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Antique Scalesby Betty_Smith
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Railroad Key?by pajrr
This was in a kitchen drawerby GeorgetownDC
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Stanley Sweetheart mystery toolby Rustfarm
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Antique scalesby Tannag
Unknown farm itemby juettds…
Key I found when I was a boyby StevenA
Fork/fork clamp on a poleby Skynard53
VACUUM PUMP by raver808
English Victorian personal weighing and hight scales by raver808
Vintage binocularsby Maahi
Barigo Weather Stationby universityp…
German Made Map Measure (Opsiometer)by pw-coll…
Hamilton Watch Co. Map Measure (Opisometer)by pw-coll…
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amp meter ?by mikesbi…
Could be a candy cutter?by Flyfish…
Unusual Hoe Headby Mucketown
EYEWITNESS early folding knivesby bobbee
Vintage Schrade 7OTby NevadaBlades
Unusual Folding Knife Looks Primitive USA Manufacturedby radioaman
some sort of old measuring device with 7 ft chain in fancy wooden case???by tommann35
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old ralph
Khalsa Kirpan Knifeby l3sl3ym
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please help me identify what and all knowledge of this RDW fixed blade knifeby chelsea…
Any ideas?by Tazzy
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Found In my late fathers tool box, no idea what it is peterha…
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Vintage Chrome Power Seat Controllerby AAntiquities1
American Trackless Door Hangerby aaschere
Unknown toolsby rogerww
Hemingray 42 with 29 on back?by jill2001441
Plain aqua glass insulator only embossed with "CABLE" Hemingray?by jill2001441
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Old press or clamp??by oldgear
Large cast iron shearsby EliBenoit
Complete wood post 102" with 6 glass insulatorsby jill2001441
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Kelvin and Hughes Sextantby FindersLane
Pulley J.H.T. Co.  Need Help Idby Raystown
Tricle Brand Balance made in Shanghai Chinaby FindersLane
K.S. Seisaku Sho Compassby FindersLane
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German shears? Multi Tool?by CattyCat
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Toledo Scale Questionby a9mmguy
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Saw set mystery solved!by f.runckel
Franklin Mint "Cutty Sark" 125th Anniversary Barometer / Circa 20th Centuryby mikelv85
Hammer Tool of some kindby Scodi143
Stamped Lasayer&co newark nj.I think! hard to read. What is it?by f.runckel
Unknown item number 2by gokevinb
Mystery item number 1by gokevinb
Oldmikeby Oldmike
Unknown Objectby chinagirl
Aneroid barometerby Dwaynep
"Y & T" Key Lock with unusual square logoby GoNBid
Tool-unknownby tooly
This knife was in my grandmothers curio cabinet, any info on it would be appreciated.  The guard is brass as are the Duane1967
Early Farm Seed Spreader by Edisonfan
W.Scagel Knifeby CheriNY
Mystery Scissors/Surgical Instrumentby Chadakoin
Glass washboardby lndrozd…
Bug Sprayer With Glass Reservoirby Youngdudeol…
Miniature Asbestos Sad Ironby Youngdudeol…
Knife with bone handleby alpo
Broken cutlass or sabreby alpo
Supposedly poisonous knifeby alpo
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raisin seeder - 1891by hotairfan
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Some of my old tool boxes being paintedby Mallon
Insulatorsby Caperkid
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Wooden handle with metal hoopby Singlepane
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Tug boat Caperkid
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andiron info neededby RAW
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Friends.  What are we looking at?by d5davis
 lawnmowerby brassnut
What is it? How old is it?by Dennislenny
Unidentifed Antique Toolsby B.Taylor
A vintage Blade Guage another saw maintenance tool in wood and steel age unknownby GeodeJem
A Saw set for setting the angle on wood saws, I know this because it reads saw set! by GeodeJem
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AC Spark Plug Cleanerby ryan86
My conch mallet, - or ???by blunder…
Just not sure!by Mcloud
round thingby thamesh…
Wizard Deluxe charmso…
are these clamps and for what?by rosie58
19th Century Moulding Plane - Signed BHock45
Gold mining water sleuthby tugboat…
Help Id thes toolsby hmeaders
Old Farmers Tool Found Buried in Yard Pat. Dec 25 , 18 or /1900?by mikeigo…
C.K Old Wooden Folding Knifeby joshey
