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Mysterious consignment findby alrober…
Asian Dude Figureby iwinmy
whereabouts wooden statueby lovewornstuff
Chinese man and young boy fishing by glasslove
Geisha statueby kgallardo
The Money Toad  "Chinese symbol of money-making"by Alan2310
Budda Unknown Worthby EileenB
Budda Unknown Worthby EileenB
Needing help identifying some Asian things.. HELP! :) by LauraL
Mum's beatific Buddhaby racer4f…
Asian Carved Wood figure with brass inlay lotus flowersby martiniparry
Carved antique wooden Asian figures with brass wire inlayby AnnieBee4711
Today's Duck, Antique Chinese Porcelain~Stunning Shape, Detail, Paintingby Budek
just in. 20" high laughing Buddha triangular red stamp made in china with a tea cup on bsvinta…
Cold Painted Bronze Roosterby Bun-bun
Green Budda Clock Marble Surround  1960s? Movement By Lanshire Chicago, ILLby vintage…
More of the sameby robsstuff
Moms replacementby robsstuff
Belonged to my Grandmother, that's all I know...a little help margaretanne
No ideaby johnotoole
Serene Chinese Quan Yinby jwendell222
Unknown Granite Head (Oriental?)by Cchap
unknown ladyby Kehaulani
Unknown Buddha Figureby jwendell222
Napco (Japan) Hand Painted Figurine/ Farmer's Wife with Duck / Circa 20th Centuryby mikelv85
I need some melaniej
I have admired this in my mum's and she gave it to me know. Would like to know more about sorcharj
sherry amber  100%  buddhaby purzel
Really nice Asian? Cannonman
Blue Buddah by swallace
Childhood Ornamentsby Rosie475
Five Resin Figures, Same Markby jwendell222
Antique Asian/Thailand Mud Musicansby mssue64
Chinese Style Jade Green 10" Resin Figurine / "Wony LTD" Italian Figurines (attrib) Artist G. Ruggeri/ Circa 1960-70by mikelv85
chinese man. by shayda
Asian man and pheasant figurineby Suzie6464
Huge and Intricate Chinese Rosewood Carvingby ho2cult…
Very Large, Intricately Carved, Rosewood Statue of a Samurai[?]by ho2cult…
Solid Sterling Silver Figurine of Ganesh - God of Obstacles. Unknown Markings & Time Period by JayDH
A one of a kind treasure!by JohnNz
Statue  Looking for infoby GeorgeB
Thai dancer cast iron (I think)by Armyeng
Early Chinese Netsuke and sculptureby zoorpuk…
asian figurine by samantka
Japanese porcelain figureby Antique…
Chinese figureby Antique…
Ivory Figure of one of the Star Gods of Feng Shuiby NativeJ…
Buried Treasure! Large Dancing Bronze Buddha!by ho2cult…
asain antiquesby hellyen
Indian deity?by Crane
Chinese man by Richkimy
Asian figurinesby Luckyni…
Love themby Luckyni…
Buddah by swallace
Chinese statueby Richkimy
Love this Richkimy
My favourite Chinese statuesby Richkimy
KWAN YIN 1423 MING DYNASTY  by SusiePerrine
China Porcelain Immortal Buddha Wealth figureby cactusc…
Chinese Figuresby antiquestuff
Priestby antiquestuff
Emporer/Empressby antiquestuff
Four Chinese Figures, Wood and Enamelby jwendell222
Japanes Chinese?by daijamesw
Carved Obsidian Kylin / Quyrin / Kirinby ho2cult…
Brass or Bronze Statueby Wendere…
can you tell me who this is and who made himby Farmtree
Lord Brahma (Four Faces)by melaniej
Anyone know anything about this?by gcrtrade
 Buddha by melaniej
Emperor by Emmyjane
Japanese? carved figuresby traceysmith
Asian Mixed Figuresby jwendell222
Thai teak wood statue of Garuda holding up Vishnuby megan11
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Bone carved statuesby recordc…
Who is this?by Yawkellum
Vintage Ivory Tooth Carved Figure??by whitman75
Large Chinese figurineby Antique…
METAL STATUEby Kentuckymin…
