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Cobalt Bule Sulphide Marble? - Gamesin Games
Hotel Switchboard Western Electric  - Telephonesin Telephones
Retro Knobs - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Arrowheads - Native Americanin Native American
Ivory or Bone Daily Planner Civil War? 
2 Gallon Jug  - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Osaka Work Compass - Asianin Asian
Ivory or Bone Comb - Asianin Asian
 Cloisonne Vase/Pot - Asianin Asian
U-S-A Motor Oil sign - Petrolianain Petroliana


  1. Thank you and yours is in beautiful condition. Sadly this one was buried in the back of a barn.
  2. Cool thank you bobby725
  3. Yeah you're probably right about the corner tang it looks more like a knife or something on those lines.
  4. And speaking of beautiful things you have some stunning jewelry and other things on your page
  5. Thank you kyratango I'm sorry im just now seeing your comment I never got a email saying I had a new comment. And she does have some beautiful ones on her page
  6. Well they didn't say the one I have has celluloid pages the different one in the middle does. And I don't think the pages in mine are celluloid. But thank you for showing me that page
  7. Well I saw a few on Google images and none had Sunday. I kinda think because it has some age that it was back when Sunday was still gods day so they probably didn't really need to plan anything on Sun...
  8. You are so right it can drive me mad sometimes trying to figure something out with no clue with what it really is
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Dr. Pepper "Drink A Bite To Eat" sign "Good For Life" 10-2-4 Dr. Pepper any one Cobalt Bule Sulphide Marble? UNIQUE TURQUOISE & SILVER THUNDERBIRD NECKLACE Huge Old Native American Navajo ? Mens Silver & Turquoise Cuff Bracelet UNKNOW? Bronze Statues Attached to white basin.Was told it was converted to Base of Table.Can someone giveme insight?Thanks can you tell me about this #5 Well made Coca-cola blue porcelain sign Casite thermometer Is it Art Deco Crystal with Sterling metal or costume jewelry?


knuckle duster