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nippon girlby Hoosier…
Two horses Galloping wild glossey bone chinaby Callin2jim
Cats n Fishby shareur…
Porcelain figurine lamp by Hunting…
2nd pottery pug by Arthurs36
Pottery pug dogby Arthurs36
Lefton angelsby Angelacollier
spaghetti dog ceramic --italianby sourgrapes
asian statue-woodenby sourgrapes
 What is it? Any idea how old this might be? It was a gift from my grandmother from Russia 68 years lorieae
Odd figurine set found on fishers island...this 1 is part of the same line of 3 with hands on each others shouldersby WaterJe…
Vintage Dickens Mother and Two Daughtersby jef624
Unfinish Sculpture Seated Womanby Midnight1208
Tall Resin Statue Violin Playerby Midnight1208
TOBY SCULTUREby antique…
Baloo figurineby CursedEar
Murano Glass Clownby pbennet…
Two Girls as Victorian Bookendsby pbennet…
Floarl dog or donkey planterby vintagefind…
White porcelain figurine girl with basset hound (unmarked)by DrSandi48
Rare Richard Rohac bronze African boy on turtleby AmandaA…
La Femmes girl  6" figurineby Ballsto…
Miniature Ceramic Clownby Midnight1208
COOL CATby antique…
Ceramic pomanders part 2by racer4f…
Ceramic pomanders part 1by racer4f…
Carved Wooden Statues Ethnic Origin Royal Coupleby Axolotl
Dose anyone recognize the black panther statue or signature? by Sidde1234
Teddy bear family - pottery jarsby martika
Ceramic Clown Bust Applying Makeup Signed Henryby Vintage…
Chinese or Korean? Standing Figure With Sword, Tall Hatby margiecuth
Fine Porcelain  Mouse Playing Guitar by Truthis…
My Little Efesgirl
Retired Sandicast Cockatoo 1994 Signed By Sandra Brueby Efesgirl
Hummel Trademarkby irmgardbarker
Chinese New Year, Year of Monkey!   Carved stone of some kind in cloth covered wood box with ivory claspby toracat
Ceramic Gazelle Sculptureby ho2cult…
Weird looking 4 inch tall sculpture-strange man on strange horse? Possibly Egyptian -solid silver?by Chi-Tre…
Chinese Figurines by BrookePender
bronze figurinesby betrimon
Glazed Nenette and Guitar player chalkwareby tonysmith
Big, heavy DISNEY figurineby Mrc
Baby Deer - Fawn ornamentby Iras
Gobel Bird / Sussex made Boxer type dog/West Germany Pony and SylvaC dogby GeodeJem
Zoton Pewter metal figurine in racing running pose, I believe its the drug company logo but GeodeJem
Chalkware Head Statueby nutsabo…
BOY IN BLUE by antique…
Early 60's floor lamp by Mirodan, made in Belgium by soitalian
Victorian Woman Sitting On Sea Shellby Lizr25
Spelling studentby Bdelorenzo84
Lenox Trinket Boxby nutsabo…
Jema Holland (423) Wolf Mantle Clockby hutchy777
Dog collection by Alvisod…
German made Porcelain china Ceramic little girl figurine not Hummel or Goebel but otherby GeodeJem
 Indian Chief sitting with peace pipe appears to be chalk ware possibly vintage by mikeigo…
Inarco Japan - Virgin Mary Vaseby nutsabo…
Swap Meet Figurine, 2 of 2 -- Help?by katheri…
Jack and Jill figurine, Brad Keelerby katheri…
looking for info was grand porsche911
Two Drunk Monks & A Dog...Merry Monks Stoneware Figurine Decanter Bottle Spainby Efesgirl
jugendstil putto by KARLSRUHER MAJOLIKA -WILHELM SÜS?by paris1925
Harley Davidson eagleby Jarhead
Vintage Goebel Siamese Kitten and Catby nutsabo…
My favorite wood figures. 7in tall wood figures made in Italy aprox age is 50yrs by dixonktcats1
Cast Iron 'Playful Kitten'by TallCakes
lovely brass horseby ibrahim56
1940 Brayton Laguna Figurines - a Couple in Pyjamas?!by ho2cult…
Porcelain Snailby ho2cult…
Anyone know what this is?by jaws708
Geisha Statue 26cm height, teak wood stand and glass case,circa 1880sby jsother
Wooden asian woman carrying fruitby Sarahsthings
German Flea Market find - help!by ellyoracle
Collie dog figurineby martika
Rabbit figurine by AuntMolly
Shepherd figurinesby Rofurn
11" porcelain figures, "Mr and Mrs.  Rabbit"by slkeena
Royal doulton english bulldog by Alvisod…
What is this ceramic cat?by CBlastyearl…
Antique chalkware figureby AuntMolly
beautiful bisque girl bustby robin56
"Ortho" Medical Model by vintage…
Indian chief and little white dove lampsby Signaho…
Gold Thimble Whiskey Bottleby Flossie
Madonna In The Clouds-Goldscheiderby AME
19" Old man Christmas Doll?by cooper09
Murano Glass Figurine 15 inches tallby pipmonck
Rare Glass Figurines  by G Toffolo of Murano by pipmonck
Sweet oil lamp from Holland ?? 1938 from my mumby Streaker
Italian Wedding Figurineby getnormal
Vaga International Rotterdam Ceramic Figure Catholic Praying Nun 1960s (?)by Efesgirl
Chinese Figurine w/ Wood Baseby TrudiCa…
Iridescent Porcelain Ballerina Figurine Dressed As Swan ?by zoso
My grandmother's Japanese ladyby Mamakat2467
Mercury Glass Deerby LeeAnnS
My favorite vintage Mercury glass hand blown deer LeeAnnS
Unmarked Victorian Lady Figurine ?                                                       by dmfrank
Watercarrier girl figurineby martika
Small boy figurineby martika
Egyptian???by Jlkehoe
Leather Horse Figurineby keburt73
child's zoo collectionby eduardo
Stoneware cat figurine/tileby tskram
Antique Dancing metal figurine by Maryg1103
Rare Anzengruber Negerbaby mit Vase, latest purchaseby AmandaA…
Carrara marble base and the Pizza boy on top, marked as Carrara marble but what is the boy called or model number?by GeodeJem
7 point ? crown Capodimonte Cup Vessel by candiceewert
unusual color on this Basset Houndby manya77
New Jerseyby loup5076
Chalkware Catsby estsale…
