!by ho2cult…
White Jade Pendantby RWMFUNG
ISN'T THIS LITTLE FELLOW SO  NICE? Exuse my questioning--is this Buddha??by PostCar…
Mum Shou Porcelain Large soup,Rice Ladle Spoon Longevity Characters VERY RAREby Alex395
Xue Chengcai Amber Glass Inside Painted Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Silver Elephant Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Carved Russet Jade Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
An inherited itemby rbnimmo
Oriental two handled vaseby Elainep
Asian Bowl With Peopleby Monster1
Japanese Broochby Snodgrass
Japanese painting on silkby alliececile
Japanese metal priest ? by pinkypr…
Three Bells from Indiaby ho2cult…
Large and Thick Brass Medallion - Shiva - the Destroyer!by ho2cult…
A Japanese wood carving: Young girl holding rabbit by OregonArt
Help Identifying Japanese Urn/Ginger Jarby Garrymcc
Porcelain asian transparent bowl ( noodle or rice bowl?) with dragon designby Jmass508
Swagger rdhoush
Porcelain Doll - Made in Thailand by hctedford
Vietnamese Platesby The_Prize_V…
Rose Medallion Salt & Pepper Shakersby ho2cult…
Kokeshi Dolls?by ho2cult…
Qianlong ? wooden boxby peter16
My Kurata Glass happy dragonby racer4f…
Vintage Chinese Japanese Blue White Tureenby Alex395
Rock Crystal Inside Painted Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Japanese Carved and Painted Screen With Foo Dog Supportsby vintage…
Chinese Writing Kitby jeneric
Japanese Collection with added visitorby NormanW
18 Luohan Overlay Glass Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
18 Luohan with Dragon and Tiger Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Japanese Antique Carved Chair Meiji Period (early 1900's)by vintage…
A Japanese Highly Carved  Desk Meiji Period (1868-1912) Mt. Fujiby vintage…
IMARI 12" PORCELAIN PLATEby mullinaxdeb…
My favorite Asian dollsby TiKee
Chinese painting by ?by peter16
White and Dark Green Overlay Glass Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Moss Agate Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Glass Imitating Agate Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
13 " Blue white Vase Intresting Style and Markings on the vase sideby Alex395
Neat original ink painting Japanese? by Danjimcol
Pressed Seaweed Art by The_Prize_V…
Ginger, whiteby The_Prize_V…
Japanese bowl ceramic beautiful  floral designby Jmass508
Ming dynasty period? or repro. dishby OneGood…
Brass Slipper Cigar Ashtray?by jeneric
chinese posterby Monster1
Made in Japan - cottage potteryby ho2cult…
Little oriental clay necklaceby fleafin…
Ye Zhongsan Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Japanese Satsuma Vase by collect…
Pretty Little Vaseby Caperkid
Chinese or Japanese itemby Easytiger
Metal box with bamboo and serpent decorationby Elainep
Porcelain tea cups with gold rims and symbols. 1 1/2 " tallby dkail
Cloisonne Ash Trayby jeneric
Large Asian Jar W/ Lid chinese ginger jar?by cnd11
Snuff Bottle with Cannetille Flowers, Jade & Coral Topby shareur…
Ivory Figurinesby chrisln53
Embossed and Gilt Talismanby ho2cult…
Chinese (?) Japanese (?) Decorative Plateby Butterf…
Cast Iron Japanese Teapot?  Looking for info. by BHock45
Hand-painted Asian Soup Bowlby STeshner
Shallow Celadon Bowl with Incised Dragonby ho2cult…
Japanese Wooden Baseby ho2cult…
30 year old four feet tall Asian floor vaseby nilra0920
Found in the ashes of a ho2cult…
Wood display base 3 footed, with elephant carving on the bottom. WHY?by OneGood…
Any idea - trying to identify by Pupukea
Lacquer vaseby alliececile
My favorite Chinese vase standby ho2cult…
Tiny little Bronze Censer - Chinaby ho2cult…
Chinese Flower Potby ho2cult…
Nice little green iron baseby ho2cult…
Pink Overlay Glass Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Bell Shaped Agate Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Amygdaloidal Basalt Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Antique Asian Japanese Satsuma Lampby detollds
racer4four/Karen -->Kamei Crystal Japanby Efesgirl
Hardstone Gourd Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Hardstone Gourd Shaped Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Need Help IDing this Antique Asian lamp with heavy cast base by britesunshi…
Japanese woodblock?by alliececile
Glass imitating Citrine Chilong Dragon Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Amber Glass Floater Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Emerald Green Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Grandma & Mom's Dragonwareby Ms.Crys…