Penn Central Switch Key--Don't Believe Everything You Read!by pajrr
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Cast Iron spring type scale with porcelain faceby Multi-c…
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Antique Craftsman no. 5242 Vice ?by Foofigh…
Antique Armstrong Pipe Clamp no. 7 pat. 1882by Foofigh…
Antique Armstrong Pipe Clamp no. 133by Foofigh…
Antique axe collection by Foofigh…
Big saw bladeby Caperkid
A pig skin Leather vintage thermometer with no makers and I guess the age to be 70's to 80s, a classy tactile GeodeJem
Acme 28" Hand Wrought Cast Iron pipe wrench 1800'sby Foofigh…
1953 Emerson model 6250-K oscillating fanby Signaho…
Antique Beam Augerby Foofigh…
Just found in Grandpa's garage - is it suppose to be bent this way?by landenmom
Just found in Grandpa's Garage - What is it?!?by landenmom
Redwood Burl Slab Clockby pw-coll…
Combination Knifeby Caperkid
Farm Dump Puzzlerby signguyatmi…
Interesting & Unknown??? Is it a nail remover of some kind? by seekhimnow
Park Sherman Inc. Letter charmso…
27" long flathead screwdriverby Jas17931
Unknown tool hand made chisel? doorhandle?? Cutting tool?by Jas17931
Manual Brass Grinder or Crusher ?????Very oldby Alan2310
Insulator lamp on pecan stumpby Youngdudeol…
Unknown early Axe/mattock-Any ideas??by dan-o-matic
New to Me Wrought Iron Balcony by rwsem
Vintage tool or sampling gadgetby Steamshow
Axe age and other info?by FritzHF
A Rare Antique Cast Iron Burner by CWUser44
old marshalltown iowa, USA MFG.CO. handjack. please help austinlayne
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Found in a barn by Ness
Butterfly Knifeby BoneCrusher
unknown tool chest or trunk by jp_washington
Unknown Itemby Qu33n
Horticulture Knifeby Sting
Barn find.  by Jester608
Old stretcherby Mel123
A hand tool with unknown function, perhaps a farrier's horse nail puller? Wood and steel with adjustable puller and sharp bluntby GeodeJem
weather master barometerby loakey
Acrylic device by billypi…
My private 400 piece collection of decorative finials. Cast iron, but also wrought iron, bronze, lead, zinc, copper and wood. by collector7121
Carpenters tool chestby Knockersfan
Detector by billypi…
Mid Century Atomic Age Design Wittie Oscillating Fan by JSmed
What is this?by Reklawdetwo
Can you ID this tool? Is it a weeder?by nds15
1970's Barry WoodsColt swing lock knifeby Greenba…
onions &co levelby findanother
Early Breast Drill - Anybody recognize the Maker ?by noriav
Antique Torture Mask by billypi…
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grandads garage clearance tool boxesby ectiger9
Latest garage sale findsby Rustfarm
Electric deviceby susanolet
another tool, but whats it for?by rosie58
is this an engineering tool?by rosie58
What is it, Says "lightning" & "Fulton, ILL" on itby tbuck0000
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unusual viceby cx500cj
My Tl-122-A ww2 flashlight (USA lite model) by Azel
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Mann Tool ax hatchetby FritzHF
Copper hammerby Youngdudeol…
What Keen Kutter is this?by Youngdudeol…
Knife with mans head by billypi…
What is it?by xirirx
I have 2 old pulleys and i have no idea what they or anything about Zugmaschine
temperature gaugeby shortfe…
Metal drum - Wm Barton & Sons Scientific Apparatus Manufacturers Edinburghby Dexter123
Keyless Crank handle padlockby Durnaba
Bootsale Findby cx500cj
Strange toolby Ampatriot
metal folding rulerby birthday66
Small Mystery Pliersby Soshoreman
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Folding Keyby ahodd
press?by petrolhead
Interior of Red Devil UK 55by Ted_Str…
Unknown...any ideas?by pauljbrink
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Giant Insulator Corning Pyrexby Youngdudeol…
Ear Trumpet or some sort of filter or funnel??by scottvez
hunting knifeby packie7
Antique Victorian Scaleby CaringTrans…
Odd Tool info neededby Julonmain
Sterling silver Russian sword daggerby Gamagina
two cylinder popcorn steam engineby Pagagee
Old fuel charmso…
portable generatorby shortfe…
Greene drill to saw attachment by JUDDANT…
Someone's trash ,my MsAimee
metal detecting findby dhunter52
1/8th Scale Model Steam Donkey Engineby hotairfan
Level from World reknown Archertict William T. Comstock by cdubvintage
Electrolux Cannister Vacuum Model E 1954by fortapa…
Unusual found pocket knife toolby Rustfarm
John Deere 1-B corn shellerby gargoyl…
Weems & Plath Compass Mystery....Please Helpby superguppy
mystery hammer with cats paw plusby Vthestate
Dad and Granddad’s tool shelfby Chrisnp
Help finding replacement pulls, can anyone identifyby Halcyon
what is it? by sgt.snake