SHHHH I'm Hunting Wabbitsby AzTom
monkey troubleby ejennye
cute owlby ejennye
 cute owlby ejennye
Figurine Bust Ceramic Porcelain Figure Female Ladyby the.kin…
Terracotta Pucara Bull from Peruby ho2cult…
Thrift Shop Find: Graefenthal Horse & Carriage Figurine, East Germanyby Efesgirl
"Dog eat Dog World" Trinket Box Antiquark PO '94 UK by Bergenp…
Santo from Brazil by Jose Bezerraby ho2cult…
Napcoware 3 1/2" figurineby Ballsto…
Napco April Daisey Figurineby Ballsto…
Native Dancer, a Horse figurine on wood base brand new boxed today's find from a charity GeodeJem
Antique Elephant Statue Felt Bottomed Feet by zoso
Birth of Jesus Christ figurinesby MAVG01
Wood carved doll holding elf dollby Karebare1
GENUINE LEGENDWARE  ( England ) Chalkware - Canadian Indian Chief by antique…
Ornate metal base lamp with angel playing an instrument by heavenatious
Solider`s of the 42nd Black watchby David1970
Angel Cat with Wingsby pamelac…
dog family figurinesby robin56
Cast Iron Hare with Basketby LovelyPat
The tragic tale of this sweet little guy :(by katheri…
Giant Pink Horsey!by ho2cult…
???What Is This Creature???  Lusterware Critter Trinket Dish, Markedby Efesgirl
Bust of a young woman by Boleslaw Cybis - Cordey China Co. - Trenton, NJ - 1940sby ho2cult…
1940's matte aqua pottery valenti…
Rex Valencia Figurineby Hoosemon
Ron Lee Lara Sculpture on a Carousel Horseby herbgrower
What is this? Description below. Thank you!by jpfromfl
"boy with trumpet" metzler ortloffby getthat…
Couple at wishing wellby Coreenfw
staffordshire figure by bigsven
Shergar Horse and Jockey figurine on wood base, a lively example for a GeodeJem
Marcia of California figurineby dlope
Vintage Childs Pottery Eyeglasses Holder Ceramic Bald Eagle Arnel'sby pamelac…
Relative of the 3 "No Evils" Of An Earlier Post...Spectacles Holderby Efesgirl
Lady with Dog on Chairby Christo
Lady with lute playerby Christo
Pigeon Statue 1950s 1960s?by Efesgirl
Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Efesgirl
Inuit Soap Stone Carvings by rr11ccee
Dahl Jensen porcelain English bulldogby Alvisod…
Glass figurine by Eryka Trzewik Drostby Ivonne
damn dangerous getthat…
Deer hunting for Ivonneby racer4f…
Phoenixby Boshevski
Weatherby Made in England Toucan type long beaked china ceramic bird multi colouredby GeodeJem
Nice Signed Lipstick Holder?by FirstBuzz
Unknown, would like to Crtnybrrydvs
19" Japanese Woman made of Ivoryby Rcarter344
My first collectible - the affection value here is huge - great grandmother gave this to meby Ontheve…
Goebel Berdz - Eddy Brainbirdby racer4f…
Vintage Resin Wall Mounted Flatback Sculptures Flea Market Findsby Efesgirl
CanyonRoad----->Peculiar African Terracotta Sculpture w/Clockwise Swastika , Thrift Shop Find - An Urn???by Efesgirl
My Chinese Manby tazza
Australian kitsch courtesy of Japanby racer4f…
Antonio Barsato's Two Men With Dogby klhljh1907
Carved wood hippo by Tangoes
What can this be?by Chinagirl123
help tell me what they are and how rareby vintage…
Figurine my mum bought at a marketby krbj
Vintage Italian White Reindeer Collection by antiquejen
No markings on these figurinesby Chinagirl123
more picsby sharonann
Here is closeup of piano baby?by Chinagirl123
No markings on this itemby Chinagirl123
Retro cat figurinesby Oldjake
Old Yellow Wide-mouthed Frog ?by ho2cult…
Mexican Panduro Figure ?by ho2cult…
american children 363 spilling milkby sharonann
Retro Kitsch Gold Horse Drawn Carriageby motherpearl
Living with kawaiiby racer4f…
Baby Week 8 ?by jimmiejong
No markings & I can't find reference. What do I have?by Npmv
My Nubian Queenby Mrs.Bennett
Wade Figurine'sby Caperkid
Kitch souvenir 50's elefants under palmtrees in glass by UFFE
Paper boy by Bornlosers20
Hobo on Benchby AZHroba
Art Deco walnut rare Laszlo Hoenig sculptureby AmandaA…
Rosenthal Boxerby Alvisod…
Devil boy playing a drum by Moller159
Boy with rabbit figurine ?by Mazzyb
Who is this?by sbkichula
Man with pot belly and feathersby Wuntoo
vitorian figurine vintageby maryvjo…
Basset Hound Statue - Plasterby conchseller
Ceramic Male Military Dress & Female with Crown & Baby-Beautiful Blueby hotjunk
Garden Wall Beautyby Efesgirl
Wax figurine Art Deco by FairyFan
Pocerlain figurine lamp mid 50s or earlierby Rob2000
Ivory statueby ValerieWest
Chalkware store display 1930sby mcheconi
Boy Scout copper statueby Takeyou…
Vintage Clay Shaolin Monk figurine painted with acrylic Karls.c…
Who am I?by Stewartkati…
Late Grandmother's Figurinesby magpie1983
Royal doulton doberman by Alvisod…
Chinese Ming Toy Quan Yin?by Karls.c…
Napolionic Military Figureby yuri1918
Ivory/Alibaster nude woman sculptureby dotbyth…
Manx Mama and Kittens - Another Mother w/ Babies on Chainsby ho2cult…
litle sheepby aura
old figurineby aura
My mystery by Karen72
Cute pottery animalby loakey
Children Figurine Dressed as Chicksby marika200
Dresden White Porceleine Money With Ballby ccmerino
Hummel - Little Girl on a Swanby LuckyStar555
Really cute terrier statueby Lrnmsgirl
royal dux czech figureby adachina
small art deco rosenthal porcelain goat paris1925
Fridrich Goldscheider editions & Petri scuptor. alabaster paris1925
Ceramic "Vanity Bird" by LovelyPat
One of the first Royal Dux figurines 1860 signed by the man alison64
Cherub holding a basketby Andycovo
Maybe an endless match type of lighter.  by dstruble46
Greek figurineby AuntMolly
Antique figureby AuntMolly
Franklin Mint Intruder Alert Bronzeby tigerch…