Chinese sculpture vaseby Harris
Asian statueby Graidan
What is it???by rugoing
Faux Ivory Seated Emperor Carving / Qianlong Mark / Circa 20th Centuryby mikelv85
Vintage / antique Chinese figurine ?by Antique…
Carved Ivory Geishaby Weebeegone
Antique Buddha by Antique…
Antique Porcelain Buddha (marked)by stjohn
Antique Porcelain Buddha stjohn
Wooden Tibetan bustby ncdadof4
Beautiful carvingby ncdadof4
Vintage porcelain Happy Buddhaby Collect…
Antique Japanese / Chinese Laughing Buddha, Lohan or Hoteiby LuckyGurl
Chinese Brass Miniature Figurineby estilosa
Beautiful Asian Figure I Thinkby fionabl…
My Buddha Head Castingby fionabl…
Antique dehua blanc de chine figure with dogby kyratango
Asian carved statueby annadanna7
19th Century Mandalay Buddha with glass mosaicby cactusc…
ancient seven gods of luck hotei statuesby lydwolfe87
The Man Statueby laura2826
wooden vintage statueby laura2826
antique bronze statueby laura2826
standing female jadeite Buddha  32 inches tallby poppy52
Stone Ganesha statue  by being_huema…
Oriental figurineby Jsb
jade or not???????by Natalina
Buddha?by lokiddo
Balinese "Djanger" Dancer Bust /Part Two "Make Over Complete" by mikelv85
Teak or Mahogany Bust / 14 " x 6 1/2"  Marked "Siwa Bali Indonesia"/ Circa 1950-70by mikelv85
Not sure what it is. Vikkicowboy
three bronze figurinesby Steveke…
Chinese resin? man with Dummy, $5.00 from garage sale, need help! about 12 lbs. 20" tallby toracat
Asian Large figurine with Childrenby daezarnz
Porcelain Man on Fishby daezarnz
Chinese head iopan
Turn of the century -Large Chinese hand carved wooded figure by southcop
Clear glass Buddha - Avolokiteshvaraby ho2cult…
Big boyby barney69
Large Japanese (OKIMONO) Buddhist Zen Statueby cwpost
Porcelain Buddha Statue by thebasdagger
Oriental Ladyby dclee
antique asian carved boneby antikar…
Igorot Philippines Carved Bustby racer4f…
19thC India Temple wooden statueby HANUMAN…
Ganesha statue on Psychiatrist Couch!! 5+ toracat
Bronze goddess by Virgini…
Set of 3 Qing Dynasty Chinese Bronze Shoushanby Stillwa…
a little older chinese head of a sculptureby getthat…
ASIAN WARRIORby antique…
Buddha Collectionby Imbearly1
What is it?by rdsevern
Help With Mark & Infoby shell59
Asian Statuesby shardra
Repost  Need help!  What is this made of? Statue  Manchu Man?by toracat
Beautiful "Blanc De Chine" Porcelain Figure / Guan Yin Goddess of Compassion/Circa Mid 20th Centuryby mikelv85
bronze buddahby surfdub66
Glass box with Buddhist Statues or??  need help!by toracat
Exquisite Balinese Cameoby shrine
Antique Asian Farmer Carrying Hatby stwilli…
Buddha... by DrFluffy
Asian Figurinesby elainek…
Confucius Figurineby cab207
Asian Prince Figurineby cab207
Wooly Mammoth Tusk Carving at Ti Hotel in Las Vegas, NVby tom61375
Ivory Buddha  by NativeJ…
Seek info on this "Lion Capital" "lions of Sarnath"by chadwic…
Oriental Marble Statuesby LCoughlin
Tibet Tantric Phuba Knife  13.5" long Beautiful!!by toracat
Tibet Garuda statue!  Beautiful!!!  OLD!!by toracat
Asian Sculpturesby vintage…
wish I knew where she came from!by irene
Asian Scholar with Abacus Sculpture/Austin Products Co. Museum Reproduction "Durastone"/ Circa 1961by mikelv85
I cannot think of how to describe these two items. Pretty sure they are replicas but would appreciate any info. :) thanks!by Sarasheabut…
 Lot of Assorted Eastern Religious Items: Buddha, Shiva, Ganesh and More. Manufacturer/Markings:  Gamelan Bali -limited editionby toracat
Quan Yin Statue info?by Stevepatek