Antique/Vintage Chinese/Japanese Jar With Needle Likeby mssue64
tea setby timepeace111
Mystery foo dogby Onefyne…
A good old LIU LIby fleafin…
All Spruced Up ! /"Wakyosai"  Equine Wood Block Prints /Bucking Stallion-Mare And Foal 14" x 20" Framed/ Circa 1940-50by mikelv85
New Master Japanese anniversary clock by shawnicus
Cloisonne Bangle Braceletby jeneric
Porcelain Monkeysby Cbill
Overlay Glass Rabbit Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Asian Bowl Scallop Rim Hand Painted Unique Style With Markingsby Alex395
Blue Overlay Glass Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
ASIAN SCROLLby antique…
My late Grandads japanese statueby Kelvinspost12
2 Asaian Picturesby marge26
Can anyone speak Chinese?I would love some help to identify my floral bowl!thank youby RICHIER…
shou/sau longevity godby leeanne82
faux bone and maybe one jade chinese figurinesby leeanne82
From my childhood by Princessharon
Can anyone help by Tayru
Mini Blue White Chinese Vase Jar Pot ??????by Alex395
Rose Medallion Vases pairby Joker345
Chinese Tea Set that belonged to my mother-in-lawby Robinf
Glazed Vase but from Who? :)by bratjdd
Love this guy but Need some info on him pleaseby Kahla
Cantonese Carved Ivory AIDE MEMOIREby TassieD…
"Wakyosai" Original Woodcut "Equine" Prints /Bucking Stallion-Mare And Foal  14" x 20" Framed/ Circa 1940-50by mikelv85
Awaji Pottery Wall Pocket Vase With Basketryby Poire
Chinese Urnby Easytiger
Silver Gilt Carved Red Cinnabar Filigree Earrings Thrift Shop Find 1 Euro ($1.12)by Efesgirl
Two handpainted imari platesby martika
Old Porcelain Vase - hand paintedby ho2cult…
Noritake cup and saucer setby gusthej…
Anyone know anything about this lamp?by Joeym528
Unusual Chrysoberyl Banded Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Asian Erotic Figurineby z0nezero
Asian Cupidby z0nezero
Porcelain Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Petrified Coral Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
What is going on with this vase? Did somebody paint over this?by OneGood…
Enamel on Brass Deer Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Porcelain on Glass Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Carved Wooden Figure Thrift Shop Find 3,00 Euro ($3.35)by Efesgirl
Chinese ceramic bowl by Jeremygregg
Kutani, Original Aochibu Pattern, Meiji/Taisho Era, 35 pieces. Circa 1908by PhilipSlagter
Pink Glass Imitating Tourmaline Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Cloisonne Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Rare Vintage Asian Blanc de Chine White Lattice Pink Peony Floral Porcelain Lampby felicia502
Islamic brass planter / insence burner ?by Roberts…
Small Chinese tea setby Andycovo
Mini Bowl Dragon Lusterwareby Alex395
markings in hangul????by doyen
Shadow Agate Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Shadow Agate Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Shadow Agate Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Wax Japanese fishermen in a sampanby benningtonb…
Help with Japanese tea setby bnjmilner
2 x mirror image soldiers or guardsby warren66
Large Korean blue, white vase signedby bnjvintage
Late 1920's Takahashi Shotei japanese woodblock Yomei gateby haydenp…
Asian lampby Hudsontasha
Any information appreciated!? 18th century Chinese censor by Roberts…
Chinese porcelain bowlby peter16
China bowlsby peter16
Water dropperby peter16
Large water pot by peter16
Small Chinese vase with Artemies leaf markby peter16
cloisone platesby micdug
Warrior helmet in porcelainby peter16
asian copper worksby kayakro…
Can anyone help me find out the origin/material of this ornament?by Lilabailey
Glass Buddha's Hand Lemon and Leavesby ho2cult…
Chinese Calligraph Vase, Paint Brush Holder, Pen Holder. by Alex395
Oragami Inspired Papier Mache Box Owned By Opera Singer Frances Yeendby vintage…
60s stoneware bowl. Japanese style with back stampby lizzycbw
Decorative Basket with Cowrie Shells, Old Glass Trade Beads, and Indian Buttonby ho2cult…
Can Anyone Tell Me About These Hong Kong-sourced Images?by chrisla…
Tobacco leaf bowlby Pickaboo
"Royal Gold China" Cobalt and Gold Limoges Style Coffee-Tea-Cocoa 16 Piece Service / New In Box From Korea/ Circa 20th Centuryby mikelv85
Unknown Maker Mark on Imari Style Bowlsby ChinaFinds
Vintage Chinese/Japanese Lamp With Writingby mssue64
Porclain snuff container in the style of a large nutby peter16
Pair of Cloisonne vasesby peter16
One of my favorite estate sale finds last yearby haydenp…
Xue Chengcai Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