12 German Hand Carved Folk Art Wooden Figurinesby JodyLee
Vintage Italian AuntMolly
Boy in tub figurineby PjsCollection
B&G large harlequin great dane by Alvisod…
meissen only 330 made  .how old is it ?rare ? by dusktilldawn
Dam Efesgirl
Old Saint statueby furia
boudoir lamp with shadeby GrammaL
Bisque figure of a boy by Andycovo
Russ Berrie and Co Miss December Figurine by KittyBrandon
Beswick comical Duck on Skiesby ErnestW…
Pretty Hand Painted Porcelain Bear - Poland? Spain? by Efesgirl
Bronze Bali Dancersby okeydokey
Bambi 21" tall by Mikeonbike
bust soldierby brassnut
Lady Statue with Water Jug and Bucketby StillLearning
Fox on wooden plinthby tigerch…
Chalkware Porn - Rita Hayworth - 1940?by ho2cult…
Heavy Toad paperweight who is makerby farmall55dude
Wood Carved Jiminey Cricket from the 90'sby auntekristy
Maiden with tambourineby ali-true
Oriental figurineby Sharon.otoole
Rescued Victorian Damselby Aaugust14
Otter with fishby brendaoelbaum
gerhard schliepstein figurineby getthat…
Hjorth glazed terra cotta monkey c1930sby…
Antique Clay Male Figurineby Savvy
Rare Susie Singer Wiener Werkstatte figure groupby AmandaA…
Volkstedt Dresden Ladies Piano and Harpby nderider
I don't have any information if anyone could BigKidsKoll…
case iron girl by crazydanmusic
What is itby Londonrose
unknown Boy/ Girl old brown figurines by junkshopper
AuxTortues Paris Girl Figureby Maggimaz
Have NO idea where or what these are....but I love them!by glhendricks
Art Deco Dancing Woman Pottery Planter / Vaseby antiquefrek
Vintage Dresden lady figurine with tambourine by Houdigreta
lamps received from a friendby butterfly218
(Staffordshire Porcelain?) Zebra and Snake Spill Vasesby JoyB
Antique Porcelain German Figurineby powerspaychex
maiden with basketby oldyeler007
Muller Volkstedtby eye4bea…
For $1.00~!! 1972 Goebel West Germany Irish Chimney Sweep Toby Jug & Sugar Pot by Efesgirl
busy with bulldogsby Collect…
Brass village peopleby Alsmutts
German Porcelain Clownby giolove…
Two dogs by mowgli191
Dog made in Taiwan by mowgli191
Russian(?) Folk Artby Vintageole
hand made chawlk donkey and mattynewall
hard mineral frog with Stylized F, St. Petersburgby janiekay
Folk Art Wisemen by AntiqueAdmi…
Rosenthal Sculptural Porcelainby VioletO…
Little Cowboy Figurineby poody1
Basalt Looneby disneypoppop
My recently aquired bearby Hamish
Strange Clown Object! What is it used for?by PostCar…
Muriel originals Josef? Angelsby Jvrixel
Red Devil Cast Iron Advertising Pieceby saucydame
Pre Columbian ?by Christo
Story Teller Figure by foseatme
Chinese Court Lady Figurine Potteryby SophieL…
 Pierrot Chalk Wareby VivaRetro
Brass Deerby FindersLane
Volkstedt Minton Darby Dresden ? Please help identify maker mark old porcelain man with dog hard paste by ronsoverstu…
Charisma England Porcelain HA WAIN Horse Figurinesby JodyLee
Set of 12 Children of Culture Figurines by Napcoby NaturesCorn…
Vintage Bowling Monkeyby mommaleenie
Lady of the Waterby lisa2010
Caribbean Carousers?by Retronaut
old man with fishing pole with fish bowl in lap by daniel803
Dresden Figurineby Poop
Wonderful little clay Sculpture~Boys with a Donkey~Mexican?by Budek
some of my bulldog figurinesby Collect…
Wood Carved Sitting Pigby maxiebaby0914
Figurine man and lady vaseby Mumof_three
unsoved mystery,  trying to find out what it isby crash2673
Doorstop Cat?by FirstBuzz
I love her!  She is a party girl... Asian not sure if she's porceline or not.. she is so coolby cini5210
Thrift Shop Find: Mystery Seated Japanese Woman With Red Craneby Efesgirl
Whit porcelain family erlume dog from Japan pre warby Sumfisher
Royal Copenhagen and Bing & Grondahl ,Porcelain Trout no 2169"Svend Jespersenby Alan2310
does anyone know anything about this lamp?by Chauntel300
Figurine by Mzjenny
Hunca muncaby loakey
Vintage ceramic baseball figurinesby Ballsto…
Impressive Murano Glass Figureby PatriciaBel…
Pair of bisque figurines-are these something?  If so, what?by Pencil-neck…
Who is she, What is her name?by ill29
Owl frogby cncc2
Thrifting with my step daughterby MeliG
Small Black Forest bear holding Vaseline glass epergneby Vintage…
What country was this made in ?by Katestlouis
wonderful art deco frogby cncc2
dalmationsby Dukedig…
Blue rabbitby Dukedig…
Gargoyle?by soleil25
Antique Hiking Boy Figurine - West Germanyby Anil
Wade figurinesby Caperkid
Wade figurinesby MeliG
Pair of Art Deco Pierrot Porcelain Bookends, French or German?by Villaret
Topless Dancing Figurineby Beedubb
Two Little Catsby Aurigae54
Pre Coast Guard Honorary Statue by Freerless
Bronze figurinesby Ulose2sus
Kreiss Psycho porcelain figure vulture??by mmcollec
Not sure anythink about this carved figure by leahmjf
My Great-grandmother's jewelry dishby KylieG
Grandpa sitting in chair with sailboat. 3 inches wide 7inches high, 5 in ches deep. Right foot on box. Pastel water color Billiam
Ceramic, grandma pumping for four ducks. 5inchesby Billiam
KPM Porcelain Cherubsby MeliG
Metal figurineby were
Chalkware Wall Plaqueby Ccret1
Hands and Heart Vaseby nutsabo…
Pair of pugsby Glasgowroad
German "Volkstadt" Porcelain Allergorical Cherub-Putti Grouping /Circa 19th-20th Centuryby mikelv85
Capodimonte Pitcher with Gold Writing Underneathby Oretia
Mother Goose Potteryby PostCar…
 "PARROTS" Handpainted to WATER YOUR PLANTS  (Hardly used)by PostCar…
Wire hair fox terrierby Alvisod…
Royal copenhagen catby Alvisod…