# 11436158 - Alabaster Koi Sculpture	$21.00	1	$21.00  NOT Koi, ex-wife (Japanese) said Goldfish!by toracat
REPOST of Amber statue, How Made? Why no one else bid? Are there millions of these?by toracat
Dazu China 50,000 statues as early as 7th Century AD! It was amazing!by toracat
Cute Monksby DrFluffy
Garage sale mistakes from long ago!  From box under bed!  Chinese man, China ball, brass baseball, wood leopard and man from Ecby toracat
Asian wood Blacksh…
3 asian statuesby kkhut
Asian Lighterby DrFluffy
Porcelain figurine don't know much aboutby Redcat1
Asian Ivoryby Jono
Buddha or Kwan Yin wooden 5 foot statue?by vincel
Bronze Fertility Tower Of Virgins Charm Thailandby houseofodd
"The Bird"by Clem
Jade Chinese Figurine Antique? Jade? Chinese?by stwilli…
Pottery Samurai Figure~ITALIAN? Great Detail, Color,..... Beautifulby Budek
Two foot tall Wood carvings by papa
Bronze samurai 100 years oldby dantheczech
Can anyone help me with exactly what these are?by TwoFeat…
A Pair of of Frogsby Willowann
monk  statue by biglou
Porcelain Catby Gregj
Multi-armed Blanc de Chine figurineby BigTex
Bronze? Chinese Figure, 2+3/4" high~Wood Plug in Bottom, minus a handby Budek
Bronze Monkey ?by cheyenne7
Old Chinese Manby Songwri…
Monk Figure by Songwri…
Chased Bronze figure of Manjushri - Gate Gate Parasamgate!by ho2cult…
Chinese Porcelain Horse and Rider Figure / Unknown Maker and Ageby mikelv85
Asian Statue of man on lion (?)by stigofthedump
Unkown Statue of Fukurokuju? Need help identifying ckeslinger
Asian Catby Songwri…
Reposting - Asian Figure by Songwri…
Rescued wood carvingsby sarahoff
Vintage Chinese Carved Fisherman Woodby Moonsto…
latest Rawilson34
Asian Wooden Figures by Songwri…
Mud menby sarahoff
# 13440239 - Handcrved Elderly Korean Men Statues  I DO NOT THINK SO!!!by toracat
Rare Piece! Need Help to identify!by MarioBros
Four statues  Wood, Metal, and Stone from around the world, sold together!  LOOKING UP!!by toracat
Budai aka Laughing Buddah- Wooden Figurine by MarioBros
 Guanyin Pusa aka Female Buddah figure made of Marble? by MarioBros
ASIAN BIG FISHby antique…
old japanses figures by donnamwheel…
Silver colored Thai Woman  Dancing statueby toracat
2 Boxwood Carvings~Chinese, Working Women~Great Detail~7" on Standby Budek
Old Terracotta Warrior Chinese Soldier Statue carved Stoneby dempsey…
Found a min ago muddy river any idea what this isby Treasurehun…
Japanese 7 Lucky Gods  Celluloid?  Vintage  Beautifully hand painted!by toracat
Asian porcelain pottery figure signedby slbkg
chinese lacquered wood Tu Di Gong statueby jrfm410
Buddhas Everywhere!by ho2cult…
Chinese Wood Carved Buddhaby Estater
Asian Buddha Figure by Songwri…
Sitting Buddha ?by Songwri…
asian shoushan carvingby jrfm410
asian wooden carved smiling person (buddha?)by johan_caers
Asian  Womanby Songwri…
Japanese Soldier ?by Songwri…
Gesha Girlby Songwri…
Soapstone villageby papa
Old Shoushan stoneby papa
Chinese Wanjiang Mudmanby Spiperato
Chinese Wanjiang Mudmanby Spiperato
Buddhist Statue, Beautiful!!!  Just Arrived!by toracat
Not sure what this is.  Am lost when it comes to old RedHat
Asian Wood Carvingby vintage…
Very large indoor ho2cult…
Asian Figures $16.09  I just wanted the bell and Dancing Shiva Nataraja, Tiger maybe not Asian?by toracat
Asian  Wax?   Koi  Fishby Songwri…
my  Asian monkby tugboat47
cast brass incense burner,  From?? Tibet?? by toracat
Antique Chinese Elephant Ivory Carving Dragon Puzzle Ballby cwpost
Bronze Statuesby J-drooger
I call this a "Temple Priest"by yourgigi
