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HELP PLEASE?  WHAT IS IT?  Sewing implement?by Kiwitaia
Mysteryby Kvaughn
Wooden hand tool by Sdevenney5
Vintage easel stand for large to small fabric sheetsby scott479
Tool in a treddle sewing machine drawerby Jlshep
Any idea what this is?by Nomes
1960's SINGER SEWING BUTTON HOLEMAKER & CASE ( Atomic Shape )by antique…
Antique Military Hand Stitcher 1884by Restannoc
vintage multi tool?by fixitdex
Unusual Painted Wood Thing (best I could come up with:)by theecce…
7' x 3' primative wood hand crank fiber dispenser??by Taisce
Antique button hookby martika
some kind of sewing gizmo by crazydanmusic
Acme Kirk Co Ltd by unlimit…
Singer Buttonholer with all the parts and instructions, complete and very usefulby GeodeJem
Tie clip ?by Amandaj…
What is this!by broknpl8s
Brother KR 850 Knitting machine ribber attachment, a useful item if you're a Crafty GeodeJem
sewing etuiby betrimon
Looming tool by Iras
What is BusyB
boule à repriser en cristal taillé overlay - vosges du nord vers 1900by museede…
repose-fer,  manufacture CAMION FRERESby museede…
Stumped about this oneby kitnrose
Mystery sewing (or needlework) itemby maggoo73
My unknown toolby ampmdalton
Jackson's Patent for No2 and No3 Buttons, for D & E Button Plates, no idea as to age or reason of GeodeJem
Victorian Sterling Guilloche Sewing Kit/pendantby Agram.m
Pennsylvaniaby PationChip
what is this...any helpby ogdencr…
My Favorite Whatzit!  by Asheras…
A mystery item - what is this?by ldurham
Vintage Knitting -- Thing-a-Bob ???? ( aka Spool Knitting)by antique…
1900-1909 Superior Bone Ringsby mxmarin…
Sewing items by mxmarin…
Patons and Baldwins "Patwin" Bakelite Rug wool Cutterby GeodeJem
Mystery Sewing Implementby Optima
Fishing, knitting, sewing??by Big-John
Found in an sewing box - by SharonSpencer
What is this ?by Payge_kendall
Sterling Silver Sewing Set (??)by antique…
Vintage Sally Stitch Dress Form (Size A)by Kydur
Lady's TV set  (nylon mending). Probably austroh…
Danish scissor and thimble setby Bernade…
Japanese Post WWII Yarn shredder???by shareur…
Antique Carpet Sewing Machineby boband
1940's Singer Sewing Machine Automatic Zigzagger set COMPLETEby Champio…
Hand toolby TeddyBarky
1951 Husqvarna imperial sewing accessories, tin and instruction manualby Clintwo…
Husqvarna weapons manufacturing limited company sewing machine oil water and acid free bottleby Clintwo…
Very very old Victorian-Small walrus Ivory Bodkin punching Instumentby southcop
I can not find any information. please rangercheri
Old Sewing Toolby tinacek
antique sewing accessoriesby antikar…
antique 19th century lace crochetby antikar…
Not sure what this is. by ttyler
Lovely Ladyby LaurenKlauzer
 Seamstress Button Hole Gaugeby hotairfan
 19th century button ripper & 18th century seamstress toolby hotairfan
Crochet hookby Behrinm…
White Sewing Machine circa fortapa…
textile knotterby hotairfan
Unknown items  OPIUM PIPES ?by okeeffe…
Sewing Machine fan attachementsby fanim56
Wool Winderby BHock45
Sterling silver Seem ripperby Jono
Wooden brass object with holesby aeon
Steuben blue Aurene stocking Darnerby jamdan2k
A possible sewing accessory that no one can identify!by jodie
Vintage Fabric Cutterby zaidesgrand…
Thread winderby Sewer
Cast Iron Spool Holder -- 1776 "A Stitch In Time Saves Nine"by epson233
Antique Victorian (????) Brass Spool Holder with Pincushion by epson233
Mystery Solved this is a Cord Threader -- BIG THKS TO BERNADETTEby epson233
sewing etui -- not an eggby epson233
hinged egg sewing etuiby epson233
sewing etui from a cigar boxby epson233
What are these old sewing tools?by SusannahT
Sewing Etuiby epson233
Revolver Etui case is this unique ?by stevenl83
Vintage Sewing Toolsby nwleon
What am I?by DnLPick…
1889 R. J. Roberts Sharps, Size 7, Redditch, England, heavily printed in goldby dklski
spinning wheelby blunder…
what is this? by Ayork68
Found this in the bottom of an old sewing box.  Is it from the 1950's?by basset
Braided rug toolby R692258
Weaving toolsby cindyjune
Singer Puzzle Box Sewing Machine Attachment Caseby stefdes…
Sewing device Vintageby filmnet
I love this little item, but have no idea what it is!by maggiemay
I would like info on this Salesman's Sample mechanical textile loom by dlp
This a 1908 Hem Finder. Made by Buttrfield MFG harley1972
3 templates/stencils i have no idea what they were used forby filmnet
I am wondering if this is an antique bobbin, is it or not or what is it?by BETO1
Do you know what this is?by flamingomary
Button Hole cutterby domanj
unknown tool (for tatting??).  Can anyone tell me what it is?by Petrohead
Original #405 Loop Craft Weaving Loomby lmpaden
Anyone know what this is?by thevintagec…
Singer Featherweight "Corduroy - Tool Liners"by WYQuilt
Vintage Sally Stitch with original paper workby cassandra.b…
Antique Sewing Toolby nwksunflower
Singer "Ripper & Threader" Variationsby Pam-and…
Singercraft Guidesby Pam-and…
Possibly a fisherman/sailmakers sewing kit,been in family for 120+ yearsby daveand…
Wood Tool Unknown Origin and Useby Tmmartin
12 in high Brass Sewing Form standby JunkItToMe
Can you tell me what this is?by klare25
Antique Sewing Tool?by terryVDR
Can you tell me what this is?  I found it in a old sewing boxby susanstice
Howard Sterling Company plaster caseby kirby19711
Guilloche covered I don't know what it is. Please LoveLal…
Fabricon Invisible Reweaverby Shelley
Women's Art: Antique sewing implements and tapestries, 1600s and on by antique…
My first and so far only nanny pinby kirby19711