Michelin Man Bobble charmso…
Help me identify my grandmother's ceramic figurines!by Curioiusinc…
 Cross Looking Eros Bustby rebecca1967
asian statue (chinese or japanese?)by shaygirl
Gypsy Statueby DerBayz
How now brown cow part II!by ho2cult…
How now brown cow?!by ho2cult…
Rocking Horseby ho2cult…
Liquor Bottle-handpainted- turban black lady-ceramic-bustby diamondgirls
Teddy Bear Bank by Curious…
Colonial, Porcelain(?), Statuette.  Please help me ID him or his set.  Thx!by MarkyMarc
The Forgotten Man Chalk Bankby ChrisB
Tom and Jerry?by Asheras…
Time for Tea and Gossip - Geisha Girlsby PinupMom
My lampby Bigb
Exquisite flowers... by Curious…
Girl figurine 1981by Curious…
Eastern Bluebird KW1637 Figurineby themichigan…
Art Deco Jester Figurineby Anil
Bronze Lion by billypi…
Beautiful double handled vasesby robin56
Italy made large porceline antique bowl it has two cherubs and a large flower on the other side of bowlby Stephanie-K…
Asian porcelain figureby alliececile
Fakeye statue helpby SimplySandy
What are these? We love them!by Boggywoggy
Lisa Larson figurine 1960by kivatin…
Victorian porcelain man and womanby TinGin
Royal Haeger pheasantby racer4f…
Favorite Websiteby nutsabo…
Cutest item in the weekly collection on show and tell. SylvaC 16 59 green and white lamb!by GeodeJem
Black metal elephant with Mahout figure-Franz Bergman figure?by kschmock
Great Grandmother's Doll Figurine - looking for info pleaseby Hockeymom53
Is it Capodimonte? Date of manufacture?by Sherry53
Art Deco Or Nouveau Covered Woman Maybe Resinby mssue64
Advertising Black americanaby ladybug2
Large Brass elephant by Elephan…
Capodimonte blue bunny?by EAPGDep…
Carved Marble Pantherby universityp…
Lefton Harlequin Vases with my Sascha Brastoff  Boxby Spunkys…
Large borzoi porcelain figureby Alvisod…
Glazed ceramic planter with three female figuresby Birdie
Scottish regimental ceremonial dress figurineby katheri…
Porcelain dalmatian figure by Alvisod…
MW California Figurineby AQ-antiqueq…
Pink coral carved mlesage54
cheeky monkey, can anyone read the stamp ?by alison64
Parastone Grandma Limited Edition 1987by Efesgirl
My Collection of 1940s Horse Figurines with Individual Stands by dlwarner729
6ft underby Ashkyblue
Antique clown decanterby PrimePickins
Asian dolls - wood head, cloth garmentsby TinaL
Anyone know the origin of my golden lion container?by HalcyonDays
Chalk ware man with green hat and Googly eyes. The hat comes off. 1930's? Germany. 7886.  May be a trinket or tobacco box. by Daisy2z
Goat Shepherdess  by rnathan
A Goldscheider Pottery Nursery Clock - A Child and Her Pet Rabbit circa 1900 by kiwipaul
Dancing Frogsby Ballsto…
California Pottery Brown and White Spotted Dog S/P Shakerby ho2cult…
Vintage Bookendsby Ballsto…
My 1950s Dime Store Chinese Deer Collectionby Efesgirl
Fan Tail Pigeon Blanc De Chine Figurine / Luigi Zortea, Bassano Italy /Circa Mid 20th Centuryby mikelv85
"Esco Products" New York / 18 " Chalkware Statues/"Muses"  Music and Poetry /Circa 20th Centuryby mikelv85
Identify ETHNICITY of these, 11" high wood couple. Hand decoratedby PostCar…
male female figurines, wood effect but they are some kind of ceramic underneath. my mum loved them, curious to know more? by dc7440
Statuesby paulmar…
Japan Hummel Wanna Be 1950sby Efesgirl
Kiev Ukrainian Porcelain Seamstress Vintageby Efesgirl
Kaiser bisque porcelainby sdeshaies
Bronze horse, supposed to be more then 200yo?by sdeshaies
Possible Conta & Boehme? A little help- pretty please?by DangerD…
A pair of Italian Maiolica Blackmoor figurinesby Lawther
Antonio Borsato  1905-1981  Italian Porcelain  Artistby Antonio…
Play Gypsy Playby Antonio…
Little Surfer Boy from Hawaii?by ho2cult…
Toby Jug?by emarquess
Anri children singingby Vintage…
Anri? wood carved hunter figureby Vintage…
King and queen?by African-diva
Stone Pony /Unknown Material, Maker, and Ageby mikelv85
Carving of an Asian childby surfdub66
porcelain dollby Noel8
help! Google has no info on themby MoMo000
Interesting 50's era figurine?by Kimberli
Little ( brass?)  bearby Vintage…
Wade Heath Bonzo!!by surfdub66
Brigitte Bardot? A flea market findby Efesgirl
Can't find this one anywhere -beautiful Dresden figure by Efesgirl
Chinese porcelain Grandma's discussing their Hedge Funds and 401K's!!by toracat
"Santini" Italy Composite Resin "Ivorine" Oriental Figurine / Circa 20th Centuryby mikelv85
Cute little Ruben Pigby parealtor313
My Asain Beauty Statuette BUT from WHERE?and who made HER?by KARL-SI…
chinese figurineby oddsseeker
Christopher robin bump down stairsby laura09
Cookie Jar by Redwire
Mom's Bear Collection (purchased in Ohio) by ernmack
The Three (Lladro) Bears LuluX
RARE ART DÉCO JEWEL IN ORANGE (Royal Dux Lioness)by circaco…
Howard Pierce? Mid-century Fox?by ho2cult…
Cowboy dancing with a saguaro and still smiling!by ho2cult…
The Whole Glass Collectionby dolllov…
Ceramic Mickey?by Gill246
Unknown Fishermanby FishermanGu…
Linus' Little Sister?by ho2cult…
hand carved game bird in glass domeby J4Coyote
Small  7" Cloisonne Crane / Circa 20th Centuryby mikelv85
Royal Dux Bohemia tigerby ABklynguy
Help needed to identify ceramic figurine?by Topic63
Pink pussycat candleby ABklynguy
Naturecraft bulldog by Alvisod…
Sandicast bulldog by Alvisod…
a little soldierby keekeem…
South American Pottery? Soldier and Farmer?by HistoryIsFun
Fisherman - Chinese God? Japanese? Indian? by HistoryIsFun
