Antique Mineral and Soda Water Bottles

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Peter Thornton cobalt blue cylinder South Shieldsby MALKEY
J & M Stephenson Morpeth bulb neck blue lip codd bottleby MALKEY
Raine  & Sons Egglestone by MALKEY
Shimmin's patent codd bottle Sunderlandby MALKEY
W Everton West Hartlepool British Islesby MALKEY
W.B. SHASTA SODAby olebodie
B&G SODA olebodie
John Arkle Morpeth cobalt blue hamiltonby MALKEY
Bertorelli Newbiggin By-The-Seaby MALKEY
Blue hamilton George Eland Newcastle on tyneby MALKEY
Emmersons Brothers Newcastle cobalt blue cylinderby MALKEY
William Hedley  Durham codd bottle North East British Isles by MALKEY
Mumby's glass bottle with swastika on corkby adampumpkins
Seltzer Bottleby Terex
Coca Cola Seltzer Bottleby Terex
Blue Bird Water Co. Bottleby Daphneduck
New Hutchby SpiritB…
Bottle Soda Water Lemonadeby PTmoder…
Delawareby SpiritB…
Ivory Bottling Co.  (St. Louis, Mo)by bottle-…
Sudheimer / Fennerty Soda'sby bottle-…
St. Louis Crystal Water & Soda bottle-…
Glass Bottles by Iras
Columbia Mineral Water bottle-…
Diggin' Down and Dirty (A Story on my Adventures.)by SpiritB…
Enno Sander Bottlesby bottle-…
Michigan, North Dakota (It's a Town) Bottleby SpiritB…
Ohio Soda Water Co. Columbus O. Trade Mark Registeredby rrtucker
Enno Sander Soda Bottleby Caperkid
=== Congress Spring ===by Sizzler
Smithtown L.I. Sodaby Sizzler
Gold Rush Era Soda Bottleby jerryn
soda bottleby Caperkid
Gerolsteiner Antique Bottleby cgull31
My Favorite Saratoga Mineral Soda Bottleby evanssm
Mini Glass Fluted Seltzer Bottleby fire.stone
Vintage Tripure 3-Sided Glass Water Bottleby Rtowns8…
a pair of seltzer bottle by crazydanmusic
Hand-Thrown Earthenware Bottle - SELTERS NASSAU, GERMANY - 1845-1920by BHock45
Miguel piris New Orleans by Dredged…
Very old soda syphonby daveymax
c Wagner Beaune fabrique de limonade acid etched bottle. twisted glass with original spigot with an engraving that says Emile Lby foonus
Early 1900s Pluto Mineral Water Aqua Glass Bottle by junqfus…
RARE Early 1800's Eagle Soda Water & Bottling Co. Santa Cruz Clear Glass Bottle W/ Glass Lidby junqfus…
Saratoga Vichy Bottle… Ted_Str…
J.F. KAUSLER Bottle, Sheboyganby Blacksh…
Old bottleby Vintage…
torpedo and hybrid soda bottlesby chubbies
St. Louis Cardinals Soda Water Bottleby ajamweiss
VIntage Seltzer Bottles, NY and NJby coverfame
old nehi seltzer bottle that I know nothing aboutby artlewis
Woodroofe glass bottle syphon by Antique…
The Mineral Water Jahuelby Yuko1946
Antique Torpedo Bottle Maltaby Skif
Art Deco Sparklet Syphon w/ Original Boxby Kreativevis…
<-> 1860's Savannah Soda Bottle <->by Sizzler
:::::John Ryan Ginger Ale:::::by Sizzler
-=-=Old Pontil - Clarke & Co. - Mineral Water Bottle=-=-  by Sizzler
Old Bottleby Vintage…
Welsh Ginger Beer Bottles in My collectionby bigglerum
Lily Springs Seltzer Bottleby bigglerum
My first bottleby bigglerum
Mineralized water bottleby Suz
Big Chief Seltzer Bottle, Coca-Cola Bottling tommy1002
===Saratoga Type Bottle===by Sizzler
What and how old is it?????by Lenny
Puritas Water Bottleby rhash
Wolverine Seltzer Bottleby elayem0…
++++ Old Sided English Mineral Water Bottle ++++by Sizzle
<<< Old English Torpedo Bottle >>>by Sizzle
**** Savannah Egales ****by Sizzle
~~~Savannah Egale Soda~~~by Sizzle
~~~Savannah Eagle Soda Bottle~~~by Sizzle
~~~A Man Cave Bottle Room~~~by Sizzle
Soda Siphonby Freddo
Mountain Valley Mineral Waterby digemup…
please help identify rustic glass vessel**SOLVED**by lmgrimsley
~~~1850's New York Mineral Water Bottle~~~by Sizzle
~~~Savannah Mineral Water Bottle~~~by Sizzle
~~~Charleston Soda Water Bottle~~~by Sizzler
~~~Charleston Mineral Water Bottle~~~by Sizzler
Mid Century Sparklet Syphon w/ Original Boxby elayem0…
Hippo Size Soda Waterby packrat…
Water Bottleby La.Pipeliner
Houck & Dieter Co. El Paso TX Bottleby gotwire
Seltzer Bottleby Flash1f…
H. Knebel Soda Squatby cocacol…
J.W. Mulberry Blob Top Sodaby cocacol…
Pontil bottle collectionby brettda…
Captial Soda Water Company - Seltzer Bottleby ctvogel…
Can anyone tell me if this is a mineral spring bottle? hat1010