Wine pressby AAntiquities1
FORD tool from 1800sby kathconk
Old bike rim?by charmso…
Unknown fonctionby sherzzz
Donated Wooden Itemby LTHS
Pen Butterfly Knifeby GoDawgs
English Registered Padlockby jearve
ohms readerby ralph
Longhurst & Andrew Padlockby jearve
unknown german tool by cookie1969
What is it??by T-rex
Cracked Ice knive handleby PointyEnd
strange large keyby alfalfa
Yard sale knife find!by Metal4brkfst
1977 Western Knife Display Hardware Storeby PointyEnd
Antique Candle Wick Trimmer Snuffer Scissorsby BoxesIn…
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WWII Edged Weapons Collectionby PointyEnd
More finds, Franklin Electric Exact Weight Over Under Scaleby Ericocon
Harrison Brothers Sheffield by dreamerlds
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Remington Pocket Knife 1921-1924 by catteann
Russell Knifeby catteann
Old European  Axe headby moker1234
What is thisby Tjohnson209
The Hon'ble Rob't F Greville brass, wood telescope by zzzretired
VW Volkswagen vintage, mint tool set in boxby mattwc
E C Stearns toolby bcp2of7
Carpenters Toteby PaulnKi…
My Favorite Whatzit!  by Asheras…
My Favorite Made in occupied Japan binocularsby Asheras…
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Can anybody tell me something about this hammer and the mark?      much obligedby Hamaxe
Jacknife Betty and Her Plain Cousinby ho2cult…
Unusual Keys. by Petet63
Need Help Identifying This Drill by markcook32
dont know, need your expertise audwags
Old Green Glass Chopper (?)by Katiques
Scale we found in our 1866 buildingby jkandris
old key with individual 1 to 4 numbers incorporated into catwoodtoy
mystery toolby Harvardbadger
A new old Stanley No 13 1/2 caliperby UpsonNut
WWII Japanese measuring instrumentby notadumbld
Unknow Toolby galen1950
nobody on earth recognizes this you?by Shurgosa
Alexander Ritchie of Iona - Arts & Crafts Brass String Tidyby kiwipaul
The H.H. Co. Railroad Padlock w/key 1862by cafelahti
Carved Folk Art Knife With Matching Sheath - Oak? 12 inchesby BHock45
can anyone tell me how old this knife is. Where it was made, and why the blade has a notch maybe who made it thanhs Robby Rubbertoe
Any idea what this is?by racer4f…
Curly-Headby brett1819
grandfathers drillby jose23trovato
cant find any jarhead911
Vintage Fixed Blade Signed Knife Beautiful Sheath by whitman75
Braun HL70 - Desk Fan (1971)by jptf
i just dont knowby audwags
Grandpa's Austrian Sawby spinkikuhead
Can anyone help me with what this key is?? by macaela0527
What Is It?  About 20" Joleen101
Schubert & Sohn co. treasury keyby andrasv…
What is this?by Seb
Wooden plank from an old charmso…
Defiance button charmso…
Wood Millinery Hat Blocks & Rimsby Brianwi…
old antique sanding stone/grinderby bashford16
Wood Planeby izzysat…
J. Rabone & Sons of England. Small brass bubble levelby Vintage…
Jointer plane: Stanley? Gage?by BeautifulOr…
Unusual calipersby user1952
Kenrick & Son Cast Iron Glue Potby jearve
Kenrick & Son Cast Iron Gargoyle Boot Scraper 643by jearve
unknownby audwags
Native American artifact?by Jaimoe
Kreauter & Co..Wire Cutter Diamond K, Newark, NJby Ted_Str…
Antique Drawer Pull 1873 Patentedby jearve
Gross Star Electric Iron AC-DC by fortapa…
continental  military scale corporation  chicago , ill apirl 1944 by nikkip
a very old daggerby loverofoldt…
Uncut M & W Folding Keyby Metwerks
Antique sterling silver pocket knife. by Risweet
any ideas what this is pleaseby rosie58
Gurkha/kukri knifeby tdoles
Old/antique tools I still brett1819
Thompson Tool Spott Die Spreaderby farmall55dude
Old knivesby Briancun
Barn Findby Jennreeves1…
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my vintage knives from a garage saleby topwop6…
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William Rodgers Knife 'I Cut My Way'by jearve
Knife, Wooden handled slide out blade with lockby PETERRLSHAE
Unknown farm tool or animal grooming toolby HelperForFun
Fresh'nd- Aire "Fanette" Model 80 Cory Corporation Mid Century "Keep Cool With Kopelove"by vintage…
Native American?by RGCannon
Would like to know what this isby neoclassix
Henry Boker Pocket Knifeby jearve
Early American Fireplace Trammel - Forged Ironby BHock45
old lock found at an older thekid
Whittingslowe Type 1 WW2 army claspknifeby jearve
Whittingslowe Type 2 army claspknife WW2 issueby jearve
What is this?by mdavis97
What is this? Identification and function?by GadgetInven…
A Friend's Findby loweryn
Unusual Brass Lever and Piercer!by yeoldecolle…
Unknown Toolby jimmyjo…
My current planer acquisitionby RueDeWakenin
Gas Powered Clothes ironby izzysat…
National  Tool charmso…