Carved wooden Indianby sbkichula
Horse Cart Figurines by ho2cult…
Large Bird Figurines signed 'BRAZIL'?by ho2cult…
Italian Cat Figurine by owlerj2510
Pure crystal bird antique over 30 years +by andrealena
Green glass elephants by Elephan…
Boyd Glass Elephant by Elephan…
Mother and child elephants by Elephan…
Silver elephants by Elephan…
White elephant with tie by Elephan…
Bone china elephant by Elephan…
Unknown elephant by Elephan…
White and Gold Elephant by Elephan…
 Pair of "Art Deco" Chalkware 12" Figurines / Marked "Kupur" Frederick Cooper Studios/Circa 1930by mikelv85
Dogs playingby Carolpa…
Figurine, bisque or chalkware?by katheri…
Moby dick statue / carvingby ABklynguy
vintage bulldog by Alvisod…
Large carved wood owl by Alvisod…
Black Forest Bearby Vintage…
Any information appreciatedby bloomoon
Beautiful little blue porcelain bird! Fairly newer I think. Any idea of age?by JoyB
Mystery itemby wiseowl
Lejanci Italie Porcelain Dancing Coupleby lougirl67
pink panthers brother :-) lolby surfdub66
Can anyone identify this piece? by Suel
Mystery item ... anyone know where this was made?by wiseowl
California? Pottery Art Beautiful Woman Figural Trinket Candy Dish by chrissycoll…
Barthelemy ivory Art Deco sculpture by kivatin…
Modern green glaze ceramic hippo figurineby WanderingMi…
Large Porcelain Pig, Detailedby gleaningz
Small figurineby Leighanneco…
Figurines, any help with identification?by biowil
Toby jugby EddyCrook
English figurinesby EddyCrook
Italian figurineby AuntMolly
Natashaby Kutsen
old tribal wood carvingby surfdub66
French legras glass bottleby colours
Bisque porcelain cocker spaniel by Alvisod…
My mystery horse in a shining glazeby Hoipolloi
Japanese porcelain statueby CHaufe
Glass Monkeyby Zowie
Wooden Buffloby Zowie
Brass Bearby Zowie
Mary poppins pewter figurineby saleb117
Tarot/Palm Reader and Ladyby Witchie1331
1940's Chalkware Polynesian Head Vaseby rocker-sd
Horse Figurineby melaniej
wood carvings/ surfdub66
Old Porcelain Gnome - German?by ho2cult…
tribal carvingby surfdub66
Universal statuary native american comic coupleby Pagagee
Mystery white glaze sculpture of a adolescent boy marked mmollari
Vintage liquor bottle by ABklynguy
It says RA 510606 on the base of this ornaments wondering if the valuableby Marjory
Romeo & Juliet table lamp, porceline bisque Zalian6161
ERPHILA Germany Big Red Dogby CherylD
A few Small Head Vase Favorites and One Large!by ikaryn
Disney Goofy Wall Hanger Mountby Sctirish1
Paid $2by CoffeeHound
found metal detecting un sure  she missing body partsby pulltab
Brass Cherub Bellby katyrose
Zen/buddah figureby Quote27
Casades made in Spain porcelainby N8ve
Winnie The Pooh ( Figure )by antique…
partial glazed MCM terracotta clay sculpture, unmarkedby teegee
Anyone know what this is?  by goode60
Small Indian American by The_prophet6
Mid-Century? Deco? Heron Mantel Clock, Unknown Makerby hoosier…
Little Pixi Girl :)by Lise
capodimonte snow white & 7 dwarfs as pensioners!by siz
Hummel (?) MarkMcK
beswick horseby ORBAMAN
ceramic  figurine  by LoriBeth
Wood carvingsby Nkjones
Antique matte porcelain  dogs by martinl…
Royal Doulton Bunnykins Cllectionby collect…
Yellow Porcelain Glaze Budda? Figures ID?by maryjane08
wood figurine by mowgli191
Mary of the Sacred Heart plaster wall hanging by valenti…
Armani Animal Figurines, More of My Collectionby FanciGirl
More Giuseppe Armani Women Figurinesby FanciGirl
Tiziano Galli Figurineby philmac51
Golden Faceless Mother and baby? Need help!  by mxmarin…
Vintage Female Figural Ring Dishby pkloste…
Bronze Statue of Pekingeseby Marchel
Russian Decanter?by Chi-Tre…
Big dog by mowgli191
Cat laying down by mowgli191
Dog made in USAby mowgli191
My gorgeous mystery lampby Jmustang
ceramic birthday angelby mariann
Dog with some puppies by mowgli191
Please help me identify by valery0909
Teracotta figurineby bobgreyvens…
small cat? by mowgli191
Laying down dog by mowgli191
Dog with a silly hat by mowgli191
Small catby mowgli191
one adult cat and two babies by mowgli191
Dog made in Germany by mowgli191
Art Deco Figureby upstate…
Two dogs by mowgli191
Cat... with the eyes that watch you walk across the room by floorsp…
rickshaw manby surfdub66
Set of Three Goebel Angelsby katyrose
Antique German Rabbit Riding Egg Cart by AuntieM
Easter Islandby dmarton1
Dog flower pot by mowgli191
Gray, black, and white cat by mowgli191
Dog flower pot by mowgli191
Two Lions by mowgli191
Dog flower potby mowgli191
Felt & Cloth  doll painted face racquet in hand 1950s or olderby vintage…
Dog banksby Aveeance
Unknown mini statue found in basementby zmallory
Bear and Cub Ceramic Figurine / Unknown Maker and Ageby mikelv85
Bird drinkerby Ivonne
Two dogs by mowgli191
Two dogs by mowgli191
Lobster ceramic/porcelain what?by Billmoores
Chalk dogs by mowgli191
Tiny dogs by mowgli191
Royal Doulton Leslie Harradine "Christine" Figurineby vintage…
Royal Doulton Leslie Harradine "Gillian" Figurineby vintage…
Royal Doulton Leslie Harradine "Millicent" Figurineby vintage…
White and Blue elephant by Elephan…
Blue and Grey painted elephant by Elephan…
Florentine Art Studio Plaster Lampby Jill1959
Asian elephant by Elephan…
White elephants by Elephan…
Asian Dude Figureby iwinmy
A little Pixie came home with me today!by ho2cult…
Bond figurine in pink dress - hull house, nun, southern belle?by mspletzer
Figurineby mspletzer
Gnomes and Daffodilsby fortapa…
