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If it's unique and makes me think what is it? I like it...I think. Lol!


Etched Crystal Shrimp Cocktail Stemware - Pattern Identification? - Glasswarein Glassware
Mid Century Zebra Striped Cigarette Box - Tobaccianain Tobacciana
Hand Painted Vase  with Strange Maker's Mark - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Art Pottery Abstract Extra Photo - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Free Form Abstract Glazed Pottery - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
What is it? - Art Decoin Art Deco
So...what is it?  Or who is she? - Toysin Toys
Corn man plastic figure  - Figurinesin Figurines
Pocket Thermometer Water Base - Pocket Watchesin Pocket Watches


  1. Racer4four, Guess what? I joined the facebook link and it is 100% BITOSSI!!!! Thank you for suggesting this site. The folks there are as friendly as CW folks...feel like I have two extended famili...
  2. Thanks, it is so hard to identify, I had wondered thistle...but just didn't know...
  3. A seller has some flatware listed as J.S. Company Pato, see
  4. Hey, that is exactly like mine, except, I don't have the lighter, cool! And thanks for the link to the Italian pottery facebook groups. :)
  5. I would really love renewed interest on this vase? Does anyone recognize this maker's mark? Thanks!
  6. Duh...this so funny! For years, I have tried reading it upside down!!! :) Thanks so much! So great to see it through another's eyes!
  7. I posted a new photo, had never recognized Italy as a choice of translation. Thanks, racer4four....anyone else out there?
  8. Melaniej, I have ruled out Charles Lutz, thus I am closing my case and agreeing with you of Charles Lietz. :). The Charles Lutz site stated signature is very close but Lutz does not remember doing a...
  9. Has anyone found any more info on these lapel pins? I found one that has 7 tiny diamonds and 1357 on it. Would love to know any info about it. Thanks. It is still mint in the box.
  10. Looks like the open 'mouth' is really the base looking at the shape of the handle and perhaps another piece sat on top. Could a burner be placed at the mouth, it does look charred?
  11. Love them! Have you searched the Antique Roadshow archives? Seems like I've seen something similar there...
  12. I LOVE this piece as well! It is displayed in my living room now! I wish I knew for sure it is Lietz or Lutz? I can't find anywhere, where Charle Lietz did any pottery. I have sent photos to the C...
  13. Charles Lietz died March 21, 1966, but never found where he did any pottery like his brother. But, I am stating mystery solved and again. Thank you for your help!
  14. Am researching the pottery company now, haven't found anything regarding Charles yet, but bet you are right since his brother was a potter there. This truly is an amazing piece if by him to be this o...
  15. Thanks, will do right now! :)
  16. I finally found where to edit and add the talc powder photo!
  17. I googled him, but could not find where he did pottery, mainly art nice if it were 'The Charles Lutz'. :) But, that is what it looks to me as well. Anyone else out there with an opinion?
  18. Baby powder suggestion certainly brought out the signature a lot better, please help me translate the signature now. Thanks.
  19. Wow! Talc powder really helps! Thank you! Okay, first name is Charles in my opinion, what does the community think last name is? I will post the talc powder photo. :)
  20. Already tried that, but to no avail. :(
  21. Also, in the base, I can see specs of yellow in the raw mixture?
  22. Yes! It is! I just couldn't walk away from it and heavy too!
  23. TA! YOU NAILED IT RIGHT ON! AND THANKS FOR ALL THE SUPPORT FROM YOU FAITHFUL OTHERS! I got up this morning and looked to the side and sure enough I could see where something had been soldered at on...
  24. No, can't do that either. Makes a good paper weight, just wonder shay it represents.
  25. Reminds me of a bunch of match sticks wound together, but doesn't hold any pins. etc. some type of sculpture.
  26. Ricordo my tablet keeps wanting to spell for me :-(
  27. Ricardo could also be Ricardo being in script hard to tell.
  28. Many thanks to ALL of you, I had looked for months trying to find out who she is! And Manikin found her on youtube! Thank you! Mystery Solved!
  29. Thanks, I have emailed timewarptoys, hopefully they will have an answer.
  30. Are you talking about Cousin It in the Adam's family?
  31. Think hard and try to remember her name. :) Who made her? I teasingly call her Furbie's wife. :) But do think she is much older than the Furb...
  32. Nothing, other than on/off switch and made in China. :(
  33. Thanks, I am truly enjoying this site. :)
  34. Inky, Thanks, at least it helps me 'date' it more clearly. Sure hope someone can recognize this little guy.
  35. Thanking you in advance for some information. :)
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