What is this? Thank you!by Och0zen1
What is it?by brett1819
 Old Wooden Tool ?  What is it ?by hwy138
Is this an engineer's protractor?by melaniepear…
Hand Plowby alien-j
Lath hatchet by Baker & Hamilton Clark's of San Fransiscoby alien-j
unsure of what this knife is help needed on value and history by marit
Unknown valve/municipal control?by carpenter17
Duck Head Fireplace Tool Set Solid Brassby fortapa…
wooden tool used for unknown applicationby alien-j
Mystery razor or scalpel handles?by SteveOli
vintage toolby mugz25
vintage drill bit?by mugz25
vintage toolby mugz25
vintage tool - bits?by mugz25
vintage tool - bitsby mugz25
vintage toolsby mugz25
vintage toolby mugz25
what is this?by mugz25
Not sure what it is, it has traces of paint, looks like John Deer green. by stullie
Unknown Wooden tool. by Harroman
Found this tool in a house purchased by Mattsauce
Irwin Auger Bit Box Pat. 1884by rdhoush
(e.g., my favorite unknown garage tool. )by sunshine80
Curious what the worth is and how old. more if possibleby shanerd1
Spannerby petrolhead
13 1/2 Stanleyby Whittler
Identify this item pleaseby collectors-…
Help identifyby galaxy777
Found this machine: any ideas?by JohnBoy28
Lethal looking tool!?by yeoldecolle…
unknownby threehorn
Four Level and charmso…
A Radiance Toffee Hammer ( in my mind its a Borrowers Thor hammer) 9.5cm longby GeodeJem
Bet you haven't seen one of these! Insulatorby Flash1f…
True Swiss Army Knifeby superso…
mystery keys!by MommaKitty9
What is this wooden bat for?by ho2cult…
A Toy, A Tool or a machine part ??by rolloyeti
Tool with two wooden handlesby gepettoe
What is this has the word square and word New York on itby auntbek007
Cast iron key that I found in an old garageby Mudhole
What is this big blade ??by Kyoshi
Toledo person weigher scale Model 2831by aidaolga
Does anyone know what this tool is used for?by vintage…
Double Switchblade Schrade Presto With Advertising Embossed on Bodyby steelerq
 Unusual metal tool chest with legs and castersby vanboven509
Rare Advertising Ruleby UpsonNut
As promised some of my mystery toolsby Rustfarm
Unknown brass instrumentby curiousgeor…
Unknown instrument or toolby curiousgeor…
Woodworking Hand Tools from early 1900'sby mxmarin…
Shipwreck Block and Pullyby Marnigras
Victorian English Grape Scissors   73.5grby Moonsto…
What is this tool?by Smcca11
Believed to be a Cone Shaped Levelby ONTHELEVELCW
Three-fold Rules with Levelsby UpsonNut
Porcelain Insulator WPE 146by sldarb1
Louisville & Nashville Railroad Multipurpose Wrenchby pajrr
Faucet charmso…
What is this?by antique…
1903 Bowser Hand Crank by JaCoon
3" Caliperby UpsonNut
Fishing, knitting, sewing??by Big-John
Unusual Spatula Toolby rollie45
Hand forged pin hammer?by Barkingbiker
Four pulleys made of charmso…
Just one of my LARGE odd toolsby Toolit
Mystery Iron Toolby RenwickRobert
Antique carpenter's Folding Rulesby UpsonNut
What is this?by bradchandler
Asbestos Sad Iron Set Cover with Two Ironsby fortapa…
WWI binocularsby Stephanie
Ulster & Delaware RR lockby pajrr
Unusual large Old Skeleton Keyby ILoveRustyS…
Tip the scalesby Rattlet…
Standard Rule - No64 - but Half bound!by Whittler
Stanley Tool Guide 1950by Mercer50
Ebay STEPHENS & CO # 72 1/4by Whittler
Ebay Vintage measuring tool /no.97 /Brassby Whittler
Wheel Lockby Mercer50
Adjustable surface toolby elk7
Old leather tool?by elk7
Ebay 12 in rule, No Markings Actually a Chapin No.5 by Whittler
This is my...  1940's?  Military Carpenters/Engineers Tool Kit, Box 4by gthandy…
Unidentified Roller Tool with Handleby gillarm
What is it?? =That's why I bought HuntedA…
Unknown Findby Warv
Antique Lightning Rodsby doynger69
Dagger (bone handle?)by Radegun…
Gump Platform Scaleby Brian242
Please Help Identify This Cast Iron Pieceby hmsanti…
Weight by Marymloganxxx
I can't figure out what this was used for!by Sandtarts
unknown....helpby autumnb77
Flash Motor Heaterby slotman
Carpenter's tool boxby Harks
Auger ratchet braceby Harks
Stanley Rule and Level Co. Wood block long plane #34by Harks
Does anybody know anything about this, says Spencer on the bladeby paulmo
Pocket Knife Whistleby Whistle…
A Couple of Grafting Knifesby littlem…
T.T & H Two-way Levelby littlem…
Early Shifting Spannerby phil_d
dolly or hand cartby Drtlvr
Larro Feed Scalle by t81vette
moulding planesby brassnut
Oil Can and Torch?by Wendere…
Some kind of farm tool?by JBMCQ
US M1917 BOLO Knife Mfg by American Cutlery Co by battleg…
Four brass table charmso…
Early Primitive Country Farm Tool ??? Any Northernice…
Wood and brass bound box with a centre floating revolving wood insert 16cm x 16cm x 13cmby GeodeJem
