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Apple Macintosh Keyboardby gussiesattic
my steam driven computerby ralph
Mitsi Mouse by Mitsubishiby Jlmcinn4
sharp mz 40k from 1978by getthat…
CPC Flight charmso…
7 inch record / Data on a Platter / Technology ? stardriver399
Sinclair ZX Spectrumby Digitali5
The Timex Sinclair 1000 (TS1000)"Computer 1982"by Alan2310
E.T.Early "Computer"by musikchoo
Early HDD diskby Kollector
Kaypro 2000 Base Unit Part # 81-041 Original Box 1980's Docking Stationby sjcoffey
radio shack tandy trs 80 antique computerby popscol…
1984-vintage sinclair spectrum plus michael…
Vintage Apple II Personal Computerby toric
GRiD Compass 1101 & 1139by Zimtower
IBM PS/2 MODEL L40 SXby marylo1970
Old Computer....looks like a Mac !!by Farkie
Apple IIGS Complete Setupby TanruNomad
Osborne 1 Desktop modelby velner
Atari  XE  8  bit  computer system and game  flight simulator,  ataristic, fun vintage system to playby cotszy
Working Apple ll c with Apple printerby jmcdann
My old Apple IIe - 1983 tech - still runs like a top!by jimmymac64