Does anyone know what these are or were for ? by Needingassi…
Can anyone tell me anything about this?by Needingassi…
Terrocata    firgures by Songwri…
Chinese  Ceramic  Figurine by Songwri…
Chinese Ceramic Figurine  by Songwri…
Chinese   Ceramic Figurine by Songwri…
Black buddha figurine!by nauris93
Smiling Bald Headed Buddah ?by Songwri…
Marble Buddha statue,   3.7 pounds  9" or 23 toracat
Ceramic   Chinese  man  With Long Finger by Songwri…
Does anyone know what these are?by Songwri…
Camel Ivoryby jwendell222
Help with Marks on Japanese/Chinese Fisherman FIGURINE Neededby LOUMANAL
Weather worn and moss-covered Buddha - still happy!by ho2cult…
Statuesque Asian Figurineby dmgarde…
ORIENTAL Bronze Head~From Larger Figure~4" h~Great Patina,...Origin & Age?by Budek
Sumampan Bali Wood Statue! on-line auction, It is so so so Beautiful, LOVE!by toracat
Carved Green Stone Geisha Girl??????????? by clutter…
Buddha Head "Aztec" is here and WOW!!!by toracat
TheThree Happy Godsby wathenspoms
New large Thai Buddha, 30 inch all four 30+ lbs. AND Local  "City of 10,000 Buddhist"by toracat
Ivory 6" chinese? or Japanese? woman Statue ...Early 1900s?by pipersophia
3 ft tall Kali Maa / Durgan Ma Stone Statueby ho2cult…
Two small Buddhist sculptures 6" tall, very well made!by toracat
Growing 'Head' or Bust Collectionby ho2cult…
Click any thumbnail image to enlarge Aztec Style Figurine  No Engravings HOW FUNNY IS THIS!!!!by toracat
possible a chess pieceby oleta33
Kwan Yin sitting on a Dragon Fish  5 inches tall, 1.6 Lb. Statueby toracat
Statue, WHO,   What is it made of?   Made  where?  11 inches tall, MYSTERY!!!  by toracat
Kitagawa Ivory by Chaddiesgirl
Beautiful Antique Bronze Horse - Chinese? by ho2cult…
Buffalo Horn Guanyinby davezqu…
Large cast bronze koi fishby Jdm1402
Erotic Jade ornamental Figurine - Two Lovers by inoldmoneyb…
Benihana Tiki Mug of Hotei Buddha - from Tokyoby ho2cult…
Unidentified Some king of Buddhaby Cesar_Costa
A couple of my Buddha by Phatbud…
Antique Hand Carved Chinese Iconographyby cwpost
Seven Lucky Gods    Japan  For kygurl who has the same set!by toracat
Buddha Statue  13 inches tall, 9.6 pounds, from India, I thinkby toracat
Wooden Buddhaby gussiesattic
chinese statuesby apatch823
Ancient Carved Staue of Soldier?by dempsey…
ancient or antique bronze small bronze statue?by dempsey…
19th century - a Burmese Mandalay Standing Wooden Buddha decorated with Thayo lacquer and glass mosaicsby ho2cult…
Antique Chinese Rootwood Carvingby Estater
Wood Carved Thai Buddhaby Estater
Oriental Girl Holding Dogby Estater
Antique Chinese Seated Manby Estater
Japanese Shogun? statue, on White Horse no markings on it,by toracat
Chinese bronze, Holy Man on Burro, 7.6 toracat
Japanese bamboo (?) statueby barbhayes
Buddha Statue? and Lord Hanuman, (Monkey God) Statueby toracat
Blue dragonby Saraiva
Chinese Mudmen by mark
more ho2cult…
I can't forget this Buddha Head in an old stone trough in my gardenby ho2cult…
A few more garden Buddhas / Boddhisatvasby ho2cult…
A few old buddha statues in my ho2cult…
Buddhist wood carved statue, 21 inch and 5 pounds, Name of this Buddhist Man?by toracat
chinese man and woman cant work out what they are made ofby herveybayol…
7 Lucky Gods figurines, Occupied Japanby kygurl32
asian flower ladyby jrfm410
India Diety Goddess and Buddha head  bronze What is name of Goddess?by toracat
yellow kimono asian girlby jrfm410
Asian Statue of a Womenby curhist…
What Is It?by fwperk
Unusual Portrait of Buddhaby Berliner