Unique thermometer made in Franceby tbird47
What is this Antique Tool??by denisejacks…
large english equal arm scaleby bhappy4life
Hemostats  or needle nose?by Pjsev
CAST IRON  5Kg  SCALEby bobby725
What is this?by GailQuinn
Old Knifeby DannyBrewer
Cheerful Black Americana String Holder Hand Painted Japanby vintage…
toolchestby sisters3
Cooper`s  Hoopsetterby bobby725
17th century tool gr,gr,gr. grand father made this in sisters3
Toledo Scale Style:757 E  NO: 2535958by Meboybu…
Old Knife stamped U Sby nutsabo…
old traveler wheelby bobby725
Crowleys Binghampton NY milk containerby Trey
vintage timer or pressure cooker regulator?by abe1981
old stone mason hammerby bobby725
Unusual Flat Keyby tbird47
Ladies Shoe Pocket knifeby upstate…
 WWI Mark VII Marching Compass, Creagh-Osborne Mfg by battleg…
Need a Pulleyby Billiams
Vintage Copper Dust Pan with Wooden Handle BERYLCOby fortapa…
Wrought Iron Andironsby Zlmattioni
hog oilersby hotairfan
Compass, Prismatic, M-1938by battleg…
Early WWII Compass, Lensatic circa 1939 by battleg…
 Vietnam War Used US M-1950 Compass Magnetic by battleg…
Strange antique equipment found when we moved in!by MelissaBunker
Korean War Era US Army M-1950 Lensatic Compass by battleg…
early brass clamping toolby washerhead
Brass antique trunk lock... George Washington??by Trunker…
Vintage sterilizer charmso…
What kind of key is this?by Mnhs1977
Retractable Point Steel Pokerby magnusen5
W.W. Marston Single Shotby pw-coll…
Help identify type of skeleton key!!by Peanut13
Animal Skinning Tools?by quincy7386
What is this?by Solvendators
1920's Coca-Cola Boot Knife/Openerby Edisonfan
unknown  year of lock  by gizmos2
vintage toolsby lioness
Fairbanks Morse 1000lb scaleby curtis22
Never loan ANYTHING!by pw-coll…
Arrowheads Stone tools by pumpkinpeople
an interesting mysteryby treeguy…
Hat Polishing Ironsby jscott0…
Vintage Japanese Made Folding Wood Handle Pocket Knife OHCby pickypi…
Art Deco Flapper Clothes Brushby vintage…
Whittingslowe Block Planeby jearve
'S & O Handee Products' Australian Block Planeby jearve
Metal toolby JShel
Heres something you dont ever seeby jrmusulin
Flea Market findby catburg…
Medical by Bottlesjw
New Bedford 1762 Brass Tin #222by Elkylover
UNKNOWN If It Is a Instrument or a Tool From Doctor's Travels Abroadby mikeigo…
save my sanity. by shed-dweller
What type of plane?by dfmcmahan
Not a clue what this was used for?by RazorB
Antique Toolby DannyLythgo
Little Gemby mrtwister
No idea what this is. Anyone know? Please email me. by Pennypacker
small tool with needle and tube parallel to hold liquid?by wendyi
I need help in identifying thisby Ant144
Feb. 20th is National Handcuff Dayby pw-coll…
Coca cola crate stencil machine by J.McNeal
Possible farm Equipby questionable
Hand forged Nailby ron1939
grandads knifeby lovelyt…
Vintage Branding Iron...OUCH!!!by vintage…
Westinghouse oscillating 2 speed fanby Trey
Old J. Hubball Keyby StellaC
Unknown hand truck???by Pjgold14
Mystery itemby DennisMcCas…
AKM Bayonets M59 & North Korean Type 68by battleg…
1969 Batman Lapel Pinby shareur…
Unknown handtoolby Drjohn
Vintage Lufkin No. 515 Depth Micrometerby jscott0…
Vintage Doorknobsby Mae_444
Al Bersted Zero Electric Oscillating Fan 1950sby fortapa…
Porto Folding Camp Axeby sully
What is this?by lenamarie63
Vintage Bellowby CindB
Old ironsby Angusbryce
K-K-O Coal/Charcoal Iron Circa Late 1800sby fortapa…
My first findby Tinney
Antique Durabilt Mfg Co. Aurora il,Tool,Ammo Box,File Boxby mssue64
Strange spyglassby W.S
Unknown wooden tool from my grandfathers tool boxby bradh370
Coal/Charcoal Iron Possibly Vintageby fortapa…
Portable Loom Vintageby fire.stone
Inherited from Grandfather. Any help IDing?by mportus
Unknown Glass precision toolby Backroadfinds
what is it?by willso1938
Beautiful and Old Locking Chestby ho2cult…
French Bayonet???? don't know  the markingsby BRussel
Mystery wrenchby Kmahon20
Antique Fixed Blade Surgeon Knife???by whitman75
Vintage Massi Stabe Rollo Stabil Tape Measure WWII Eraby windlaurel
1897 patented planeby tap43
Brass Door Stopper"Early XX centuryby Alan2310
Vintage Brower 'Jiffy Way' Egg Scaleby kanukster
Vintage Counselor Pink Baby Scaleby kanukster
Desk thermometer in onyx, 1967by Vintage…
Please help me nspeer
The Turner 220 block planeby jearve
Camillus cutlervoo Knifeby ArcherZG
Vintage Case XX (1940 - 1964) Bone 6111 1/2L knifeby ArcherZG
French Chef Knifeby tle761
Primitive SAD Clothing Iron - Need help with detailsby pickypi…
Clear glass square electrical insulator?by marty1
Clear glass square electrical insulator?by marty1
can anyone tell me what this is (other than a socketwrench)by dennywayne
