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  1. It probably was, I deleted it from my watch list in a huff of frustration. That's the good thing about getting all your pieces together and photographing them, you can see what you have enough of and ...
  2. I'm dying over this....! I saw one similar on ebay recently, it was in the US (I'm UK) and I assumed it would go for more than I could afford taking into account the shipping costs too. It only sold f...
  3. Thanks guys! I got into bakelite about a year ago, and it's something I can't believe I went so long without until then ;) My boyfriend says he's going to build me a 'bangle barn'.. he's an enabler.
  4. Hiya, one of favourite passtimes is testing new additions to my plastic jewellery collection under hot water! Could you describe the smell? It won't be bakelite due to the colour and 'mother of pearl'...
  5. I'm dying here! Cuff spacers! Love them. I've only seen a few before, what a great collection. You can give them to me if you like.
  6. Hi again, this one looks like a nice piece of glossy lucite, circa '60s. Bakelite typically will not be white unless it's been refinished (sanded back) :)
  7. Hi, I would guess at a post-70s resin from the gentle 'striation' type turn lines just seen on the inner side which is indicative, with hand carving to the outer. I have had a few similar in my collec...
  8. I love the depth of colour that resin washed bakelite has :)
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