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'Sharmanco' Block Planeby jearve
Old wood planner by Mattlock
Unknown poa
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vintage block plane by lundy
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Wood planeby WmT
Three Old Tools:  Block Plane, Billboard Tack Hammer, Bastard Fileby BHock45
Block Plane for Cabinetry - "S. Covill" & "J.Towler"by BHock45
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Old Horned Coffin planeby aroch
1770 wood planerby Pilatopainter
Handmade Wooden Block Plane - EASTERLY & CO., NYby BHock45
I'm new to this site. This is part of my tool hoardby Damhikt
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Palmer & Stokes Patented Plane made by the Metallic Plane Coby kencou
Wood Level & Block Plane found in house remodeling.. by Dan121156
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Stanley Plane #113 by PLANARAMA
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This is a Craftsman rabbit James
This is a Stanley No. 45 James
Stanley Bailey Sweetheart plane No.5by James
Craftsman 18" planer  by James
Stanley Bailey No. 8  24" Joiner Planer by James
stanley no. 1 just sittin in my garageby woodguy1976
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