Egyptian Decorby Baller_…
Enesco japan colonial couple figurinesby Mrs.Tun…
Need help identifying this sculptureby kimhsin
Beautiful ceramic stalking leopardby Crystal…
Beautiful ceramic  antique leopardsby Crystal…
Weather Owlby otiamaria
Modern Familyby Retronaut
porcelain girl from Japan  by Appleseed
The Seamstress Polonne 1973-1991 by Ericocon
Bronze/Brass Nude Male Statueby bjmille…
Goldcrest Ceramic "Balinese Temple Dancers" Designed By Kathi Urbach #1250-1251/Circa 1947-1953by mikelv85
Chinese 14" Carved Wood Figure / Marked / Unknown Ageby mikelv85
Marwal Ind. Inc. "Asian Beauty" 10" Chalkware Bust by Brower/ Circa 1965by mikelv85
Art Nouveau Shell Figureby shiningtree
German Wax Angel cheeky212
Monkey Bowl - Andrea by Sadek - Made in Chinaby ho2cult…
My lovely Clown :)by Lise
Carved Elephantby Peaseje…
Hippo paperweightby fixitjmc
Unknown clown?by vintagecrazy
Mickey Mouse holding 6 pack of milk bottlesby Joeteaney
Pierrot Bookendby vintage…
Antique Chinese or Modern Replica?by LauraL
Piano Baby???by DerBayz
Bavaria figuresby surfdub66
11 1/2 " Heisey  Ponies ? by steampunkwo…
jamacian worker coffee beansby elainevant
Second Ron Lee Clown from 1984by DerBayz
First Ron Lee Clown from 1984by DerBayz
Black Dresden Dolls- I can not find any others online-Any suggestions?by dchase
Male and female hunter? figurines w dog and goat by Heltonb…
Marwal Chalware Head Statueby bratjdd
Enrico Cammozzo Murano Birds in a Tree Sculptureby Rick55
Please help me identify my beautiful ladyby Cleggy
925 silver and onyx owl statuette cant find any info or any similar owl HELPby mychineseau…
antique porcelain candlestickby jamaica3
Brown pottery dogby jamaica3
Deer made in Germany by mowgli191
Art Deco Flapper Clothes Brushby vintage…
Arabia Finland Porcelain Walrus Sculpture by Taisto Kaasinenby dj-reverb
 Vetreria Artistica OBALL  pink and white alabastro sommerso chinese figureby artglassfan
USSR Carved Stone Figurineby katyrose
Parian ware Sir Walter Scott monument copy from the Edinburgh Great Exhibiton of 1851by woggle
"I am $3.00 Siamese if you please!"  "I am $3 Siamese if you don't please!"by toracat
Signed Hobe Mysteryby todoco
Barbini Murano Double Fish Figurineby Rick55
just in. 20" high laughing Buddha triangular red stamp made in china with a tea cup on bsvinta…
hand carved pieceby jesseowens
Laurel and Hardy seating on the bench. Large decorative subi450
Charlie Chaplin seating on the subi450
Goebel Angelby katyrose
Three Elephants Having A Ball  Celluloid (???)by vintage…
Mid-Century Napkin Holderby vintage…
Rooster Gravy Boat With Opened Eyes Red-Eye Gravy???by vintage…
Sally Rand "The Fan Dancer"by vintage…
Murano Glass Figurine by Gio Ponti for Barovier c. 1920s-1930sby dj-reverb
Mythical bird/dragon ? Pitcher metal?by Quote27
"Redux" Wein "Keramos" Wolf & Sons Co./ Flamingos and Borzoi Figurines / Circa 1920'sby mikelv85
Geo Borgfeldt Corp. Toby Character Bank by CindB
naked ladyby tedsal
Pink Flamingos - Ceramics by ???-Gir?, ho2cult…
Bobble Heads ( or Nodders ) - Kittensby antique…
been in family for yearsby tedsal
Large Black Chalk Ware Figureby sueron
Possible Old Pear Syrup Containerby questionable
L:neusualmanby questionable
Mid-century Ceramic Puppy Eyeglass Holderby shareur…
MY LADYby hres56
Family Heirloomby Inquiri…
Formia Murano Birds of Paradiseby Rick55
Asian Girl Figurine: Blue and White by smartyc…
Italian White Porcelain barn container with lambs and flowersby milluminato
Mini Elephant Figurinesby Mae_444
Knick Knacks and Figurinesby Mae_444
Old lampby qqbert68qq
"Clothilde" Royal Doulton Leslie Harradineby vintage…
"The Perfect Pair" Royal Doulton "Happy Valentine's Day!" To CWby vintage…
"Polly Peachum"  "Beggar's Opera" Leslie Harradine Royal Doultonby vintage…
1958 Marcia of California Ceramic Figurinesby LayManO…
Unknown Ceramic Statueby paulgwright1
"Columbine" Royal Doulton Leslie Harradine Figurine Art Decoby vintage…
"Scotties" Figurine Leslie Harradine Royal Doultonby vintage…
"Pierrette" Figurine Leslie Harradine Royal Doulton Figurineby vintage…
Royal Doulton Leslie Harradine "Butterfly Woman" Figurineby vintage…
Royal Doulton Chorus Girl/ Harliquinadeby vintage…
Doris Keane Figurine Royal Doulton And Autographed Photoby vintage…
Valentine's Day Glass Figurineby aghcoll…
Chalkware Holy Familyby ho2cult…
La Virgen de Muchos Doloresby ho2cult…
Figurinesby Mae_444
Wein "Keramos" Wolf & Sons Co." Wilhelm Thomasch" Sierndorf Austrian Ceramics Cache / Circa 1920-1950'sby mikelv85
Ivory carving"Mid or early XIX CENTURY"by Alan2310
Bathtub Pinup Ladyby Heiz
A tiny little odd brass cat figurine. by Danjimcol
"Felix my Film Cat" Wilton China Cat decorated with Felix the Film Catby Ingrid64
2 Ceramic Liquor bottle statuesby nateb85
my favorite monkeyby juscrazy
Indonisian?by Wendle
Flower girl lampsby Justonelook
Post 1940 Japan Ivory Antique Lenwile Ardalt porcelain bisque Victorian figurinby Anc102157
"Fatima The Harem Dancing  Girl"  Novelty Circa 1940sby vintage…
women with a basketby W.S
Statue of the boy readingby W.S
My 50s pearl coated glass animalsby Jansonly
Ceramic French Artistby vintage…
Just wonderingby Seamus
Miniature Animal Figurines, Clay?by lesliehowells
Clay Animal Miniature Figuresby lesliehowells
Onyx Toothpick Holder - Siesta!by ho2cult…
Asian Ivory? Women holding koiby Vintage…
Mystery zebra / horseby agoodwo…
BENIN ,Tall Bronze People by surfdub66