7 Lucky Gods on Dragon Boatby bewise
OLD Chinese rock carved manby bikermanboy
Arhat Rahula - Son of Buddhaby ho2cult…
Distinctively styled iconography - Tribute to a Humanistby art_lav…
Ivory Statuesby Johnkat
Amazing antique wood carvingby julius012
jade budda by napua333
Jade Lady with fishby LauraJeanLa
Five Oriental Figures by Action Enterprisesby jwendell222
Oriental Coupleby Stephanie
Painted Iron Buddhaby ho2cult…
Trying to find out what this statue is. Does anyone know? by Dykstra
Antique Zodiac Dragon Symbol Stoneware Jar/ Jug / Vaseby codegeass
Antique Chinese Qing period Carved Boxwood Monk(Luohan)by tonyee
Chinese Empress statue?by shelbee
Japanese Foo Dog or Guardian Dogby fritzy1976
I would love to find out what these statues are representing. Thanks!by fritzy1976
need help figuring out what these are and how oldby jaystryker
Asian Madonna?by weeklytreas…
Chinese Old Monkby ziggy1
EBONY PANTHERS - BALI (?)by vetraio50
Carved Statuesby michaelaclo…
Geisha removing her outer Kimonoby iamken
Japanese doll with Cherry Blossomby iamken
A geisha with a unique hairstyleby iamken
Geisha in Black Kimonoby iamken
Maiko with Paper Cranesby iamken
WAGASAby iamken
Ceramic Oriental man making shoes?by Songwri…
Copper(?) bookends from Java circa 1912by pcarney
A runway models starving Buddhaby papa
The Three Chinese Star Godsby jwendell222
Sitting smiling Buddah by Songwri…
Information about my emperor and fishinnphyl
My favorite Lizr25
Wood Figuresby mnglass
Vintage Asian Female Porcelain Figurineby Deborah77
Little Buddhaby musikchoo
Bali Wood Carvings of God  SIWA from 1960sby filmnet
Jet Netsuke Japanese Sumo ?by imander
Bronze Seated Quan Yinby jwendell222
Kitchen Buddhaby papa
Seated Girl with a Recorderby jwendell222
Asian Foo Dog Signed Statueby Songwri…
Bronze Thai dancer Bronze statueby philena
Ivory figuresby favorit…
Tang potteryby papa
My fav Statues but I don't know WHO?? THEY ARE?by j.a2pisces4u
Big rock, rose quartzby papa
Lapis stone carvingby papa
Fisherman and womanby bobjaramill…
Another Budhaby mayatini
Budha by mayatini
asian carved wooden warrior by mayatini
This Lady lived on the Mantel as wellby mayatini
Asian figures by mayatini
Foo dogsby papa
My Favorite God, the God Of Moneyby papa
Is this a Foo Dog? Family Seal?by pickrkn…
Any Body Know Anything About This? by BeauxPu…
Asian Wood Bustsby annepdx
stone carvingby dkelley
Asian Artby Ilikeart
Asian Artby Ilikeart
My Hear no vil and Speak no Evil Ceramic pspaws1
Kuan Yin Statue Identificationby Lkbrown
Buddha sculpture from (we believe) the 1904 World's Fair.  White marble; weight 300 pounds; 34" tall; 30" wide; 15" deep.  by buddhamystery
God of Long Lifeby jlennon…
asian statueby JRJR
Balinese Ancestor vetraio50
Vintage Mayan? Aztec? Asian? Wood Bust Carvings Circa 1925by mhowarth
Tiger/Man - Something Asianby caringwet
G. Ruggeri knight killing dragon statueby laurare…
Black stone Hindu statue?by PaPicking
Japanese Ivory Statueby doebu
Asian Wood Carvingby Enngga
Kutani porcelain figureby cocacolaman62
asian whatever ?by davemi65
Todays Goodwill Finds!  Ardalt Japanese Porcelain Figurineby Dizzydave
Hotie? found in a auction boxby fn9073
1940 Large Oriental Cork Carving in Glass Caseby Dizzydave
Fishermen on Boatby charlie11
Qyuan Yinby SIEO74
My Fav But Where Does It Come From???by sdpeluso
Thai Buddha Head Found on Jungle Floor 1963by erikblair
Asian Statueby Yank
Quan Yin (O Wata Tsumi)by SIEO74
c.1920's Kutani moriage duck statueby Woman34