A "Key" Liu Qiao Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Super Thin Cloisonne Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Buddhist Lion Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Japanese early 20c see no evil Ivory statue & wooden baseby lee120275
Chinese Mudman Warrior Statueby Warrior71
Chinese Calligraphy Crackle Vase Winter by Alex395
Pair of 1920's Chinese wooden bull figures inlaid by lee120275
Chalcedony Suzhou Carved Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
1930 Bali wooden carved bust Klungkung Warrior signed YTby lee120275
Large 10" Satsuma Flower Arranger "Ikebana"/ Unknown Age and Makerby mikelv85
Liu Qiao Inside Painted Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
My favorite vase!by dhmyrick
A Beautiful vaseby vakhtang
Sanxingdui Statueby laurak
My 1st Antique Vase by Zena
Antique Japanese Plateby SpiritB…
Gourd Shaped Dragon and Phoenix Porcelain Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Melons, Vines, & Butterflies Porcelain Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Red Dragon Meiping Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Underglaze Blue Porcelain Snuff Bottle Jarby cshapiro
Pair of Cloisonne Flowers and Butterfly Snuff Bottlesby cshapiro
Birds and Cherry Blossoms Porcelain Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Porcelain Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Vitnage Satsuma? Thousand Flowers tea serviceby Bmcvintage
Foo Dogby Pickaboo
My very old Laying Eggby Amiar
Cobalt blue China gold trim with colorful peoniesby Shunter77
Japanese Study of a Human Skull - Meiji Periodby Bugguy
Glass imitating Carnelian Snuff Bottlesby cshapiro
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Carved statue with extreme details about 20 inches tall by Sherry3D
Asian vase and lid - the markings are too faded to make out details - has gold handle lid and gold accents by Sherry3D
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Can't find any info on this plate. Bought 1976 in thenewold52
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Blue Glass Overlay Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Jade Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
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Cobolt Blue and White Small Bowls Arita/Imari, Japanby kadyar
Blue and White Arita/Imari Round Platesby kadyar
Blue and White Small Square Plates Arita/Imari, Japanby kadyar
Oil or incense burner- Worlds Fair- Chicago I believeby Wendinelson
Blue and White Arita/Imari Small Square Platesby kadyar
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Cobolt Blue and White Bowls from Arita, Japanby kadyar
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Cambodian Dong Son Bronze Saucer Bowl 500BCby Savers123
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Chinese Horsemanby jonhin
inherited antique chinese porcelain by MVP
Hornbill Ivory Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Horn and Ivory Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Playful Lions Ivory Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Ivory Lion Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Abstract Tree Ivory Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Ivory Carved Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Wise Man Ivory Carved Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Dragon in Clouds Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Ivory carved snuff bottleby cshapiro
Metal Hinged enameled snuff bottleby cshapiro
Cinnabar Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Snowflake glass with blue overlay snuff bottleby cshapiro
Enamel over Copper Goldfish Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
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Asian Clay head that I assume is Japanese but not Halvorsrod
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My favorite vase that is absolutely LisaKowals
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 Vajrabhairava Ekaviraby Airavata
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Footed Jarby Cheymount
unidentical twins of lost originby fleafin…
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Shi/Pinyin/Foo Dog Horn Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Carved Chinese Table 1954by Raeliv
Lemon Yellow Cymophane Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Signed paintingby Alph
Yellowish Orange Glass Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Inside Painted Snuff Bottle - Dark Cloudsby cshapiro