Hound on a Tractorby ho2cult…
Small statueby glasslove
Beautiful Carved Obsidian Bust of a Mayan or Aztec Priest [?]by ho2cult…
Figurine possibly Bloor Derbyby Ree923
Nils Olsson Swedish Dala Horseby MannHan…
Decoy Quail MMichael? Wood about 10 inches high Help! :O)by Calcbunny
geisha girlsby Virginia-D
Firenze snail mysteryby Peasea
Murano Courtesan Figurinesby Rick55
Nun and Child Figurine signed Betty Campbellby DerBayz
Vintage Chinese Figural Lampsby vintage…
Red ceramic bullby Karolina
Red Ceramic Bullby Karolina
i need help identifying this I found it metal detectingby adam0941
a brandymanby Brandyman
Big mystery?!?by Okeeffel
Apsit Brothers of California Lampby Platagirl
I.H.Arthur Figuresby RLSullivan
Porcelain dollby Okeeffel
Murano Courtesan Gentleman Figurineby Rick55
Pair of Murano Glass Figurines by Shelby7964
Miniture Dogby Zowie
George Washington figuresby RLSullivan
Majolica little Vladimir
Porcelain Vladimir
Another "Owl" gift for my daughterby melaniej
Ceramic Owl Figurineby melaniej
Chalkware Boston fernpig
Ceramic Figurine displayed in tintypeby scottvez
Murano Glass  Lady with Dove Statueby DoubleD…
Royal Copenhagen Faun on Goat Figurineby DaveDeco
Napco (Japan) Hand Painted Figurine/ Farmer's Wife with Duck / Circa 20th Centuryby mikelv85
Seguso Vetre D' Arte Murano Sommerso Fish by Rick55
Chinese "Shiwan Artistic Ceramics Factory" / Mudman Figurine " Man with a Rice Bowl" / Circa 20th Centuryby mikelv85
Miniature bronze figurineby Bun-bun
Large Silver Art Deco Polar Bearby ho2cult…
Antique Frankenthal Empress Elizabeth on Horseback Figurineby lostspirits
Nativity Virgini…
Alfredo Barbini Murano Bird Of Paradiseby Rick55
Care of Old Christmas Figuresby mapshops
Antique Italian figurine Spanish dancerby Crystal…
Starving horse?by papa
mystery Staffordshire, please helpby stacey991
Plaster rooster by Valda
Vintage little Jack Horner figurineby Ballsto…
porcelain kittens display pieceby abe1981
Dalmatian Dog from Goodwillby ho2cult…
Apeman Toothpick Holder Meridan B Companyby AuntieM
Barbini Murano Hippocampus Figurineby Rick55
SoapStone Lizard, Iguana, Chameleon, Help me out!by DerBayz
Russian " Gzhel" Faienceby chard451
Cougar ceramic cast? hallmarked lizbeth buchanonby abe1981
Mc Master pottery Bear, Canadaby surfdub66
Murano Blackamoor Candleholderby Rick55
bronze cat statue hollow inside & handle on backby abe1981
gargoyle cat or hound figurineby abe1981
 12 " Murano (Barovier & Toso , Barbini ?) Figurine with "Adventurine" /AGRICOLTORE (Farm) Series (?) / Circa 20th Centuryby mikelv85
Help identifyingby gibbons107
Plaster or chalk ware sheep/rabbit character with glass eyesby Jvrixel
Chinese Style Jade Green 10" Resin Figurine / "Wony LTD" Italian Figurines (attrib) Artist G. Ruggeri/ Circa 1960-70by mikelv85
Goethe sculpture, Michael Powolny (Wiener Keramik, 1907)by austroh…
female statue or trophy maybe display? by abe1981
1937 nazi Germany 2000 years of art parade figurinesby tlt49
Antique Staffordshire Spaniel Dogs by DerBayz
Pear Man Ceramic Bottleby Dreggles
Handmade/Painted Ceramic Floral Catby melaniej
Porcelain Figurine on Wood Baseby sophdemat
Stoneware figurine of boy and girlby Peaseje…
Pottery Angelsby Peaseje…
Capodimonte ''The Happy Company''by Mike1371
1930's Capodimonte Lampby Mike1371
Please help me identify?by Thehippiegr…
Peter Rabbitby Ddeeken4147
my childhood catby lmwallace20
Can anyone identify what this is please?  The marks S.L circled, there is a star 44  PO, 825, AOR in a rectangle. by onecanjan
Asian Porcelain Miniaturesby Javelin
Mammy figurinesby Japanes…
Ceramic cat figurineby Ballsto…
Mystery Mermaid by wsmoni
Cast Iron Antique Company Product Mascot Bear ? Pig ? Brick ? by JSmed
My new little mystery mermaid by wsmoni
Merry Christmas via Choir Boys 1950'sby CindB
Martina 1873 ("Domino Effect") Cameo Girls Lady Vaseby Kydur
Antique Architectural Salvageby LayManO…
Vintage Pottery Made in Italy Signedby selhal
ALIBABA by surfdub66
fawn/deerby surfdub66
lady and manby vyduck48
Jay Strongwater limited edition egg with Swarovski crystals by SJR
Pink Jadeite Buddha Statue  by toracat
Thai Celadon bird of paradiceby BRADS
Italian porcelain table lampsby Caraw64
chalkware souvenirs from Hawaiiby jennyindy
Mystery Piggy Bankby Teelrun
Antique Blackwood African Figureby zeteibao
takeyeby lhughes
statue of a 40's womanby gillygi…
Our old manger and tree, nuestros viejos pesebres y árbolby kivatin…
Who made my gorgeous art deco bird vase?by jennyindy
Figurines by ron1939
Mystery figurine...can you help?by truckman
1930's Wendt & Kuhn Nativity Piecesby vwm1964
Update on broken sterling Moses!  Sort of repaired!  10" tallby toracat
Can anyone identify this?by RobbyMar
Royal Daalderop Holland Pewter Fisherman Figurine by kivatin…
20 inch tall "Cracked/crazing Pottery"? yellow bisque? cat by southcop
Vintage Painted Bisque Figure Please Help IDby whitman75
Vintage Painted Bisque Doll? Help IDby whitman75
Antique German Bisque Girl Doll Match Holder With Striker by kivatin…
German porcelain figurine, match holder by kivatin…
Folk Art Carving"Drunk Musician"Soft mapleby Alan2310
Vintage easter bunny planterby jossy
the cat by swallace
Agate? Jade? Chalcedony? Water buffalo sculptureby Luckyni…
Porcelain Cherub Menu Boardby AuntieM
Harvey Girlby Mercer50
Hence, my forthel…
Looking for information about this little girlby Ruthwhalen
Lead Santa Claus Set of 5by DannyDunn