Hit Miss Engineby RonM
Automotive Pliersby gussiesattic
my double blade Coca-Cola knifeby knifeguy_1
antique knife displayby pacogwe…
some sort of thresher or mashing tool, any ideas ??by Mikie1122
Unknown Matthews metal stampsby Rustfarm
what is it ???by Mikie1122
A What's This shareur…
Early 1900's 'Princess' Electric Ironby kanukster
1900's ??? Valve Latheby TracyRe…
Art Deco Bakelite Thermometerby Arisellon
Looking for the company information! by chickie_les…
Early Hand Held Wooden Grain Scoopby BHock45
Antique Hanging Beam Scale by kanukster
BRASS COMPASS by surfdub66
Pharmacy pill weight scale by DonnaSue333
One I can not identify by knifebe…
Early 1930's Cyclone Seed Sowerby kanukster
miniature pot belly stoveby hotairfan
hand held corn shellersby hotairfan
cannon ball gauge (revolutionary war era) by hotairfan
Bonanza apple peelerby hotairfan
Show Caseby ron1939
pearl, yale, mystery locksby tamlock
Pocket knifeby Von
Antique Key by rsilcar
Any info would be chrisggard
Clear glass square electrical insulator?by marty1
Vintage Harrison brothers and Howson pocket knifeby Peaseje…
metal or aluminum pulley wheel use unknown?by abe1981
Please help identifyby spannsan
Antique Vintage pocket compassby Peaseje…
Antique Knife or swordby dhumphr…
A very old, crude plane from Switzerlandby Pico
6 hp. International Harvester Screen cooled Famous Hit/Miss (scale model)by hotairfan
1/2 scale model Star Barrel Butter churn and Sipp Steam Engineby hotairfan
Scale Model Ryder Ericsson Hot Air Pumping Engine by hotairfan
Mystery Itemby Butegirl
any body know what this isby myelcamino80
Red Brand Wire Products Signby ellamurphyd…
Is this some kind of Awl? 13 -1/8" Overall Length, Animal Horn Handle, 6 sided spike (blade) with sharp point, 3/8" across flatby frvesey
Knife or straight razorby scratch
What is it.     Bought this old tool at a garage sale. The person that sold it to me said it was a wheat shocking tool. by fkortuem
some kind of pickaxe by chrissydod
Unique tool,cutter pliers please help identify esgilliom
G.SCHRADE Pocket Knife / Bottle openerby philbert
Wooden wedge or scraperby clarke6
New Years Day gathering at Chand Bleils machine shopby Rustfarm
Kalamazoo Superpower Furnaceby Farmer5
Unidentified Toolby karabayleaves
1803 Axe/ Horse toolby ThomasP…
What the heck is it?by clay3216
Old tool WCusano
Old locks and keysby ron1939
Knife with an eagle handleby Manrique112
Are these stoppers?by Axolotl
Sloan Ashland 3/8" Vinatage Drillby leveloutlook
Early Oxen Yokeby hotairfan
Unusual Hammerby carpenter17
Maritime Hingeby hotairfan
Dough Scraper Toolby hotairfan
hand forged rosette and pintelby hotairfan
Hand Forged Bolts & Nutsby hotairfan
Trunk hardware from the 1915 JH Sessions Catalog by hmsanti…
Anyone Have A Guess?by BHock45
Early Forged Wick Snippersby BHock45
Early 16" Parallel Ruler - Forged Brass & Ebonyby BHock45
Belknap Howe & mfg co. Bluegrass hatchetby Caseman85
Camillus utility knife 1988? marked U.S. Is this military or gov. issued? for itmidce…
My Kukri by Armyeng
Vintage wood box, Magic? Glass Slide Door. Trap?by labiron
Where Is This Key From?by curiousBlac…
Does anyone know what kind of tool this is?by dianeander115
My antique saw"sby jaclas
my old antique saw'sby jaclas
Fulton Flashlightby nutsabo…
Old looking brass charmso…
Coolerator Ice cuber & ice chipperby hotairfan
mystery tinby hotairfan
Please help identify this antique tool!by drcfarmstead
Yale Corrugated Clover Keyby TheBean
Craftsman table saw. Painted green and made of charmso…
Hardie, gargoyl…
18th century herb grinderby hotairfan
help to identify a mappin and webb pocket knifeby armsandswords
Frozen Coke &  Sprite by Juanita
Buck Lockback Limited Custom #500 1 0f 250 W/Holsterby VTXRIDE
Possible pelt scraper?by TPyles
American Tool Box in Green Paint - Mid-Late 19th centuryby BHock45
Sheldon Drawknife and Massive Chiselby BHock45
Miniature Latheby hotairfan
What is this used for?by LisaCC
Not a wood planeby ColdSpringA…
Not a wood planeby ColdSpringA…
U.S. Gauge for Testing Tires 1927 pat. dateby Jillofalltr…
Cast iron paperweightby Postaltruck
Brass Retractable Fireplace Brushby Kydur
NIWA axe headby Rustfarm
Don't know what this is Very sharp point It retracts by philena
unknown hand toolby Scrounger
Can anyone help me figure out what this is? I'm stumped! by Mud_lick
Black Raven Kelly Axe Mfg Co hatchetby Jillofalltr…
Forged Ax/Possible Tomahawkby hag
Old Brass Door Knocker by AmyMurray
More Folding Knife Pocket Watch Fobsby pw-coll…
Coffee Grinder Tinby hotairfan
Amish Made Horseradish  chopperby hotairfan
Starrett "Steam Boat Chopper"by hotairfan