Old Vintage Bottles from Brooklyn, NY, New York City and Long Islandby mkuszel
jackon's napa sodaby dosher100
Capital S.W.  Co  Soda Bottle  Columbus, Ohio 1800'sby nativeorigi…
1950's Cardboard Coca-Cola Carriersby…
Delicious Beverage Co,  1938  out of Cleveland, ohioby nativeorigi…
Lotsa Blue!!!  6 out of 8 are coalregions…
Uncle Luke'sby intech63
Oreschnick & Yokes, Crested Butte, Colorado Hutchinson Soda bottle, 1902by Mtgothictomes
G. A. Montag, "Buennavista, Colo." Hutchinson soda bottle, 1889by Mtgothictomes
Welsh's Bottling Works, Crested Butte, Colorado Hutchinson soda bottle, 1900by Mtgothictomes
Ice Water on the Shoreby harmonyjtrout
Nehi bottleby Tippy87
So-Grape soda bottleby Tippy87
Antique St. Louis Crystal Water and Soda CO. Bottleby CindyS
muncie indiana 6oz grapette soda bottleby vanskyo…
Devil Drink Bottle  Made 7-67by jndncenfl
1920's Hemingray Antique Old Embossed Red Arrow Bottling Works Detroit Mich 1 Pt. 8 Fl Oz. Aqua Blue Pop Soda Bottleby electob…
Towne club I have a little more then a full case of full bottles and about 5 empty bottlesby mayatini
Nice Vintage Hires Root Beer 14oz Green Bottleby rocklan…
Vintage "Primo the Champ" Soda Bottle?by rocklan…
Blue Seltzer Bottleby tommy1002
Harley-Davidson Spring Waterby Esther110
Insulators and Bottlesby brilz87
Cadillac Beverages Ginger Ale Co.  Detroit MI 12 Oz. ACL Bottleby electob…
Deacon Jones Beverages 10 Oz. ACL Soda Pop Bottle Plas Bottling Co. Saginaw, MI by electob…
1924 Prohibition Blatz Brewing Co. Gold Star Club Soda 1 Pint 8 Ounce Brown Bottle w/ Labelby electob…
The rest of my non Coca-cola bottlesby tommy1002
Ray's soda bottleby tommy1002
Gruber Bottling Works Seltzer bottlesby tommy1002
Boyes Springs Mineral Waterby LilyRoe
Vintage Sprite bottle and beer canby Mrj303
Antique "Star" SODA WATER BOTTLE, SCRANTON, PAby Jillbasha
Canada Dry Water by lightfoot17
Great embossed designby SugarLM…
Calso Water Bottle 1949by kkelsen
"It'll Tickle Your Innards"by Shellie…
Rare Ojay embossed soda bottle Memphis Tn 20's ~ #30'sby barefoo…
Hartford Club Beveragesby JungJim78
Made in England - Sparklets Mesh Seltzer Bottleby Bmurz
~~~Old Pontiled Artesian Water Bottle~~~by Sizzle
~~~Open Pontiled New York Soda Bottle~~~by Sizzler
Any value?by Paulette
Squeeze Soda Bottleby Sodapop…
~~~Old Pontiled Soda Bottles~~~by Sizzler
"Tiny" soda bottleby camberwell
Consumers bottling co key west fla soda bottleby egreenfeld14
Antique 7-UP Brass Bottle Openerby brandydauby
*****Old pontiled soda bottle*****by Sizzle
~~~~Old mineral water bottle~~~~by Sizzle
*****Old  pontiled mineral water bottle.*****by Sizzle
~~~Open Pontiled Soda Bottles~~~by Sizzle
<---> Pontiled Savannah and Charleston Soda's<---->by Sizzle
(-)====Old Southern Pontiled Soda Bottles====(-)by Sizzle
{}----Old Pontiled Long Island Soda Bottles----{}by Sizzle
Todays pick... by tikiray
Bottleby allwheels
bottle addictionby wonkapete
American Soda Water company bottles and wood crateby wihunting
Coffee tinsby blb10
Why I like painted label sodasby fishnuts
Soda Siphon - background unknown??by newcollector
Red Raven 1910's bottleby DaveMcBrayer
danville ct brown blob topby bottleman3
Dad's cone topsby dakaja
smile soda bottleby Harv
soda popby arelicz…
Old Clorox Howat
<----Old Pontiled Soda Bottles---->by Sizzler
<<<<<Old Pontiled Soda Bottles>>>>>by Sizzler
~~~Old Pontiled Soda Bottles~~~by Sizzler
Some of my pieces from the PA "Coal Region", Lehigh Valley, and coalregions…
<----Savannah smooth base mineral waters---->by Sizzler
~~~Savannah Mineral Water's~~~by Sizzler
-~-~ Savannah smooth base mineral water's~-~-by Sizzler
-----Savannah Ginger Ale Bottles-----by Sizzler
::::Saratoga Spring Water Bottles::::by Sizzler
~~~Four Charleston Pontiled Soda Bottles~~~by Sizzler
Canda Dry "Wink" 10ft tall fiberglass bottleby Lukedawg
Amazing Cindy
Cock 'n Bull Ginger Beer Bottleby Grendel…
cola bottlesby underdog
Vintage Coca Cola Bottle?by slong1206
Rieger Bottling Wks beer (?) bottle Binghamton, NYby Kristiesox
$$$$-Old Pontiled Soda Bottles-$$$$by Sizzler