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Dr pepper bottles - Bottlesin Bottles
bicycle pump - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
pedal car body? 
round etched glass - Art Glassin Art Glass
old metal something got at a yard sale got it because it interested me - Kitchenin Kitchen
old pottery  from 40's - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
wood butter mold and a stamp - Kitchenin Kitchen
metal butter churn - Kitchenin Kitchen
homemade mouse trap 
doll and buggy - Dollsin Dolls


  1. I have one it when it was all rusty.left it that way and use it as a potting stand.
  2. about the size of the one my mom and Aunt had.went to cousins.
  3. oh wish i had the room for something like that.will have to settle for a chopped up one if I ever find one.
  4. same here just like the look have beans,rice,coffee etc in mine
  5. I have a bunch also and use them as decor.never thought about any value
  6. I have 2 of has a wick and the other does not.mine says perfection on it.
  7. have one like it only thing on mine is it doesnt have the wire shelfes on the the right someone put in glass.they used it as a bar.price can be anywhere from 300 to 600 depends on the area.
  8. yeah agree with AR8Jason
  9. brings back memories of my grandma
  10. I have about 5 of them just sold one.I hang them on the walls in the house.I do not really collect them just pick them up when ever I can find a cheap one
  11. thank you never thought of a tire pump for cars.
  12. got alot of help on my fb page and was able to look on is called a surrey hope I spelled that right.amyway it is frame would have had a red and white striped top and a wood front and back sent...
  13. love old boxes
  14. my sister got one for mothers day a few yrs back.Had her son build it out by the pool and she put a portapotty in it so the grandkids would not drip all thru the house.She had us all engrave our names...
  15. Agree silent butler I have 2 of them
  16. peekaboo do you have an ebay site
  17. thanks for the info
  18. thanks Lee will keep looking
  19. love prim stuff
  20. love it I could kick myself for not getting it at an estate sale last yr but I was low on funds
  21. have one kinda like this but dont know anything bout it got at flea market
  22. great buy
  23. I like some repro just for the graphics
  24. I just a repro to hang on my fence outside
  25. yes I have one like it dont remember any name on it but is used for washing clothes
  26. love this I have a trencher we call them dough the shaker boxes I have a few but all are repros
  27. ice box can sell for 300-600 around here
  28. was just looking i have alot of jars and I am trying to get new ideas of things to put in them
  29. yeah me too just was cleaning out my kitchen and redoing the ones with glass have way to much stuff.our your canned items repros
  30. like but don't know what it is
  31. they sell around here for about $200 but that is in tx where they dont see alot of mine for $60 from a guy who moved here from IN
  32. me too love would love to have one like it
  33. thanks so much Dave I was a little worried cause I usually dont pay that much for stuff I buy and I paid $25 for the square and $ 6 for the round .you made my day.
  34. thanks to both of you then I did get it for a good price I paid $5.oo and that was asking price no hagglying
  35. thanks Dizzydave is that price for both or just one
  36. hard too say.area makes a difference.guess $125
  37. me too looks like tootsie
  38. like it alot saw one for sale here for $125 would make great yard art
  39. agree with Dave nice piece
  40. like alot of you items. I have a few but a little more primitive
  41. will try the hair is from his grandmas first hair cut.kinda weird.ok pulled hair all the to the front there is no mark or #
  42. will try and take more pictures and post.can not see any mark on neck
  43. think you got a good price
  44. yes it is highly collectible value depends on condtion.refinished 300 to 400.left as is around 200
  45. yes I know that is why I thought I would never get one.I love it.Just got done taking out christmas decore now adding kitchen type stuff,then Easter,etc.I justed learned how to post pics so I will be ...
  46. thank you I love it got it for $100 the cheapest I have ever found.
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