Hew Holland 1/2 Scale Hit/Miss Gas Engineby hotairfan
Colonial Anvilby hotairfan
Hanging Fly Catcherby hotairfan
Skeleton Keysby Kydur
Brass Plant Misterby Kydur
Plumber's Blow Torchby Kydur
1887 Hillebrand Trunk Padlockby hmsanti…
What is thisby foundob…
Binoculars or Field Glassesby Kydur
industrial stack charmso…
Found this knife on Nelson River, Manitoba Canadaby Campbell02
Folding Knife Pocket Watch Fobby pw-coll…
One Indestro ruler and one General charmso…
Small brass trowel-like mystery toolby Kydur
What is thisby foundob…
Flax Scutcher (scutching tool)by hotairfan
What is thisby foundob…
mystery tool (cast iron scissor like pliers)by hotairfan
Combination tool by Sputmg
Corn sheller ?by CardinalLady
vintage Buck 110 with dog engravingsby vintageknife
vintage block plane by lundy
Old Cast Iron Smudge Pot!by ho2cult…
Antique silver ornate keyby juliab
What brand and model please?by AnthonyGarvin
a bunch of jacks at the nurseryby ho2cult…
Model T or Model A Jack, maybe?by ho2cult…
My second-favorite Jackby ho2cult…
Model A or T Jack, maybe?by ho2cult…
Yellow Jackby ho2cult…
What is this objectby jswatson6
self clening  insulatorby linemen…
The mysterious issues of fact what is this?by tasun00
Unknown knife?by WillG
Toledo Torch by Fireman007
my grandpasknifeby stephul1979
Someone please tell me what this is!!!!by wsww2
CTA Spark Plug Gap Toolby aghcoll…
I wonder how Chase9
Does anyone know what this is?by rgear
unkown Axe Companyby Mulletproof…
Just a few knives from a collectionby shareur…
18 POCKET FOLDING KNIVES FOUND IN THE TRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!by southcop
S shaped double edge knifeby shareur…
Vintage Honda Motorcycle Repair Kit Wrenchesby aghcoll…
Antique Toolby Wendere…
Old circular fan?by CardinalLady
Cosi Tabellini WALL THERMOMETER!!by southcop
Remington. asking anyone if they know anything about or how old?by sidster
I don't know!by buckeye3609
Colt Lightning Rifle Pocket Knife by Walldog
The Mystery Tool from South Australiaby Mypongamyst…
Man-U-Troll Trolling Motorby hotairfan
cast iron building starsby hotairfan
My old binoculars need helpby Nomada
Plow blade by CJDigger
Pre 1960 Lufkin Precision Tool Catalogs definedby toolbox
Can you help me identify this type of wooden clamp?by Zuikoman
Does anyone know what this is?by sandykh
Any ideals … Amandaj…
Salter Scale # 50by PickersCott…
Jennings 18 inch Crosscut Saw - c. 1900by BHock45
snow catchersby Gracidoodle
New addition:)by Justin_…
What is it?by Pacer_place
Electric Fanby shareur…
Steel cart / wagonby lagan
Walz Self charmso…
An old 10inch porcelain Peapicker
My grandfathers knife found recently by Justknife_e…
SuperLectric 8" Desk Fanby fortapa…
What are these for? by Rinn
Wood Molding Plane Coolectionby fvento
Aluminum Braille Ruler by H. Schoberby Bryanz
What is it?by ces672
unknown type of ax/hatchet head. Got any ideas?by tjiles
Antique Gurkha dagger  with rosewood handle  "sirupate khukiri"by Swedish…
Hand charmso…
Ornate sign hangerby Trey
a largeKeyby ron1939
Military Knifeby ron1939
some kind of drill thing by crazydanmusic
Folding Knife by Scottj3134
Old Keys from Randolph Field AFB found in dirt!by reliclover
Philips Argenta advertising pocket knifeby jearve
some sort of vintage hand tool cannot identifyby ssafarm
Steel file holder handleby jearve
My Great Grandfather's endless 'sash clamp' fittingsby jearve
Old cast steel file holder by jearve
Orange tool charmso…
Brass banding style coat hookby jearve
ClearCut double bladed axeby RetiredChief
mystery hand toolby twotall905
Pocket charmso…
Made in Germany,WW2by RimRattler
Need help Identifying this Toolby stonewall59
Logging clawby Kelvint…
Antique hammerby Carpenters-…
kerosene blow torch by ron1939
What is itby mts453
Old Hand Toolby Wendere…
Brass Bronze? Etched Mark ? What is This? Help Please!! by davenkr…
what is it?by jfdiow
sword and sheath pinby getthat…
Sauter scale any  info mustlovewater@yahoo.comby ksuwildcats
vintage capping machineby Jackofall
What is it?by JCKibiloski
Need help identifying what it is?by Finewinetommy
Lighter or Ignition? by poorgir…
Smith & Wesson Model 90by pw-coll…
Old Wooden Ferriers Tool Carrierby herbgrower
what the heck is this??by pbrand
Smith & Wesson Stainless Steel Handcuffsby pw-coll…
Found knife by Vet4peace
antique bench vise by crazydanmusic
1890s Enameled Anheuser-Busch Corkscrew Knife with Stanhopeby rnieder…
Union Chest WW2 Tool Boxby lwinston
Smith & Wesson model 90  handcuffsby gargoyl…
Cast steel hanging hook with beechwood jearve
Vintage Coleman Lamp, Lantern or Iron Air Pump  by CindB
Wood planeby WmT
Forged iron cleatby WmT