My new frog collection additionby ScottAZ
VINTAGE METAL WARRIOR/GLADIATOR(16 INCHES tall) made out of car parts and screwsby southcop
Wooden Carving - Pine or other softwood - 8 -10  inches tall by BHock45
Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers Baby in a Crib Child Go with Shaker Set , late 1960-70by ShakeTh…
Vintage Anthropomorphic Salt and Pepper Shakers Adorable Eggplant Head Childrenby ShakeTh…
vintage mechanical figuresby halcyon…
bronze look resin statue of a minerby riaz06
Fisherboy w Large Mouth Bass 6"x12" Figurineby FiddleMando
Toby Wood & Sons Englandby musikchoo
George Handel by swallace
Broke sterling silver Moses rises at Mt. Sinai ($5.00 fake rock from garage sale!)by toracat
Antique Porcelain Virgini…
Soapstone Owl Figurineby melaniej
A rare Hummel Goebel match holder and strikerby kivatin…
Cat statue by swallace
Polished aluminum art deco figurine!by Vladimir
Louie I Cartby DrewL
Pig with an appleby simonsl
African BlackWood  Figureby zeteibao
Two Vintage Wood Figures,Chinese Bust 3 Fingers up,African Bust Holding Bowlby mssue64
Old clownsby Yeoldsuitcase
Original "Jocko" Cast Iron Lawn Jockey...Black Americanaby officia…
Horse and Buggy with man. by Caccoa
Male and Female Embrace (Part2)by melaniej
Male and Female Embrace (Part1)by melaniej
Cherub planterby zaza4ever
Rhinoceros Figurine by Castagna by rhinoman
1930's Barovier Seguso Ferro Murano Blackamoor Figurine 2/2by Rick55
Beaver Statue -- Bronze 1979 by antique…
Victorian man and womanby allenhol12
the Girlsby allenhol12
Identity crisis Help allenhol12
for the Avon loversby allenhol12
moms collection 2by allenhol12
from moms collection allenhol12
little boy lampby heathecobb5…
Rhino Figurineby rhinoman
1930's Barovier Seguso Ferro Murano Blackamoor Figurineby Rick55
Pottery Dog brought over from Hungary over 50 years agoby Busha
Red Leaves and Gnomesby fortapa…
Ceramic duck (early Donald Duck?)by Mnhs1977
A figurine group Capodimonte mark by kivatin…
Cat China Figurineby Denise72
Mystery Two Carved Marble Falconsby Vintage…
Venetian glass I keencollect…
statue by mrblue
Mysterious figureby kevinf65721
Royal Doulton Figurines - would love some more mikethomson1
Staffordshire Ewe and Ram spill vasesby TinaL
Vintage figurineby Ballsto…
Billy Can Billy Can't Chalkware Salt and Pepper Shakersby ShakeTh…
another item from a clean out its cast metal and is over 5lbsby dads-back
Vintage ceramic mouseby Ballsto…
China Porcelain Immortal Buddha Wealth figureby cactusc…
Unknown!by wholphin
antique Quail or pheasant figurinesby zoso
Amusing  novelty ashtray.   by ron1939
Antique H. Ardant & Cie Limoges 14" Bisque Figurineby lostspirits
Vintage large figurine table lampsby scottz
Signed Crystal Dolphin/Fish Licio Zanettiby fixitjmc
Ardalt lampsby Sclogan
Happy Halloween ceramic/porcelain skullsby Rustfarm
no titleby jon5412
Circus horses with gold chainsby TinaL
Art Deco Gazelle by??????by jennyindy
Thomas Forester & Sons cat vaseby trisha65
Is it a Hubley?by Juju89
Brass or Bronze Statueby Wendere…
Ivory and Gold edged Maid planterby Rtowns8…
Goes With Shaker Set  Mysteryby ShakeTh…
Re-Purposed Vintage Towel Stand/Holderby freiheit
Stone & Sterling Taxco Mexico Figure Artist? Age?by davenkr…
Terracota figuresby rembrant
Terracotta figure by rembrant
Bronze Figurgesby rembrant
Metal Deer and the little rabbitby mrb1012b
sad donkey!! Lomonosov !!by surfdub66
Capodimonte Figurinesby Ballsto…
Sculpture bust of Abraham Lincolnby melaniej
spelter statue with celluloid face and handsby pandora…
Pheasant Figurinesby DerBayz
Beautiful Art Nouveau Maidenby shiningtree
I Have No Ideaby shanks
Bronze Aladdin Figural Lamp w/ two hallmarks.. Help pleaseby PawnNY
Angel Statue by zeteibao
Halloween black cat figurinesby EZa
Red and Sparkly Gargoyle - resin?by ho2cult…
An elaborate multifigural Capodimonte vaseby kivatin…
Vintage Planterby poorgir…
pottery lamp copyright C O Lby weekend…
Vintage dog statueby Ballsto…
Anyone know anything about this?by gcrtrade
Wall plaques by Mtesch
Clown Playing Horn by thegrea…
The origins of this wood carved dog is a mysteryby TinaL
Adorable girl with puppy - where from?by TinaL
Rosenthal  Germany signed F. Klimsch fine porcelain pickrkn…
Italian styleby TinaL
my favorite lampby DrewL
Geronimo????by dredd454
GERMANY 3685by Philip1709
Fenton, "AlleyCat."  Lived in my parents house for many Jellybe…
Japanese wooden hand carved figurines. Bought in Japan in the 60's by a sailor on tour during the Vietnamese war. by Jellybe…
'Burmantofts' Monkey?by pmallett
Swan mouseby ron1939
Lisa Larson Seal figure by Jewels
Emil Janel- Poker players 1934by DLSHOWM…
Italian Pottery Cesto Limoni Basket  by CindB
 Art Deco Figure by ron1939
Holt Howard pixie lipstick holderby Jewels
Pekingese Figurineby DerBayz
Vintage Thermometer by CAD1949
A Jewel in my Collection , Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers Enesco Genie and Lamp by ShakeTh…
Hanging Chalk ware character headsby BillD
Lovely Lefton Just Married Salt and Pepper Shakersby ShakeTh…
Stoneware Bride and Groom Shakers, need help identifying Potterby ShakeTh…
Relco Bone China Red Fox Shakersby ShakeTh…
Goebel Friar Tucks P153by ShakeTh…
A gaucho pitcher from La Riojanaby kivatin…
Very Rare Set Brass Sculpture/Statue Dancing Nude Woman~Mid Century Modern Art~by CindB
Tobin Fraley Carousel Horse In Large Painted Tin Boxby FanciGirl