Inside Painted Snuff Bottle - Landscape 2by cshapiro
Inside Painted Snuff Bottle Landscapeby cshapiro
Japanese figurine by Ginapao
Asian lightby ERICBOSS8
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Henry Hitt Puzzling Snuff Bottle?by cshapiro
Hua Ping Tang Zhiby elwelsh
The mark for my Nippon teaset posted Shassy
Chinese foo dogs , dragons , lions by jonhin
Please tell me about this statue. I do not know anything about this Limoon
From Mainland China 1950's or 1960'sby occali
Nippon teaset given to me by my Grandma many years Shassy
Vintage Hand Enameled Brass Egg Trinket Box with Standby jeneric
Cloissone Pill Boxby jeneric
Decorative Lidby dazzler
Qianlong Cloisonne Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Qianlong Cloisonne Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Kutani Porcelain by TeriAAdams
Sake cup with writing all over itby ho2cult…
4 pictureby were
Asian vase?by guada_P
chinese ivory carvingby getthat…
Vintage Feng Shui Wisemen Fu Lu Sao Exception Quality Custom Madeby jbingha…
Chinese Roof Tile Piece?by ho2cult…
Foo Dog Ginger jarby tammiestrea…
Blue, yellow and white porcelain Asian plateby marge26
Tea cup and sauser. Japanby ERICBOSS8
Today's Estate Sale Findby Junkman60
Vintage 70 year old metal boxby Sandy1
Asian style dragon boatby neo82172
Vintage Tribal Bracelet  / Hinged Bracelet from India  - silver or silver plated?by lentilka11
Oil on Silk?  Mughal Dynasty Painting - India - 1800-1900??by BHock45
Asian bowl by ERICBOSS8
Unknown wood carved boyby Llorens
Vintage Japanese Cloisonné bottom of my pieces by Dallibone
Vintage Japanese Cloisonné by Dallibone
Twin vasesby Ozmam
Chinese Creamer - Unknown Makerby JohnR
Beautiful Blue & White marked Japanese Porcelain -- What is it??by herbgrower
Medal in need of identificationby Windrift
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Watermelon Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Russet Bats on White Agate Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Large hand painted dog statues by Karolina
1930's Brass Elephant purse by Liz40
Two lovely Japanese Oribe / Momoyama (?) dishesby Tutebulles
Can anyone help identify the country of origin on this piece? by rhunt44
Chinese Censor Bowlby DDm2bs1g
Vintage Chinese Bangle braceletby lentilka11
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Another man fishing under a tree snuff bottleby cshapiro
Hexagon Shaped Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Dark Blue Man fishing Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Flower Vase Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Tall Woman Small Man Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Green Dragon Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Red Underglaze Dragon Reign Mark Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Unmarked Imari??? Plateby GumbyDammet
Asian Carved wooden male figure Please help me ID this southje…
Meiping vase marked Ming but I doubt itby Offcenter
Red and White Glaze Mystery Mark Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Chocolate Glaze Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Blue and White Porcelain Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Amber Dragonflys Over Green Snowflake Glass Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
La Cage aux Folles Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Glass Coral Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Nephrite Jade Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Strawberry Snuff Bottleby cshapiro
Old perfume bottlesby Paradmom
Chinese vaseby Savers123
19th Century? Chinese vaseby mplatt6253
Japanese vaseby ERICBOSS8
Any information anyone can offer about this?by Toria
Eight Immortals Vase by LovelyPat
Chinese Carved MOP Gaming Chip Brooch w/Silver Mount Thrift Shop Findby Efesgirl
very large mudmanby PiggysR…
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Japanese Porcelain Bowl?  Chawan?by ho2cult…
Chinese (?) Foo Dogby Rameedm
 Carved Wooden SHOULAO (one of the Three Star Gods, representing Canopus, God of Longevity) Thrift Shop Find $3.00by Efesgirl
Blue and white tea cup Possible Flow Blueby Zunique…
Antique Japanese Tea setby Colversan
Miniature Buddah by Busterdog
Chinese Rice Bowlby fourad
Very old Chinese Jugby Zealandia1928
the drunken poet  possibly brush pot??by jimboglass
Souvenir Item?  Talisman?by BHock45
Mid century by lisagrace
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