What Is This?by ryan_24p
Very Large Wooden Mallet with Log Headby fortapa…
Mystery Toolby Katybird
Recent Discoveryby bcrstanley
Boer War field Glasses (Canada)by batycki
Hand toolby RPTT
Brass Handled Nesting Screwdriversby shareur…
I found this at a Goodwill in Phoenix - Had to have it but was not sure what it gentlemanja…
Cast Iron Coat Hookby jearve
Cast Iron Coat Hookby jearve
Cool pocket lightby upstate…
Flatter Hammer?by Naadomail
Keller garden toolsby Trey
What is it?by Karende…
spray canby Rosey391
3 leg climberby Rosey391
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My new drillby Dfoggtv
Old Something!by msmitch…
Vintage TEL-TRU Thermometerby aghcoll…
My "What's It?"by blingit…
Picture Hooksby Mercer50
Keen Kutter razorby Mercer50
I think it is a jack, but no idea of it's purpose?by barbonian
Armstrong Gray & Co Chicago, Illinois......I have no idea what this is helpby vcdrucker
Merryweather Twin Cylinder Water Pumpby HolisTech
ANTIQUE HAMMER HEAD (Railroad??)by surfdub66
unknown sad ironby bonedaddy
Two Early 20th Century Snow Shovelsby BHock45
old hand tool by re_jbolton
Large three-piece handmade lock and keyby KendraM…
Folding Knife, Spoon, Fork and Bottle Openerby skinsjoe
Found this in old barn rubble - what is it?by Crossnb…
Hammer? Found in an old welding Naadomail
Unusual Maulby IMASapp
Can someone tell me what this is?by Mtesch
Gerstner 7 drawer tool boxby kaiserl…
Locking pliersby Brianne163
Wire strippers?by Brianne163
Antique ? Westinghouse Oscillating fan (works) w wood ? bladesby MLyons
SEED sampling probe 4.5 inchesby southcop
Bullet Shaped Electric Fanby wmitschke
Vintage diary lock with 2 wheelsby Nuprin01
Tesla Deviceby Farmbox
A recent find around an old mining townby Polaris62
My new breakfast bar. by TinaG1213
Whozisby Monster
What is this cast iron thingy?by celephicus
A horse thingamajig?by countrymann…
Early American Hewing Hatchet Head?  Looking for helpby BHock45
Antique Belt Sander? MALLby sonsoc00
Antique Belive to be Brass Door Knob from Miscellanious Box of old door knobsby mikeigo…
Green Marble Type Antique Door Knob also stamped Italyby mikeigo…
Antique Brown Marble looking Door Knob, Some type of Stone,  Stamped Italyby mikeigo…
Looking for help with identificationby Kmkekic24
50 + year old folding hand scythe?by Milbo
Mystery Wooden Objectby lucyvp
Very Old all Brass "LION LOCK". Any Info On it Out There?by LOUMANAL
Help!  Can someone identify this?by jdolphino
Neva Clog Staplesby Himemiya
What is this?by rgear
Smart's rotary vane charmso…
Multi tool Jack Knife for cleaning a gun?by ranger94
The really interesting box that I foundby Curiouscase
Ford crescent wrenchby Trey
antique church keyby thomas156
Hand toolby Watson
Ivory Folding Ruleby Joris
found on a farm in butchyb…
Help. Maybe a fishing net needle?  Any info? by Lucas1980
Pressure GUAGE?by Jakegabejake
Early Vaccum Cleaner  Rex- Airby musikchoo
What are these?by Pesti
Vintage Sears Wire Cutter/Stripper/Crimper Toolby aghcoll…
unknown edge toolby BeautifulOr…
Tool or utensil. by Vegaspixie7…
What is this tool gadget?by daisymae00
Old *PINK* tool -- Floating Fulcrum -- MELNOR by antique…
Reclining lion Bowie knife by Mshelton
Can anyone help me identify what this is?by JeninMT
samuel law and sons cleckheaton measure penkniveby geordie
Trying to Identify WWII German Nazi Dagger and Paperwork - ???by lostone777
No. 615 Atlas Spark Plug Cleaner by mkganti…
What is it?by Spotofb…
Unusual Toolby heatshrink
Bucket with tab, might be butter churn?by Iambasser
What is thisby Spotofb…
Whatizzitby Spotofb…
Antique bucket with tabby Iambasser
my discovery in a farm houseby mustang gargoyl…
Ceramic door knobs and a glass door charmso…
15.5 inch RSINSC
Damascus Steel Folding Knife with Antler & Brass by rponthankjr
My awesome Aeros RutgerGroen…
Vintage Detecto Bathroom Scaleby fortapa…
Looks like some sort of hanging something - what is this?by daisymae00
old farmers yokeby vwbus
Mystery Objectby heritage
Mid Century Modern Door Knobby emanueljay
What is this?  by daisymae00
Need Help Identifying this toolby Brianwashin…
Brass Smudge Pot for roadside or orchardby ho2cult…
Unknown objectby Nes
Three Old Tools:  Block Plane, Billboard Tack Hammer, Bastard Fileby BHock45
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Vintage Spring Loaded Tensioner?by VintageButt…
Smelting Ladle or Spoonsby VintageButt…
Fan made in charmso…
Mystery tool!by pdesorm
Mystery toolby adamroche
Kwik Way Fold Up Fanby fortapa…
Thermometerby CAD1949
Tape Measure "Asbestos" Co. promotionby D15By
Cleveland Twist Drill Company Drill Bit Holderby aghcoll…